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Onward Technologies 16th AICFB National R7-8: Kishan inches closer to his seventh reign

by Shahid Ahmed - 18/03/2023

Kishan Gangolli defeated Hariharan Gandhi in Round 7 to gain sole lead 6.5/7. Soundarya Kumar Pradhan drew with Somender B L to stay a half point behind 6/7. In the penultimate round, Kishan drew with Milind Samant while Soundarya lost to Aryan Joshi. Thus, Kishan gained a full point lead heading into the final round 7/8 where he will face Ashvin K Makvana. A win or a draw will make Kishan a clear champion, however a loss would leave things into others hands. Four players - Somender, Aryan, Soundarya and Ashvin are at 6/8 each. Will Kishan win the National title for the seventh time? Round 9 starts today at 9 a.m. IST.

Kishan gains a full point lead

Kishan Gangolli is the sole leader 7/8

Hariharan - Kishan, Round 7

Position after 15.Nxe4

15.Bxe4 would have indirectly prevented f5 being that much effective for Black. Kishan seized his advantage 15...Nxe4 16.Qxe4 f5 17.Bc4+ Kh8 18.Qh4 e4 19.Be3? invited more trouble f4 20.Bc1 Rf5 21.f3 e3 and Black went on to convert his advantage into a win. With Soundarya sharing the point against Somender B L (1500), Kishan gained a half point lead over him 6.5/7.

Aryan - Darpan, Round 7

Position after 73.Kc1

Darpan Inani (2027) was winning for the better part of the knight endgame against Aryan Joshi (1874). 73...Kxa2 is a big mistake as it allowed White to escape with a draw. Find out how White can save the game and what Black should have done instead to score the full point.

In the penultimate round, Soundarya Kumar Pradhan (1880) made a crucial mistake of exchanging both rooks against Aryan Joshi which allowed the latter to free up his knight.

Soundarya - Aryan, Round 8

Position after 22...Rfe8

It goes without saying that White's position is certainly not easy to play. The only thing going for White is the f6-pawn which is the keeping the h7-knight at bay. 23.Rfe2 was a critical error on White's part as he not only lost the f6-pawn but also lost the sole leverage he had 23...Rxe2+ 24.Rxe2 Rxe2 25.Qxe2 Nxf6. The combination of queen and knight is much stronger than a queen and bishop especially when the center is locked. Aryan won the game eventually. Kishan drew with Milind Samant (1632) which means Kishan gained a full point lead heading into the final round.

A total of 51 players are taking part from various states across India. The tournament is organized by All India Chess Federation for the Blind (AICFB) from 13th to 18th March 2023 at Bhayander, Maharashtra. The nine-round Swiss league tournament has a time control of 90 minutes + 30 seconds increment from move no.1.

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Round 8 results

11Kishan, Gangolli2113½ - ½5Samant, Milind163210PGN
23Soundarya, Kumar Pradhan188060 - 15Aryan, B Joshi18744PGN
313Marimuthu, K15995½ - ½Somender, B L150016PGN
49Makwana, Ashvin K167051 - 05Patra, Subhendu Kumar17755PGN
52Darpan, Inani20271 - 0Hariharan, Gandhi142818PGN
68Swapanil, Shah16891 - 0Shidad, M142519PGN
725Venkat, Reddy S13341 - 0Prachurya, Kumar Pradhan160812PGN
837Shah, Saiyam Kamleshbhai127940 - 14Saikrishna, S. T.17576PGN
931Gopi, R131340 - 14Patil, Shirish162211PGN
1015Mayank, Sharma150141 - 04Amal Sardar,051PGN


Standings after Round 8

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
11Kishan, GangolliIND2113KAR7384236,25
216Somender, B LIND1500DEL638,541,528,75
34Aryan, B JoshiIND1874MAH6384230,00
43Soundarya, Kumar PradhanIND1880ODI637,540,528,00
59Makwana, Ashvin KIND1670GUJ634,537,526,25
62Darpan, InaniIND2027GUJ5,53436,522,25
710Samant, MilindIND1632MAH5,533,536,523,00
825Venkat, Reddy SIND1334A P5,533,53622,25
98Swapanil, ShahIND1689MAH5,532,53522,00
1013Marimuthu, KIND1599T N5,5323421,00


Round 9 pairings

19Makwana, Ashvin K167067Kishan, Gangolli21131
24Aryan, B Joshi187466Somender, B L150016
33Soundarya, Kumar Pradhan18806Swapanil, Shah16898
42Darpan, Inani2027Venkat, Reddy S133425
510Samant, Milind1632Marimuthu, K159913
65Patra, Subhendu Kumar177555Mayank, Sharma150115
76Saikrishna, S. T.175755Patil, Shirish162211
829Akediwala, Prince D13145Kavlekar, Sanjay R.17307
912Prachurya, Kumar Pradhan1608Shidad, M142519
1022Deshpande, Amit1389Hariharan, Gandhi142818



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