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Wenjun Ju conquers Tata Steel India 2023 Women Blitz, Humpy second and Harika third

by Shahid Ahmed - 05/09/2023

The four-time reigning Women's World Champion - GM Wenjun Ju (CHN) became Tata Steel Chess India 2023 Women Blitz champion. Despite starting with only 0.5/3 on the final day, the World no.2 woman scored 5.5/6 in the last six games to reassert her dominance. It was a closely fought event as after Round 16, three players GM Koneru Humpy, GM Harika Dronavalli and Wenjun were at 10.5/16 each. In the final round, Humpy defeated Divya, Wenjun beat GM Anna Ushenina (UKR) and Harika lost to IM Polina Shuvalova. Thus, Wenjun won the tournament 12.5/18. Humpy second 12/18, Harika secured third place 10.5/18. The Rapid event for Men starts today from 3 p.m. IST. Photos by IA Vivek Sohani/Tata Steel Chess India unless stated otherwise

A close race to the finish line

In the post-tournament press conference, GM Wenjun Ju (CHN) felt that her games in the Rapid event were better than the Blitz. On the final day, she started with a loss against GM Koneru Humpy, then she drew against IM Divya Deshmukh, before losing another game to GM Irina Krush (USA). After that she scored 5.5/6 in the next five games to win the tournament. The first prize in Rapid was US$ 10000, for Blitz it was US$ 7500.

Tata Steel Chess India 2023 Women Rapid winner - IM Divya Deshmukh 7/9

Tata Steel Chess India 2023 Women Blitz winner - GM Wenjun Ju (CHN) 12.5/18

Tata Steel Chess India 2023 Women Blitz and Rapid winners - GM Wenjun Ju (CHN) and IM Divya Deshmukh

After Round 16, Humpy, Harika and Wenjun all three were at 10.5 points, closely followed by the Rapid event winner, Divya at 10/16

The scores before the final round were: Wenjun 11.5/17, Humpy 11/17, Harika 10.5/17 and Divya 10.5/17. Wenjun defeated GM Anna Ushenina (UKR) 7/18 to become the clear champion 12.5/18. Humpy won against Divya to secure second place 12/18. Harika lost to IM Polina to finish third 10.5/18.

Tata Steel Chess India 2023 Women Rapid and Blitz participants with Chanakya Chaudhary, Director, Tata Steel Mining Limited, Vishy Anand and Jeron van den Berg, Tournament Director

Draw of Lots for the Men

Tata Steel Chess India 2023 Rapid and Blitz participants with Jeron van den Berg, Vishy Anand, Chanakya Chaudhary and Sarvesh Kumar | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Who will win the Tata Steel Chess India 2023 Rapid and Blitz trophies this year?
After becoming India no.1 Gukesh will play his first tournament at Tata Steel Chess India 2023 Rapid and Blitz | Video: ChessBase India
I have always played only one event at Tata Steel Chess India either Rapid or Blitz - Praggnanandhaa | Video: ChessBase India
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World Blitz 2021 winner and the one who had a peak rating of 2948 in Blitz which is the highest ever, GM Maxime Vachier-Lagrave (FRA) tweeted

Replay the live stream

Tata Steel Chess India 2023 Women Blitz | Round 10-18 Live commentary by GM Robert Hess (USA) and IM Soumya Swaminathan | Video:

Replay Blitz Round 10-18 games

Round 18 results

Bo.No.Rtg NameResultName RtgNo.PGN
WGMDivya, Deshmukh0 - 1GMKoneru, Humpy
GMUshenina, Anna0 - 1GMJu, Wenjun
WIMSavitha, Shri B0 - 1GMKrush, Irina
GMBatsiashvili, Nino1 - 0IMVantika, Agrawal
GMDronavalli, Harika0 - 1IMShuvalova, Polina


Final standings

Rk.SNo NameFEDRtgPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 
GMJu, WenjunCHN253612,50097,00116
GMKoneru, HumpyIND24601200108,5095
GMDronavalli, HarikaIND242910,50291,7573
WGMDivya, DeshmukhIND223110,50080,2584
IMShuvalova, PolinaFID2306100081,0085
GMKrush, IrinaUSA236790077,2563
GMUshenina, AnnaUKR236170261,2552
IMVantika, AgrawalIND226770061,7552
GMBatsiashvili, NinoGEO223160046,7542
WIMSavitha, Shri BIND21725,50048,5042


Men Round 1 Rapid pairings

Round 1 on 2023/09/05 at 1500 h
Bo.No.Rtg NameResultName RtgNo.
GMGrischuk, AlexanderGMVachier-Lagrave, Maxime
GMVidit, Santosh GujrathiGMHarikrishna, Pentala
GMGukesh, DGMAbdusattorov, Nodirbek
GMErigaisi, ArjunGMKeymer, Vincent
GMRadjabov, TeimourGMPraggnanandhaa, R



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