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Mrittika Mallick gets the ChessBase India YouTube memberships for the month of February 2022

by Sagar Shah - 22/11/2022

Mrittika Mallick is one of the most talented youngsters of Indian chess. She became the national under-14 champion in 2022. This allowed her to participate at the Asian Championships 2022 where she won two medals for India and also finished 4th at the World Youth Championships under-14. It is quite clear that the girl is gifted. However, she hails from a family that has modest finiancial means. Her father's yearly income is less than Rs.3 lakh. In order that Mrittika can continue her journey into the world of chess confidently and become better we are giving her the February YouTube memberships of Rs.55,026. Along with it we have two donors who have contributed individually bringing the total amount to Rs.1,02,526. 

The Hooghly Hurricane - Mrittika Mallick gets the February 2022 YouTube memberships

One of the things we are proud of at ChessBase India is the YouTube Membership Program. Each month, there are people who contribute an amount and this amount is used to propel the chess career of one talented player in the right direction. We are doing this for over a year and the fund of each month is used with great care. For the month of February 2022, we have collected Rs. 55026. We have had 62 pillars of Indian chess, 5 Promoters, 22 Supporters, 30 Boosters and 152 backers of Indian chess making it a total of 271 YouTube members. We also had two special donors who have contributed a total of Rs.47,500. The details of it are mentioned towards the end of the article. This makes the total contribution for the month of February 2022 - Rs. 102,526.


Details of all the members who have contributed: 

MemberCurrent levelAmount
1Avik BosePillar of Indian Chess799
2HT TVPillar of Indian Chess799
3Just A Famous GuyPillar of Indian Chess799
4Harish SrinivasanPillar of Indian Chess799
5Anondo Das GuptaPillar of Indian Chess799
6Aanand BalaPillar of Indian Chess799
7Kalpak RautPillar of Indian Chess799
8Mrityunjay JalanPillar of Indian Chess799
9Kalpak TolePillar of Indian Chess799
10Prathamesh MahajanPillar of Indian Chess799
11puneet bhatiaPillar of Indian Chess799
12Tejas ChitnisPillar of Indian Chess799
13Joy DuttaPillar of Indian Chess799
14Vivaswan DamlePillar of Indian Chess799
15Asim KhanPillar of Indian Chess799
16Adwait AnandPillar of Indian Chess799
17Shashwat Mishra.Pillar of Indian Chess799
18PHOENIX?Pillar of Indian Chess799
19Jay KhuntPillar of Indian Chess799
20Sambit GhoshPillar of Indian Chess799
21Mr VGPillar of Indian Chess799
22chiranjibi sahooPillar of Indian Chess799
23Naveen BharathwajPillar of Indian Chess799
24Vignesh SubramanianPillar of Indian Chess799
25Abhishek DeshpandePillar of Indian Chess799
26Ashwin S. HebbarPillar of Indian Chess799
27Madhuchethan RaoPillar of Indian Chess799
28Vishwajeet DagarPillar of Indian Chess799
29SwapnilPillar of Indian Chess799
30Mihir SawantPillar of Indian Chess799
31Vamsi ChadaPillar of Indian Chess799
32Pranav KulkarniPillar of Indian Chess799
33Rohit BhangalePillar of Indian Chess799
34Naveen KumarPillar of Indian Chess799
35damnitPillar of Indian Chess799
36shreyas gokhalePillar of Indian Chess799
37Manaswi MishraPillar of Indian Chess799
38Shashank SrikantPillar of Indian Chess799
39SwehilPillar of Indian Chess799
40sanket panaskarPillar of Indian Chess799
41Saurabh DhamnaskarPillar of Indian Chess799
42nishant panigrahiPillar of Indian Chess799
43nabh choudharyPillar of Indian Chess799
44nutan duttPillar of Indian Chess799
45Ajin CherianPillar of Indian Chess799
46Sriraam RamakrishnanPillar of Indian Chess799
47Aditya DesaiPillar of Indian Chess799
48Dan RuparelPillar of Indian Chess799
49ruchir sutariaPillar of Indian Chess799
50RahulMukerji09Pillar of Indian Chess799
51Tony DaryPillar of Indian Chess799
52Ankita KulkarniPillar of Indian Chess799
53Sminil MahajanPillar of Indian Chess799
54Anas EdacherryPillar of Indian Chess799
55KolonNikiPillar of Indian Chess799
56shyammsmPillar of Indian Chess799
57Dharmen ShahPillar of Indian Chess799
58ZeusPillar of Indian Chess799
59Keith MascarenhasPillar of Indian Chess799
60Siddharth RanadivePillar of Indian Chess799
61Sudarshan RanganPillar of Indian Chess799
62Ajeet prsinghPillar of Indian Chess799
63Eesha DuttaPromoter of Indian chess599
64Mohnish SharmaPromoter of Indian chess599
65ajay gPromoter of Indian chess599
66Pratham ShahPromoter of Indian chess599
67LakshyaPromoter of Indian chess599
68varun kambleSupporter of Indian Chess299
69Mohith T SSupporter of Indian Chess299
70My ExSupporter of Indian Chess299
71Pratik ShettySupporter of Indian Chess299
72Shivam UpadhyaySupporter of Indian Chess299
73Arvind RamnathSupporter of Indian Chess299
74Manu TalwarSupporter of Indian Chess299
75Kaivalya ShahSupporter of Indian Chess299
76Murali PhaniSupporter of Indian Chess299
77Sandeep DebSupporter of Indian Chess299
78Arunava BhattacharjeeSupporter of Indian Chess299
79Arvind RamanSupporter of Indian Chess299
80Indian From SouthSupporter of Indian Chess299
81rutvij bhavsarSupporter of Indian Chess299
82hellking4uSupporter of Indian Chess299
83Rajeev RanjanSupporter of Indian Chess299
84Nishaad RaoSupporter of Indian Chess299
85Sai GudigundlaSupporter of Indian Chess299
86Sanu Pillai VlogsSupporter of Indian Chess299
87kshitiz lohaniSupporter of Indian Chess299
88Sachin RanadeSupporter of Indian Chess299
89Gokul RamanathanSupporter of Indian Chess299
90Gaurav ChandiramaniBooster of Indian Chess199
91siddartha pendlimarriBooster of Indian Chess199
92Ivan MukherjeeBooster of Indian Chess199
93Rakshank SavadattiBooster of Indian Chess199
94Swapnil SharmaBooster of Indian Chess199
95FlashBin GamingBooster of Indian Chess199
96abjuniorBooster of Indian Chess199
97Sumit NahataBooster of Indian Chess199
98SUDARSHAN K MBooster of Indian Chess199
99avant jainBooster of Indian Chess199
100Diljeet Singh NarwalBooster of Indian Chess199
101Krishna PanditBooster of Indian Chess199
102Adithya KBooster of Indian Chess199
103WoT HogBooster of Indian Chess199
104Pratyush SharmaBooster of Indian Chess199
105Sudheer KumarBooster of Indian Chess199
106Kappa 322Booster of Indian Chess199
107Himanshu BhasinBooster of Indian Chess199
108Mann SareenBooster of Indian Chess199
109SATHISH KUNCHIVEEDUBooster of Indian Chess199
110Jai PanditBooster of Indian Chess199
111Prakhar GuptaBooster of Indian Chess199
112Ankush DhyaniBooster of Indian Chess199
113BunnyEatWorldBooster of Indian Chess199
114Akshit JohryBooster of Indian Chess199
115Tanmay DeviBooster of Indian Chess199
116YashBooster of Indian Chess199
117Akshay ShenoyBooster of Indian Chess199
118Mahesh ParabBooster of Indian Chess199
119Siddharth SenBooster of Indian Chess199
120Sarvesh DeshpandeBacker of Indian Chess89
121Soham PandyaBacker of Indian Chess89
122Dhairya KumarBacker of Indian Chess89
123Sharat GoswamiBacker of Indian Chess89
124BHAGYASHREE KADUSKARBacker of Indian Chess89
125Shikhar SharmaBacker of Indian Chess89
126Raj AgarwalBacker of Indian Chess89
127Sagar RathodBacker of Indian Chess89
128arun TaccodeBacker of Indian Chess89
129Abhishek DamleBacker of Indian Chess89
130Arjan Singh BhattyBacker of Indian Chess89
131Sv ScibiBacker of Indian Chess89
132Rajan PingleBacker of Indian Chess89
133Akshay TelangBacker of Indian Chess89
134Rishikesh KanegaonkarBacker of Indian Chess89
135Shubh KelaBacker of Indian Chess89
136Snigdho BhattacharyaBacker of Indian Chess89
137Om PrajapatiBacker of Indian Chess89
138Shamika DalviBacker of Indian Chess89
139vijay bhuskuteBacker of Indian Chess89
140Karthik VelturiBacker of Indian Chess89
141Neeraj NambudiriBacker of Indian Chess89
142Bustanul ArifinBacker of Indian Chess89
143Akul SBacker of Indian Chess89
144Harsh KumarBacker of Indian Chess89
145Wesley SoBacker of Indian Chess89
146stpalliBacker of Indian Chess89
147hsihsahenSBacker of Indian Chess89
148Rohit SajeevBacker of Indian Chess89
149ChinmayBacker of Indian Chess89
150Naman DhingraBacker of Indian Chess89
151Meet ModianiBacker of Indian Chess89
152Avinash PawarBacker of Indian Chess89
153pierre gravagnaBacker of Indian Chess89
154Krishna SubramanianBacker of Indian Chess89
155Tushar DahakeBacker of Indian Chess89
156Lovesh TulsijaBacker of Indian Chess89
157Vinit MamaniaBacker of Indian Chess89
158agam dixitBacker of Indian Chess89
159Nikhil GoyalBacker of Indian Chess89
160Akshay PBacker of Indian Chess89
161Pratyayan DasGuptaBacker of Indian Chess89
162Aditya BankarBacker of Indian Chess89
163Sumalya BhattacharyaBacker of Indian Chess89
164Ayushi SharmaBacker of Indian Chess89
165Mahesh SarmaBacker of Indian Chess89
166d sBacker of Indian Chess89
167Pranjal JindalBacker of Indian Chess89
168Bablu badmashBacker of Indian Chess89
169D SANDEEPBacker of Indian Chess89
170Akshay ParalikarBacker of Indian Chess89
171Akshit Kr NagpalBacker of Indian Chess89
172Hiren patelBacker of Indian Chess89
173Nitish ModyBacker of Indian Chess89
174Suraj RanawadeBacker of Indian Chess89
175Swapan KarmakarBacker of Indian Chess89
176Ryan BergBacker of Indian Chess89
177Ninad OBacker of Indian Chess89
178Nishchay ShahBacker of Indian Chess89
179Saurabh VermaBacker of Indian Chess89
180franklin abrahamBacker of Indian Chess89
181The Average FPL ManagerBacker of Indian Chess89
182Hrushikesh PatilBacker of Indian Chess89
183Mahanthi BukkapatnamBacker of Indian Chess89
184palash nagdevteBacker of Indian Chess89
185M3Backer of Indian Chess89
186nimit sharmaBacker of Indian Chess89
187Akash 13Backer of Indian Chess89
188SomeoneSpecial447Backer of Indian Chess89
189Indrajeet DevaleBacker of Indian Chess89
190orangelavaBacker of Indian Chess89
191Karini Sandeep KumarBacker of Indian Chess89
192Vishal09Backer of Indian Chess89
193ChaliceterBacker of Indian Chess89
194Aditya JadhavBacker of Indian Chess89
195GaurabBacker of Indian Chess89
196Abhishek RaiBacker of Indian Chess89
197Arshad84Backer of Indian Chess89
198Rabia SinghBacker of Indian Chess89
199Akshay KulkarniBacker of Indian Chess89
200Parth ThakkarBacker of Indian Chess89
201harshit voraBacker of Indian Chess89
202anmol welpulwarBacker of Indian Chess89
203AkshatBacker of Indian Chess89
204sarat pavanBacker of Indian Chess89
205Deepesh KumarBacker of Indian Chess89
206Soumyaranjan MishraBacker of Indian Chess89
207Anirvan SenguptaBacker of Indian Chess89
208Tube or Not TubeBacker of Indian Chess89
209shas kBacker of Indian Chess89
210Gunin KhannaBacker of Indian Chess89
211Rahul ArvindBacker of Indian Chess89
212gobletFireBacker of Indian Chess89
213Mihir HasabnisBacker of Indian Chess89
214Nitin DesaiBacker of Indian Chess89
215Bhavik MakanBacker of Indian Chess89
216Aravind PathapatiBacker of Indian Chess89
217Jalaj KumarBacker of Indian Chess89
218Anand C UBacker of Indian Chess89
219Rahul GhosalBacker of Indian Chess89
220Bhargav SrinivasanBacker of Indian Chess89
221Sandeep MadheshiyaBacker of Indian Chess89
222Nagesh AnthatiBacker of Indian Chess89
223Rajat KamtekarBacker of Indian Chess89
224Chairab MadaanBacker of Indian Chess89
225devan sraBacker of Indian Chess89
226Krishna CharBacker of Indian Chess89
227ScaleTaleBacker of Indian Chess89
228Muralikrishna GangarajuBacker of Indian Chess89
229Abhishek DesaiBacker of Indian Chess89
230Shaurya MathurBacker of Indian Chess89
231NaveenBacker of Indian Chess89
232vedaant ranaBacker of Indian Chess89
233GokulBacker of Indian Chess89
234SANSAR RANABacker of Indian Chess89
235Shiva KumarBacker of Indian Chess89
236Jay DaveBacker of Indian Chess89
237Raghava MadhwapathiBacker of Indian Chess89
238Yash TandonBacker of Indian Chess89
239Pranti BordoloiBacker of Indian Chess89
240Srinath NarayananBacker of Indian Chess89
241K.V.P.Varma KuchelapaatiBacker of Indian Chess89
242Dhandeep LodayaBacker of Indian Chess89
243KartikBacker of Indian Chess89
244Akshay NatuBacker of Indian Chess89
245Smita AcharyaBacker of Indian Chess89
246Henal MerchantBacker of Indian Chess89
247Sai Praveen GummadiBacker of Indian Chess89
2482856RohitBacker of Indian Chess89
249Swapnil SenBacker of Indian Chess89
250thiedevilBacker of Indian Chess89
251Chandrasekhar S.Backer of Indian Chess89
252Abhishek AgarwalBacker of Indian Chess89
253Phani VarmaBacker of Indian Chess89
254Raj SBacker of Indian Chess89
255Pratip RaoBacker of Indian Chess89
256Shubham ShahBacker of Indian Chess89
257Chetan SureshBacker of Indian Chess89
258Kumar RoyBacker of Indian Chess89
259Harjaap SinghBacker of Indian Chess89
260SiddhantBacker of Indian Chess89
261Hardik RudaniBacker of Indian Chess89
262Aseem GoelBacker of Indian Chess89
263Anusheela DasBacker of Indian Chess89
264Snehal PathakBacker of Indian Chess89
265N MBacker of Indian Chess89
266Neo0889Backer of Indian Chess89
267GizmoGirlBacker of Indian Chess89
268Mayur GondhalekarBacker of Indian Chess89
269Anish KumarBacker of Indian Chess89
270Shyamal patelBacker of Indian Chess89
271Rijoy MukherjeeBacker of Indian Chess89

The total amount of memberships after deducting YouTube charges (30%) comes to Rs.55,026. The player who receives this amount is the young and talented Mrittika Mallick from West Bengal.

Mrittika Mallick with her father after winning the under-14 national championships 2022

I could tell you about why we chose Mrittika as the winner of the ChessBase India YouTube memberships scholarship for the month of February 2022, but the interview (below) with her father can give you a better idea of this young talent and her situation.

Interview with Arindham Mallick, Mrittika's Father

Sagar Shah (SS): Tell us about your profession and background.

Arindham Mallick (AM): I am from a middle class family. My father was a music teacher and mother a homemaker. I am a small time businessman – a distributor of cable line. I also have a small stationary shop. My wife Minakshi Mallick is a homemaker. Mrittika was born on 05.01.2008 at Hooghly, West Bengal. She has an elder sister.


SS: Was there something about Mrittika that made you feel she can become a good chess player?

AM: Each child seems the most intelligent or smartest to his/her parents! It is not possible for me to specify any particular act or work of Mrittika that can be identified to be the early signs of her smartness or intelligence. The only unusual thing I noticed in her was that she liked to watch the playing of cards of the elders in our locality when she was very young (about 6 years old). Maybe this showed that she had a lot of patience, which is an important quality to have to succeed in chess.

Back in 2019, when Mrittika receives the prize at an under-11 tournament at the hands of GM Dibyendu Barua

SS: How did Mrittika learn chess?

AM: When I saw that Mrittika has this habit of observing people playing cards in the locality, I requested one of our neighbours Ms. Bani Sarkar to show her how to play chess and in this process she learned to play the sport.


SS: When you got to know that she is good at chess how did you plan her improvement?

AM: After being introduced to chess she got almost addicted to it and developed her skills quickly and started to defeat others quite easily. After some time we enrolled her in a local club named Town Club. Other than that we did not take any special care nor did we have any special plans for her.


SS: What have been some of the main successes of Mrittika's chess career till date?

AM: These are some of Mrittika's best achievements till date:

1. MPL 34th National Girls Chess Championship 2022 U-14 Girls 2022 Champion

2. Asian Nations Cup Online Chess Team Championship U-14 Girls 2022 Double Gold

3. MPL 37th National Sub-junior Chess Championship U-16 Girls 2022 2nd place

4. 48th WB State Junior Chess Championship U-20 Girls 2021 3rd

5. Asian School Chess Championship U-13 Girls 2021 Double Gold 

6. Asian Youth Online Chess Championship U-14 Girls 2021

7. Golden Jubilee of Independence of Bangladesh 1st Division Chess League 2021 – Bronze on 3rd Board


SS: Who are the people who have helped Mrittika to reach where she is right now?

AM: It's her chess coach Mr. Durgaprasad Mahapatra and all the junior and senior player in the Alekhine Chess Club. I specially would like to mention two of my seniors who have helped me a lot - Arya Bhakta and Soham Bhattacharya.

SS: Can you tell us about your financial issues that you face and how does it impact Mrittika’s Progress.

AM: I am a small time businessman and my total yearly income is well below 3 lakhs and I find it very difficult to manage my business because I have to accompany Mrittika whenever she has to take part in any tournament, especially the ones held in other states. During the long duration of my absence my business gets neglected. It has now become very difficult for me to manage my finances because now she needs the help of a suitable coach who can guide her in her preparation for the coming national and international tournaments. But their fees are too high for my earnings. 

An interview with Mrittika's father Arindham Mallick after she won the under-14 national championships

SS: Who is Mrittika’s favourite player in chess?

MM: It's Judit Polgar because I like her personality and her aggressive playing style.

It doesn't come as a surprise that Judit Polgar is Mrittika's favourite player 

SS: What is Mrittika’s aim in chess?

MM: My aim in chess is just to become a strong and a good player and also to become a world class player in chess.

GM Saptarshi Roy is someone who is working regularly with Mrittika to help her reach the next level in her chess career

Speaking to ChessBase India Saptarshi Roy said, "Mrittika is extremely talented. She has a lot of patience. She is also hardworking and has a strong understanding of tactical chess. She strives to maximize the slightly better positions that she gets and tries to convert them into wins most of the times. Her understanding of chess indicates that she will end up in top 7 Indian women team players in next 5-6 years. Huge potential. I hope this scholarship will help her to reach her goal. I am thankful to ChessBase India team for their strong initiative for upcoming talents."

Harish Srinivasan, an avid follower of the ChessBase India YouTube channel has supported Mrittika with Rs.35,000

We thank Harish for his support. When we asked Harish about the reason for his support, he mentions, "As a chess lover and a chess parent, I appreciate the joy of letting the kids pursue their passion and provide unconditional relentless support. When it comes to chess, I am delighted to see courageous parents in India do this more and more often in the last decade. When I saw the YouTube video of Mrittika's father, I was honestly very moved by the vulnerability. Facilities and opportunities should always be provided to anyone with the combination of talent and hard work. I wish to be able to support such causes whenever possible. I am fortunate and privileged to be able to do this now. Wish Mrittika the very best in Life and Chess"

The family of Nandini Srikar, a well-known Bollywood singer, contributed Rs.12,500 to help Mrittika in her journey

YouTube Memberships: Rs.55,026

Harish Srinivasan: Rs.35,000

Nandini Srikar: Rs.12,500

Total amount: Rs.102,526


This entire amount will be used for Mrittika's chess development - travelling to tournaments and training. Arindham, Mrittika's father mentions, "To YouTube members, Mr. Srinivasan and Mrs. Sreekar - I just wanted to say thank you so much for helping Mrittika to continue her chess career. I greatly appreciate your assistance.

Recently Mrittika went on to win the bronze medal in classical and silver medal in blitz at Asian Championships under-14. She also finished 4th at the World Youth Championships under-14.
The Hooghly Hurricane - Mrittika Mallick

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