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16th AICFB National R1-4: Soundarya and Kishan make a perfect start 4/4

by Shahid Ahmed - 15/03/2023

Kishan Gangolli and Soundarya Kumar Pradhan are the only two players to have won their first four games at 16th AICFB National Chess Championship for Visually Challenged 2023. The six-time consecutive AICFB National champion, Kishan and defending champion, Soundarya will face each other in the fifth round. Last year they clashed in the fourth round which ended in a draw. Madhya Pradesh's Suryapratap Singh is the only player trailing them by a half point at 3.5/4. They are followed by one less than a dozen at 3/4 each. Round 5 starts today at 3:30 p.m. IST. Photo: Anshu Ahuja

Suryapratap Singh in pursuit

A total of 51 players have been selected to take part in this prestigious FIDE-rated National championship. Players who have represented India in the world are also taking part in this event. The winner of this championship is crowned as National Champion. AICFB will also select players for IBCA World Individual Chess Championship for the Blind and Visually Impaired and Asian Para Games.

Soundarya Kumar Pradhan (ODI) en route his victory over Hariharan Gandhi (TN) in Round 2 | Photo: Anshu Ahuja

Subhendu - Kishan, Round 3

Position after 30...Ba4

It is evident that Black has the upper hand due to his better placed minor pieces and advanced king. Finding the defense for White was not an easy task. The counter-intuitive 31.Bh7 was the only way to keep the game going for White. 31.Bb1 Bb3 32.Ke2 Ka4 33.Nf1 Ka3 34.Kd2 Kb2 and soon White's position fell apart.

Kishan Gangolli (KAR) won a nice endgame against Subhendu Kumar Patra (ODI) | Photo: IA Manjunatha M

Kishan - Aryan, Round 4

Position after 18...a5??

Kishan Gangolli (2113) spotted the tactic correctly after his opponent Aryan Joshi (MAH, 1874) blundered 18...a5. Find out why it is a big mistake.

Soundarya - Darpan, Round 4

Position after 21...Kh8

Find out the winning combination for White which the defending champion Soundarya Kumar Pradhan (1880) executed against Darpan Inani (GUJ, 2027) after 21...Kh8.

Photo Gallery

Players in action during Round 1-3 | Photo: IA Manjunatha M

Lighting of the lamp | Photo: IA Manjunatha M

Inauguration ceremony | Photo: IA Manjunatha M

Dr.Charudatta Jadhav, IBCA President | Photo: IA Manjunatha M

Inaugural first moves are made | Photo: IA Manjunatha M

The tournament hall | Photo: IA Manjunatha M

A total of 51 players are taking part from various states across India. The tournament is organized by All India Chess Federation for the Blind (AICFB) from 13th to 18th March 2023 at Bhayander, Maharashtra. The nine-round Swiss league tournament has a time control of 90 minutes + 30 seconds increment from move no.1.

Replay Round 1-4 games

Round 4 results

11Kishan, Gangolli211331 - 03Aryan, B Joshi18744PGN
23Soundarya, Kumar Pradhan188031 - 0Darpan, Inani20272PGN
39Makwana, Ashvin K1670½ - ½Saikrishna, S. T.17576PGN
415Mayank, Sharma1501½ - ½Swapanil, Shah16898PGN
538Singh, Surypratap12681 - 02Patra, Subhendu Kumar17755PGN
629Akediwala, Prince D131420 - 12Samant, Milind163210PGN
713Marimuthu, K159921 - 02Sanjiv, Kar132026PGN
825Venkat, Reddy S133421 - 02Shashidhar, K M152214PGN
935Sourabh, Mishra128420 - 12Somender, B L150016PGN
1045Mohammed Salih, PK122120 - 12Hariharan, Gandhi142818PGN


Round 5 pairings

13Soundarya, Kumar Pradhan188044Kishan, Gangolli21131
24Aryan, B Joshi18743Singh, Surypratap126838
36Saikrishna, S. T.175733Mayank, Sharma150115
48Swapanil, Shah168933Venkat, Reddy S133425
516Somender, B L150033Makwana, Ashvin K16709
610Samant, Milind163233Hariharan, Gandhi142818
720Deshmukh, Dnyaneshwar140233Marimuthu, K159913
82Darpan, Inani2027Shidad, M142519
942Madhukesh, Ram1236Patil, Shirish162211
1014Shashidhar, K M15222Shaibu, T138523



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