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#AskSagar on his 29th birthday - a live show on 28th January at 6 p.m.

by Sagar Shah - 28/01/2019

Indian chess is powered by the wonderful organizers who organize world class events, by the administrators who work hard day in and out, by the journalists who burn the midnight oil to write about the talents, by coaches who guide the players towards their ultimate goal, by arbiters who ensure law and order in a tournament. However, there is no mechanism where someone can ask a pressing question to an expert and get his doubts answered. Today, 28th of January 2019 is the birthday of IM Sagar Shah, the co-founder and CEO of ChessBase India. At 6 p.m. IST is a live show where you can ask any pressing question related to chess that is on your mind. Sagar will try his best to answer it. Also if you would like, you can contribute towards a good cause.

It's my 29th birthday and I am turning old! I realize that! But with age comes wisdom and wisdom is not particularly useful if you don't share it! And so on 28th of January 2019 at 6 p.m. I would like do a livestream on the ChessBase India YouTube Channel where I answer all the chess related questions that you have on your mind.

Why am I doing this?

I think Indian chess has many excellent trainers. Indian chess has many excellent organizers. There are strong administrators who are powering the chess in the country forward. If there is something that is missing, then I would say it is the ability to interact with someone who knows the field well and at the same time is unbiased in his opinions. Questions like how should I improve at chess, or which books to study, or I have started chess at the age of 12 years - can I become a GM before I turn 18. These are the questions that I get all the time from different people. I do not know if I am the one who is qualified for this role. But what I definitely know is that I have spent enough time just about every chess profession:

1. I was a very serious player from 2002 to 2017 - that's 15 years of playing chess at a good level. I was able to become an IM and also achieve two GM norms and have played with hundreds of GMs in my chess career.

2. I have worked extensively as a chess journalist covering the smallest of local events to the biggest one including the Candidates, World Cup and the Olympiad.

3. I have trained some talented youngsters and also conducted multiple training camps across India.

4. I have good knowledge of the latest chess technology

5. I have managed some of the top chess players of our country and also budding youngsters

6. I have interviewed every top chess player in the world (be it Carlsen, Anand, Karjakin, Aronian, So, Giri etc.) on multiple occasions and learnt a lot from their answers.


All of these achievements are not put here to boast about myself. I write them here just so that you can know that I am capable enough to answer your queries. But more than all of these achievements what makes me an ideal person to answer your pressing questions is that I genuinely want to give truthful advice - an advice which will help you to broaden your horizons, bust some myths and take the right decisions. So if you have a question, just click on the link below and join in. If you just want to enjoy the show (without asking any questions) then the YouTube embed up there (at the start of the article) is enough to view it at 6 p.m. 

Watch the show live at 6 p.m. IST

Good cause:

Becoming a GM in chess is extremely difficult. From 2019 we would like to recognize these great players who have achieved so much for Indian chess. All the money collected today will be distributed equally among the two GMs of Indian chess who achieved the title in 2019 - GM Visakh NR, 59th GM of India and GM D.Gukesh, 60th GM of India.

The 59th and 60th GM of Indian chess NR Visakh and D.Gukesh who achieved their GM title on 15th of January 2019

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Rs.2,500 (If you contribute Rs.2500, you will get Learn from the Classics (DVD in downloadable format) by Sagar Shah worth Rs.1178)

Rs.5,000 (If you contribute Rs.5000, you will get a video made on your best game by IM Sagar Shah on the ChessBase India YouTube Channel)

Rs.10,000 (If you contribute Rs.10,000 you will get 30 minutes of live one to one session on Skype on how to use ChessBase softwares)

Contribute to the 59th and 60th GM of Indian chess and recognize their wonderful achievement

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