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Leon Mendonca vs. Fritz 19 - The Allrounder (GM level)

by ChessBase - 26/11/2023

Leon Luke Mendonca fears nobody, not even the Grandmaster level of the brand new Fritz 19! The Indian Grandmaster faces the allrounder, which is one of six new player types, that Fritz 19 has to offer. Does Leon even have a tiny chance against the powerful GM-Level? Can the allrounder score, just by maintaining an innocent demeanor? You can find out in the video. You can also get Fritz 19 from our store. It is available now. There are options to upgrade from Power Fritz 18. You can also buy it as a combo with ChessBase 17 to save few bucks. Photo: ChessBase

Leon Mendonca vs. Fritz 19 - The Allrounder (GM level)

GM Leon Luke Mendonca is facing the cute, but vicious allrounder doggy! | Video: ChessBase

Who is Leon Mendonca?

Luke Leon Mendonca is a young (born 2006) Grandmaster from India who reached the Grandmaster title when he was 14 years old. He’s a very active player and has a lot of opening ideas which he now presents in video courses for ChessBase.

Who is Fritz 19?

Fritz 19 emphasizes an immersive method of playing versus a machine. The six AI characters it introduces are:

• Allrounder

• Aggressive

• Positional

• Swindler

• Timid

• Endgame Expert

which simulate average club players' playing styles and include purposeful tactical errors to make the game feel genuine.


The program provides users with a number of help modes and advice, along with a trophy system that uses digital trade cards to recognize exceptional movements and an "assisted calculation" mode for stress-free training.


The Computer Chess World Championship 2023 also comes with updated analytical tools which can implement your personal databases, improved training capabilities, and a new engine.

Upgrade from Power Fritz 18

ChessBase 17 and Fritz 19 Combo


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