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David Llada's "The Thinkers" available on Amazon India

by Sagar Shah - 01/04/2018

There are a lot of people in India who love chess photography. Naturally, David Llada's book "The Thinkers" is something that they would love to possess. After all, David is one of the best photographers in the world of chess. However, the book had to be imported from Europe and with the shipping charges (not to forget the endless wait for months!) it would become quite expensive. But now the book is available on Amazon India and ships to your place within a fortnight! The cost of the book is also quite reasonable. Before you go ahead and buy the book, check out this article where Llada shares some of his best pictures from his recent trip to India. 

David Llada is considered to be one of the finest photographers in the world of chess right now. Each of his photographs is a work of art. And it was great fortune of Indian chess players that he recently visited India and captured some beautiful moments.

David with two of the things he loves the most - his camera and his daughter Isel | Photo: Niklesh Jain

David's wife Cindy and daughter Isel fitting into the Indian culture! | Photo: Niklesh Jain

Team ChessBase India having fun with the youngest member of the Llada family! | Photo: Sagar Shah

David came to the Delhi Open 2018 and then covered six rounds of the Chennai Open 2018. We asked him to share some of his favourite pictures that he had taken in this trip and this is what he sent us:

Chess is a lonely game!

Even when you have so many people around you, you feel lonely!

This picture makes you feel that chess is more than just a game!

No words needed. The stare is enough!

He is 84, but he is still mesmerized by the game!

A 2700+ player just needed one finger to get his brain working...

...An amateur needs two!

This man comes from a different planet! The Blindfold King - Timur Gareyev!

The pillar of Delhi Chess - Gopakumar Sudhakaran

The look of a coach!

Enjoying the game! WIM from Colombia Angela Franco

The game of Kings and Queens

David Llada's book "The Thinkers" now available in India

"The Thinkers" is a passionate project by David Llada. The book contains:

177 photos in 208 pages. 

111 pictures in black and white, 

66 in full colour. 16 breathtaking double spreads. 

It is the most visually stunning book ever devoted to chess!


And the good news is - it is now available on Amazon India!

IM Tania Sachdev thrilled to get her copy of David Llada's "The Thinkers"

We were quite pleased to get one of the first few copies of this book!

If you love chess photography, then "The Thinkers" is something you must possess. It is an ideal book to show people how intense the game of chess is and also you can use it to get autographs of some of the best players in the world!

Buy your copy at Amazon India for just Rs.2435

The book will be delivered to you in 10-15 working days.

We hope that the Llada family will be back in India soon!


"The Thinkers" on Amazon India

Master Class by David Llada

Video review of the book with David Llada and Amruta Mokal:

You can learn a lot about chess photography where you see two experts discussing about the finer points of the art!

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