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This International Chess Day, ChessBase India launches 12 new T-Shirt designs!

by Amruta Mokal - 20/07/2019

On the International Chess Day, we have some big news to share with you. We have launched the new designs of ChessBase India T-shirts and they are now available on the ChessBase India online shop. In this article we bring you all the new designs with the pictures. As we are launching on such an auspicious day, we have kept a special discount until the 22nd of July. You can now get 6 ChessBase India T-Shirts at the cost of 5 and 10 T-shirts at the cost of 8. All you have to do is use the special discount code. All of the T-Shirts that we have launched are made with great care, using the highest quality material keeping your comfort in mind. We hope that you will enjoy our new releases. 

20th July! It's the International Chess Day today! FIDE - The International Chess organization turns 95 years old today. On this wonderful day, ChessBase India has decided to launch 12 of its new t-shirts designs. These designs were launched a month ago and were available to the players at physical stalls at the Mumbai and Goa GM tournament. The final verdict after these two events was that people loved it a lot and were thrilled that they could proudly wear new designs of chess themed T-Shirts. Today we are now introducing all of these designs in our online shop for everyone across the country and beyond! 

Why should you own a ChessBase India t-shirt?

The new designs of ChessBase India

This is the vision behind the ChessBase India t-shirts. Each t-shirt comes with the above tag. 

All of ChessBase India T-Shirts are made up of 100% soft cotton, are pre-shrunk, bio-washed and available in slim fit. While making the t-shirts we have had only one aim in mind - to offer the best quality t-shirts to our users which they feel comfortable to wear and proud to own.

Amruta Mokal and Supriya Bhat discuss the new t-shirt designs in the video

Here are the 12 new designs:

No draw!

For all the fighters out there! This one is for you! Check the t-shirt here.

The No Draw t-shirt worn by Afghan player Sepehr Sakhawaty

Apna Time Ayega

For the optimists, no failure is final. Apna Time Ayega! Check the t-shirt here.

GM Debashis Das sports the Apna Time Ayega T-Shirt!

Follow your passion

Wear this proudly, if you are following your passion and working hard to reach to the top! Check the t-shirt here.


Chess: My Sport

If chess is your favourite sport (and the chances of it are high if you are reading this), then this one is for you! Check the t-shirt here.

It's a checkmate Bro, Not a Hashtag

For the world hooked to social media this is a hashtag, but we chess players know, this is not a hashtag, it's a CHECKMATE bro! Check the t-shirt here.

Most absent minded chess intellectual

Chess players are well known for being in their own world, calculating their variations, thinking about some new opening idea! They are the perfect examples of the "Most Absent Minded Intellectuals!" Are you one of them? Check the t-shirt here.

Rating Paise ki taraha hota hai

If you believe that rating is just a number, then this one is for you! Check the t-shirt here.

I love Chess

We launched this for youngsters, but we soon found that everyone who loves chess, likes it! As you can see all the characters on the shirt have a chess piece on their head! Check the t-shirt here.

Had a Great Game!

A game of chess is a struggle and a fight. Often the variations are so deep and beautiful that the result becomes secondary! Check the t-shirt here.

Chess is life

Want to contradict with the great Fischer? Do you think Chess is more than life? Well, for all those who feel Chess is More than life, this is one you should wear! Check the t-shirt here.

Bobby Fischer

For all the Fischer fans out there! The words written on the shirt are "Chess is a war over the board. The object is to crush opponent's mind." Check the t-shirt here.

The classic ChessBase India in charcoal grey colour. Check the t-shirt here.

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Special offer:

As it is the International Chess Day, until 22nd of July, we will be having a special discount offer. You can get six t-shirts at the cost of five and ten t-shirts at the cost of eight by using the below coupon code on checkout!


Get 6 T-Shirts at the cost of 5

Coupon Code: CHESSDAY5

Get 10 T-shirts at the cost of 8

Coupon Code: CHESSDAY10


How does the coupon code work? Add six or ten of your favourite designs in your shopping bag on ChessBase India. Once you do that, apply the discount code given above. The discount will be automatically calculated and the amount will be deducted from your grand total. 

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This video tells you what makes ChessBase India T-shirts truly special!

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