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Sharan Rao wins LJ Slovakia Below 2300 Rating Tournament 2023, Jeet Jain second

by Shahid Ahmed - 04/07/2023

FMs - Sharan Rao, Jeet Jain and Martin Zvarik (SVK) scored 6.5/8 each at LJ Slovakia Open Below 2300 Rating Tournament 2023. Sharan became champion due to better tie-breaks. Jeet and Zvarik were placed second and third. Only Sharan suffered one loss out of the top three. His sole defeat was against the eventual runner-up, Jeet. The total prize fund of the tournament was €4300. The top three prizes were €700, €500 and €400 each respectively. This is Sharan's second triumph of the year. He became Karnataka State Rapid 2023 champion on 30th April. After his triumph in Slovakia, Sharan went on to score his final IM-norm at Karel Janeček Open, 5th Prague International Chess Festival 2023.

Top three score 6.5/8

Three players FM Sharan Rao, FM Jeet Jain and FM Martin Zvarik (SVK) were in the lead 6/7 heading into the final round. Sharan drew with Zvarik and Jeet drew his game against Martin Solcan (SVK). Thus, Shara, Jeet and Zvarik were placed first, second and third according to their tie-break scores.

Champion - FM Sharan Rao 6.5/8

Runner-up - FM Jeet Jain 6.5/8

The top six finishers | Photo: Slovakia Chess Open fb

FM Sharan Rao scored 6.5/8 and gained 15.8 Elo rating points

FM Sharan Rao and... | Photo: Slovakia Chess Open fb

...FM Jeet Jain in action | Photo: Slovakia Chess Open fb

The tournament hall at Hotel Sorea*** in Liptovský Ján, Slovakia | Photo: Slovakia Chess Open fb

A total of 137 players took part from nine countries across the world in this four-day eight-round Swiss League Below 2300 Rating tournament. The tournament was organized by Slovak Chess Federation at Hotel Sorea in Liptovský Ján, Slovakia from 15th to 18th June 2023. The time control of the event was 60 minutes + 30 seconds increment from move no.1.

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Final standings

Rk.SNo NameTypsexGrFEDRtgIRtgNClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 Krtg+/-
FMSharan RaoIND224806,539,5062015,8
FMJeet JainIND219906,539052026,4
FMZvarik MartinSVK21510Sk Visnove6,538,5052028,8
Solcan MartinSVK21650Sk Levice639052011,2
Lauda AlexandrMDA20780638,5042030,4
FMStevik PatrikU20SVK22750Sk Junior Cvc Banska Bystrica6370420-8,6
Gorbenko RustemUKR21110636,5052015,2
Holly AndrejU20RLSVK21580Liptovska Sachova Skola636,504205,2
Gyerpal AdrianU20SVK21900Sk Cebovce636,50420-2
FMZetocha AdrianU20SVK21670Sk Slovan Bratislava63605204,8
Fenik JozefSVK22180Msk Vranov Nad Toplou635,504202
Koval JakubSVK21590Psk Tatran Dason Ism Presov634,506200,2
Bango LukasSVK21980Tss Trnava Msk Sered63406200,2
Skreno VladimirSVK20880Nitriansky Sachovy Klub Nitra5,53505204,6
Kulich FilipU20SVK20280Sk Povazske Podhradie5,53504403,2



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