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National A blind 2019 Round 5-7: Subhendu Kumar Patra impresses

by Murthy Manjunatha - 10/01/2019

Subhendu Kumar Patra from Odisha is showing phenomenal chess at the National A championship 2019. It's really amazing to see how far this youngster has come from the last year. He had finished 5th in 2018 and qualified to the Indian team at the World Team Championships 2018. Although he didn't play many games, his experience of working with the best visually challenged players in the country and his persistence is showing at the National A 2019. Subhendu is unbeaten and with 6.0/7 is leading the tournament jointly with 5-time National Champion Kishan Gangolli. With six rounds to go, and four spots for the World Championship 2019 in Italy at stake, this promises to be an exciting finish. 

Round 5

131747Makwana Ashvin K½ - ½Patil Shirish167314
241697Krishna Udupa1 - 0Marimuthu K15632
351863Aryan B Joshi0 - 1Patra Subhendu Kumar16861
461634Prachurya Kumar Pradhan1 - 0Soundarya Kumar Pradhan181913
571448Hariharan Gandhi0 - 1Waghmare Sachin Lahu155712
681522Shashidhar K M½ - ½Kavlekar Sanjay R.181211
792008Kishan Gangolli1 - 0Swapanil Shah163410

Aryan B Joshi, the overnight leader of the tournament played against Subhendu Kumar Patra of Odisha. Players went for the four knights game and Subhendu played very carefully with the leader. The game was equal up to 36 moves. Aryan rejected the draw offer and took risks to get the full point in an equal rook end game. Unfortunately, he over looked a move and surrendered on the 42nd move.

Subhendu Kumar Patra has shown tremendous form at the National A. He has played six rounds and has remained unbeaten. | Photo: Murthy Manjunatha

Aryan Joshi's defeat meant that Kishan Gangolli had taken the sole lead  | Photo: Murthy Manjunatha

Kishan Gangolli of Karnataka played with white pieces against Swapnil Shah of Maharashtra. Swapnil opted for the Nimzo Indian Defence. As soon as he deviated from theory, he blundered a piece. Kishan Gangolli grabbed the piece and won the game easily on 24th move.

Prachurya Kumar Pradhan played with white pieces against his brother Soundarya Kumar Pradhan. In the Symmetrical English line that was played Soundarya miscalculated and played in hurry, for that he was penalized and his elder brother Prachurya finished the game very early on the 28th move. It was interesting to note the fighting spirit of both the brothers. They could have settled for a draw, but instead played on to fight hard with each other.

It was nice to see that both the brothers fought hard and tried their best to play a full-fledged game of chess | Photo: Murthy Manjunatha

Round 6:

1141673Patil Shirish½ - ½Swapanil Shah163410
2111812Kavlekar Sanjay R.0 - 1Kishan Gangolli20089
3121557Waghmare Sachin Lahu0 - 1Shashidhar K M15228
4131819Soundarya Kumar Pradhan1 - 0Hariharan Gandhi14487
511686Patra Subhendu Kumar½ - ½Prachurya Kumar Pradhan16346
621563Marimuthu K½ - ½Aryan B Joshi18635
731747Makwana Ashvin K1 - 0Krishna Udupa16974

On 6th board Marimuthu K of Tamil Nadu Played with white pieces against Aryan B Joshi of Maharashtra. In a Sicilian Defence both players agreed to a draw in 22 moves. The rules of the tournament ensured that players had to fight it out until move 25 and they did so, but the game was drawn nonetheless.

Sanjay Kavlekar of Goa played with white pieces against Kishan Gangolli. Kishan opted for the French defence and punished Sanjay for his opening mistake very quickly. With this victory Kishan became the sole leader with 5.5/6. 

Subhendu Kumar Patra who was in joint lead with Kishan Gangolli before the round, agreed to a quick draw against Prachurya Kumar Pradhan.

Round 7:

141697Krishna Udupa½ - ½Patil Shirish167314
251863Aryan B Joshi1 - 0Makwana Ashvin K17473
361634Prachurya Kumar Pradhan0 - 1Marimuthu K15632
471448Hariharan Gandhi0 - 1Patra Subhendu Kumar16861
581522Shashidhar K M0 - 1Soundarya Kumar Pradhan181913
692008Kishan Gangolli½ - ½Waghmare Sachin Lahu155712
7101634Swapanil Shah1 - 0Kavlekar Sanjay R.181211

The biggest surprise of the round was Kishan Gangolli not being able to win against Sachin Waghmare. Sachin played very safely in Nimzo Indian defence. Kishan had a winning move in the middlegame, but he missed it and had to settle for a draw in an opposite coloured bishop endgame.

Hariharan has performed quite poorly in this event and after seven rounds is still on zero. Hariharan lost a pawn in the opening and Subhendu gave him no real chances thereafter. As Kishan drew his game, Subhendu now leads the tournament jointly with Kishan on 6.0/7.

Aryan Joshi against Ashvin Makwana was a game to look forward. Both have represented our country on the international stage on multiple occasions. Ashvin played the Pirc's Defence and Ashvin managed to equalize in the middlegame. However, the youngster from Mumbai weaved a lot of complications in the position. Ashvin burned a lot of time and before he knew it, his flag had fallen and the game was over.

Standings after round 7

Rk.NameRtgFED1234567891011121314Pts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1Patra Subhendu Kumar1686IND*11½1½116,00,019,505
2Kishan Gangolli2008IND*½1111½16,00,014,005
3Aryan B Joshi1863IND0*½111115,50,014,755
4Marimuthu K1563IND0½*101114,50,014,754
5Prachurya Kumar Pradhan1634IND½½0*½1114,50,013,503
6Shashidhar K M1522IND0*10½1114,50,07,004
7Krishna Udupa1697IND01*01½½14,00,010,253
8Makwana Ashvin K1747IND½001*½½13,50,010,502
9Swapanil Shah1634IND00½0*1½13,00,05,002
10Soundarya Kumar Pradhan1819IND00010½*12,50,06,252
11Kavlekar Sanjay R.1812IND000½½0*12,00,04,251
12Patil Shirish1673IND0000½½½*1,50,05,250
13Waghmare Sachin Lahu1557IND½00000*11,50,03,001
14Hariharan Gandhi1448IND0000000*0,00,00,000

About the author:

Murthy Manjunatha is the chief arbiter at the National Premier 2019. He has been an arbiter at blind tournaments since many years and conducts the proceedings with great speed and accuracy and a human touch!

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