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Last call to register for GoodEarth Online Blitz Open

by Shahid Ahmed - 04/09/2020

GoodEarth presents GoodEarth Online Blitz Open in association with Chess Kerala and ChessBase India will be held tomorrow Saturday 5th September on Playchess server. Over 175 players from all across the world including 10 GMs, 20 IMs and 3 WIMs have registered so far. Total prize fund ₹60000 with the prize of ₹12000 is up for grabs. Entry fee is FREE for GMs, IMs, WGMs and WIMs. For everyone else entry fee is ₹150/₹200. Hurry up and register now if you haven't yet as there is less than 12 hours left before the registration closes. Photo: GoodEarth

Less than 12 hours left to register

This Saturday On 5th September 2020, GoodEarth Online Blitz Open will take place on Playchess server from 8 p.m. IST. The tournament has a total prize fund of ₹60000 with the first prize of ₹12000. Entry fee is Free for all GMs, IMs, WGMs and WIMs. For everyone else the entry fee is ₹200, for foreign players €4 euros. Discounted entry fee ₹150 for players below 15 years of age and veterans above 60 years of age, for foreigners it will be €3 euros for all foreign players.

About the Organizers

GoodEarth has been a pioneer in the field of alternative architecture and environment friendly development for more than three decades. They have a presence at Bengaluru, Calicut and Cochin where they have developed communities, delivered projects and enabled multiple sustainability and green initiatives. They have completed an array of exciting projects at our various locations across the residential, education and institutional verticals. Their work covers residential, commercial, institutional, bespoke design and consultancy services across multiple disciplines like design, design-build, water management, landscape design, natural farming and most importantly creating communities that intrinsically work towards a better future. GoodEarth is committed towards promoting sporting initiatives and encouraging sportspersons from all walks of life. For more details please visit their website.

Chess Kerala organized Checkmate Covid-19 Online Blitz Open which raised ₹451650 few months ago. Chess Kerala is an independent organisation of chess lovers, chess parents and organisers of Kerala, actively organising chess tournaments and events, coaching camps for children and arbiters seminars for the past many years. Chess Kerala was the only chess organisation which supported the flood relief work in the state in 2018 by raising a fund of ₹138500 from the chess community and contributing it to the CMDRF. They attracted widespread attention with their Nigel Short's Chess Talent Nurture programme in the recent past, before the Covid-19 has slowed down their passionate ambitions.

The tournament will take place on Playchess server

Date: Saturday 5th September 2020

Time: 8.00 p.m. IST

Time control: 3 mins each (no increment)

Number of rounds: 10

Total Prize fund: ₹60000

Venue: Vishy Anand Arena in Playchess under ChessBase India room

Details of the online tournament:

Main Prizes

Place Prize
1st 12000
2nd 10000
3rd 7000
4th 5000
5th 3000
6th 2000
7th 1000
8th 1000
9th 1000
10th 1000
11th 500
12th 500
13th 500
14th 500
15th 500
16th 500
17th 500
18th 500
19th 500
20th 500

Best Women

1st 500
2nd 400
3rd 300
4th 300

Rating Category prizes - 1201-1400

1st 500
2nd 400
3rd 300
4th 300

Rating Category prizes - 1000-1200

1st 500
2nd 400
3rd 300
4th 300

Best Under-12

1st 500
2nd 400
3rd 300
4th 300

Best Under-18

1st 500
2nd 400
3rd 300
4th 300

Best Kerala Players

1st 500
2nd 500
3rd 500
4th 300
5th 300
6th 300
7th 300
8th 300
9th 250
10th 250

Standard Rating will be considered for Rating Category prizes, a player without a standard rating will be considered as an unrated player. To claim age group prizes, a player without a FIDE ID must email us a valid age proof document before 4th September 2020.


Players outside India who would like to participate can make the payment of €4 through the Paypal link and write an email to mentioning their name, FIDE ID, Playchess and Transaction ID to confirm their entry. Titled players can also write to the above mentioned e-mail ID mentioning the same details to confirm their participation.

No draw before 30th move

From the previous tournament onward in all events organized by us, 'Draw offer' before the completion of 30th move is not allowed. If a draw is agreed before the completion of 30th move, the player who offered the draw will be given a loss in that round irrespective of tournament situation. This rule has been enforced to see fighting games in all boards.


Entry fees:

Entry fee Free for all GMs, IMs, WGMs and WIMs. For everyone else the entry fee is ₹200, for foreign players €4 euros. Discounted entry fee ₹150 for players below 15 years of age and veterans above 60 years of age, for foreigners it will be €3 euros for foreign players. Entry is CLOSED.


Contact and registration queries for the tournament

Mr. Shahid Ahmed - 9038139510 (Entry confirmations will be done via site only, no whatsapp/phone call confirmation of entries)

Email -

• We request all players to check their internet connection before the tournament. Minimum requirement is at least 2 mbps broadband. No phone calls/messages will be entertained once the tournament starts from 8 p.m. IST onwards. All queries must be resolved before the tournament. Each player is responsible for their internet connection, organizers will not be held responsible for any players connectivity issues. All games will be thoroughly checked for cheating/impersonation. Anyone adapting any unfair means will be removed from the tournament and will not be allowed to participate in future events on Playchess.

List of players Name Playchess ID Rating Gender Age Group Kerala
1 GM Vaibhav Suri Irus1997 2600 M
2 GM Abhimanyu Puranik pabh 2584 M
3 GM D Gukesh gk06 2563 M U18 No
4 GM Raunak Sadhwani Devil1234 2545 M
5 GM Diptayan Ghosh Diptayan 2541 M
6 GM Deepan Chakravarthy J2d 2535 M
7 GM Jakhongir Vakhidov Uzbektiger95 2533 M
8 GM Carlos Obregon ANDRES OBREGON 2525 M
9 GM Vladimir Belous GM Openyagami 2524 M
10 GM Shardul Gagare IndianKing97 2514 M
11 GM Harsha Bharathakoti RACEKING 2509 M
12 IM Terry Renato TerryR 2504 M
13 GM Deivy Vera DeivyVera 2503 M
14 GM Girish Koushik gak_chess 2498 M
15 GM M R Venkatesh Sivaji 2493 M
16 GM Karthik Venkataraman Karthikchess 2483 M
17 IM Arjun Kalyan S Arjunkalyan 2477 M U18 No
18 IM Harshit Raja Johncking 2472 M
19 IM Arghyadip Das Arghyadip 2453 M
20 IM Mohammad Nubairshah Shaikh CREATOR 1198 2445 M
21 IM Dhulipalla Bala Chandra Prasad Samudragupta 2441 M
22 IM Aditya Mittal vinniethepooh 2438 M U18 No
23 IM Bharath Subramaniyam H Harishankkar 2437 M U18 No
24 IM Pranesh M
2437 M U18 No
25 IM Aronyak Ghosh STRANGE 2436 M U18 No
26 IM Fernando Fernandez altomisayoc 2435 M
27 IM Koustav Chatterjee KoustavChatterjee1 2431 M U18 No
28 IM Sayantan Das Ambitious 2431 M
29 IM Sankalp Gupta
2429 M U18 No
30 IM Sergey Klimenko
2429 M
31 GM Neelotpal Das Mandrake 2425 M
32 IM Saparmyrat Atabayev Atabayew 2425 M
33 FM Srihari L R lsr 2414 M U18 No
34 IM Neelash Saha Gamechanger 2413 M U18 No
35 GM Laxman R R LAXMAN 2411 M
36 IM Raja Rithvik R MasteredUI 2408 M
37 IM Viani Antonio Dcunha Viani A Dcunha 2397 M
38 IM Giuseppe Leiva unico 2391 M
39 IM Bhakti Kulkarni Bestluck 2391 F
40 FM Pranav Anand lightsaber 2381 M U18 No
41 IM S Nitin snitin 2381 M
42 IM Zoran Velickovic
2378 M
43 IM Rajdeep Sarkar ItsTime 2355 M
44 IM Anuj Shrivatri Anuj Shrivatri 2350 M
45 Pranav V pranav_vip 2348 M U18 No
46 IM Daniel Barria Zuniga manitodeplomo 2341 M
47 FM F Manish Anto Cristiano F Manish Anto Cristiano 2340 M
48 IM Kanan Garayev KananGarayev 2331 M
49 FM Ajay Karthikeyan skkeyan 2315 M U18 No
50 IM Ratnakaran K RATHNAKARAN 2314 M
51 IM P Saravana Krishnan mbachez90 2312 M
52 N R Anilkumar passedpawnindia 2306 M
53 Joe Parappalli Synergyjoe 2305 M
54 IM D K Sharma Kakdela 2289 M
55 FM Mukhammadali Abdurakhmonov Mukhammadali_Abdurakhmonov 2284 M U18 No
56 FM Aaryan Varshney Aaryan Varshney 2277 M U18 No
57 WFM Savitha Shri B savithashri 2261 F U18 No
58 FM Jubin Jimmy SAAKER 2259 M U18 Yes
59 WIM Mrudul Dehankar shiv01 2256 F U18 No
60 WIM Rucha Pujari Tiger27 2244 F
61 Shiv Shome kingofall 2237 M U18 No
62 WIM Arpita Mukherjee Silent eyes 2206 F
63 IM Suvrajit Saha Suvrajit Saha 2198 M
64 Aradhya Garg Aradhya 2198 M
65 WIM Trisha Kanyamarala trishakan 2180 F U18 No
66 WGM Swati Ghate Unforgettable 2145 F
67 Sanjeev Nair Attacker_97 2143 M
68 FM L N Ram Aravind lnram 2127 M U18 No
69 FM CJ Arvind JUNOSOURCE 2124 M
70 Aakash Dalvi Aakash-dalvi 2110 M U18 No
71 Jinan Jomon jinanjomon 2069 M U18 Yes
72 Sreejith GS THRILLER 2051 M
73 WFM Bommini Mounika Akshaya Boa Constrictor 2029 F U18 No
74 Muralikrishna Muralikrishna 2026 M
75 Sravan Renjith sravanrenjith 2026 M U12 No
76 Ilamparthi AR Ilamparthi 1989 M U12 No
77 Arhan Chethan Anand Legacyplayer 1979 M U12 No
78 Aditya Vikram Paul Adityabikram 1964 M U18 No
79 Akhilan E M King_karnan 1964 M
80 Cyril Sigamoney fastNfurious 1960 M
81 Abhishek A Abhishek A 1945 M
82 Premchand Pranavam
1931 M
83 Siddhanth Lohia Sidba 1926 M U18 No
84 Vansh Aggarwal twobrothers 1922 M U18 No
85 Shivika Rohilla colcoffee123 1915 F U18 No
86 Sankalp Kukreja rocket2600 1902 M U18 No
87 Mahendra Teja Mekala MMT2007 1892 M U18 No
88 Manikantan K K manikantankk 1884 M
89 Arunava Bhattacharjee Arunava 1857 M
90 Setumadhav Yellmahanthi setumadhav 1843 M U18 No
91 D V Ananthapadmanabh Ananth05 1805 M U18 Yes
92 Anmol Kollegal Archi-ak 1795 M
93 Anmol Kollegal Archi-ak 1795 M
94 Hari R Chandran Fischer_Fan 1791 M U18 Yes
95 Renganayaki V neshaqn 1783 F U18 No
96 Madhavan R Munjanattu Mailrakeshp 1779 M U18 Yes
97 Rajesh V N Rajuneelamana 1771 M
98 Aanjaneya Phatak aanjaneya 1769 M
99 Vinay R Jumani Vinay12345 1754 M U18 No
100 Manoj MV MVMCHESS 1746 M
101 Vedant Kumar Saravana ved960 1721 M U18 No
102 Kushal Jani Kushal Jani 1720 M U18 No
103 Debarghya Samanta tapa1964 1698 M
104 Jaiveer Mahendru diamond06 1695 M U12 No
105 Raghunatha Menon chessneeds 1690 M
106 John Veny Akkarakaran johnveny 1687 M U12 Yes
107 Swayham P Das swayham 1675 M U12 No
108 S Arjun Sidharth Antman2007 1665 M U18 No
109 Prakhar Bajaj Gaurav306 1663 M U18 No
110 Muhammed Ashraf Muhammedashraf 1641 M
111 Unnikrishnan M A unnikrishnan 1636 M
112 Shubbh Kapur Kapursh 1617 M U18 No
113 Arpith S Bijoy ASB 1613 M U12 Yes
114 Bright Lee M Sunilkumar brightlee 1610 M U18 Yes
115 Premkrishna N premkrishna 1610 M U18 Yes
116 Arvind Ramnath arvind0899 1602 M
117 Felix Moothedath FM2007 1582 M U18 Yes
118 Vishnu Menon Krishna06 1573 M U18 Yes
119 Anurag Malik Furace 1573 M
120 Nithyan S nithyans04 1557 M U18 Yes
121 Adarsh P B ADARSH P B 1557
U18 Yes
122 Dinesh Bhandarkar Brahma1 1550 M
123 Aaron Reeve Aaronreeve 1520 M U12 No
124 Shakeelurahman OPC shakkumon 1519 M
125 Mihir AK MIHMAL 1511 M U18 Yes
126 Nihal Swarna Nihal swarna 1478 M U12 No
127 Samvrit Subin Gloriousathlete 1475 M U12 No
128 Rahan Ramesh Rahanramesh_14 1472 M U18 Yes
129 Sreelakshmi M Sunilkumar Afrodiet 1458 F
130 Adra P ADRA_ABHA 1454 F U18 Yes
131 Unnikrishnan PG unnikrishnanpg 1437 M
132 Dennis Moothedath DMD 1432 M U18 Yes
133 Abhijith Kannan P pirated version 1394 M U18 Yes
134 Suguna Kukreja starcube1234 1392 F U12 No
135 Karthik Raj Karthik2401 1383 M U18 Yes
136 Potturi Venkata Satyanarayana pvsatyam 1381 M
137 Salim Yoosuf salimyoosuf 1359 M
138 Goutham Krishna H Goutham2010 1352 M U12 Yes
139 Tarun Nayak tknayak101 1350 M
140 Giridhar A GIRIDHAR1347 1347 M U12 Yes
141 Abhishek R Abhishek 1343 M U18 Yes
142 Jai Sankar Subramanian ssmanian2005 1329 M
143 Aadithya Pradeep aadi3110theking 1325 M U18 Yes
144 Rohan Ebi Rohanwynd 1294 M U12 Yes
145 Padmaesh M K Padmaesh M K 1293 M U18 Yes
146 Anand Rajan Anandchess96 1289 M
147 Safal Fazil SAFAL 2006 1284 M U18 Yes
148 Ameen Akbar T A ameen_akbar_t_a 1284 M U18 Yes
149 Avinsh K P AAVI2006 1281 M U18 Yes
150 Pournami S pournami2009 1277 F U12 Yes
151 Rishikesh S A rishikesh 1267 M U12 Yes
152 Aswin S Jayan ASWIN S JAYAN 1242 M U18 Yes
153 Sreekuttan Sreekuttan 1239 M
154 Parteev Sunil Parteev Sunil 1236 M U18 Yes
155 Devi Priya Tia123 1232 F
156 Muneer S muneer 1228 M U18 Yes
157 Sankaran Ponnada Krishnaswamy Enthusiast 1227 M
158 Vinu Bhaskar drvin74 1222 M
159 Manisjika Srivastav manto 1221 F U18 No
160 Sevitha Viju v_j 1217 F U18 No
161 Suryansh Verma Suryakhanal 1199 M U18 No
162 Ritwik Mallavarapu Ritwik chess 1197 M U12 No
163 Saparya Ghosh Dancingpawn 1196 F U12 No
164 Jithesh A jithesh 1195 M
165 Sidharth Sreekumar SidharthS 1194 M U12 Yes
166 Biswa Preet Ray biswap 1194 M U12 No
167 Ankit Raj Ankit-Raj8899 1190 M
168 Sushanth Vaman Shetty shettyhnr 1188 M U12 No
169 Anirudh Sai Krishna Anirudhsaikrishma 1179 M U18 Yes
170 Aswin Krishna ashwinkrishna 1173 M U18 Yes
171 Mehul S Agrawal Chess_kings 1172 M U18 No
172 Nandagopal VT Nandagopalvt 1172 M U18 Yes
173 Prabhanjan Badkas PrabhuBadkas 1167 M U18 No
174 Deva Naarayan V devaking7 1165 M U18 Yes
175 Saptak Chakraborty saptak chakraborty 1160 M U18 No
176 Adwaith PS Adwaithps 1160 M U18 Yes
177 Adwaith S Vinu nanduchess2007 1158 M U18 Yes
178 Aditya Sai Krishna Adityasai 1155 M U18 Yes
179 Adith Thamban ADITH THAMBAN 1155 M U12 Yes
180 Rajesh K Vikramaditya 999 1150 M
181 Ajinraj ANCHUAJIN 1147 M U18 Yes
182 Agnim Dutta WILDFLOWER 1135 M U12 No
183 Kavin Oviyan R KAVIN OVIYAN R 1129 M U12 Yes
184 Abha P ABHA_ADRA 1126 F U18 Yes
185 Thushar Varma D THUSHAR 1094 M U18 Yes
186 Archit Saigal architsaigal 1093 M U18 No
187 Shivnarayanan shivsooraj 1084 M U12 Yes
188 Jahnvi Ashok firefalcon 1079 F U12 Yes
189 G Sanjay Pradnesh sragvidhanvi 1078 M U18 No
190 Majji Ram Charan Teja MRCT1077 1077 M U12 No
191 Haridev Hareesh harid64 1073 M U12 Yes
192 Eshwar Lankalapalli ESHWARL 1069 M U18 Yes
193 Mayoogha N mayoogha2003 1060 F U18 Yes
194 Savanth Krishnan R dubiousdude 1033 M U12 Yes
195 R.S Azton Femro Ebenesh Azton_unique 1032 M U18 No
196 Faheem Fasalurahiman FaheemFasalurahiman 1030 M U18 Yes
197 Bhargava Susanth Saketh M MBSS1027 1027 M U12 No
198 A K Shashveen
0 M
199 Aadik Theophane Lenin Aadik Theophane Lenin 0 M U12 Yes
200 Aadinath Harilal aadinath 0 M U12 Yes
201 Aaditya Vinayak Salunkhe Aaditya Salunkhe 0 M U18 No
202 Abhay Shah shahabhay 0 M U12 No
203 Abhirami Nair diamondghoul 0 F U12 Yes
204 Adithya J Mahesh Adithyajm 0 M
205 Aditya Suresh Aditya Suresh 0 M
206 Advaith A jithu2012A 0 M
207 Advaith P S AdvaithChessIndia 0 M U18 Yes
208 Afeefa Sadik Muhammad Afeefa2004 0 F U18 Yes
209 Akshara A Akshara2010 0 F
210 Amit Kumar Rajpal AMITKUMARRAJPAL 0 M
211 Anjali Manjhi anjalisec45 0 F
212 Anshuman Upadhyay Anshuman Upadhyay 0 M U12 No
213 Antu Mathew Antu mathew 0 M
214 Anuroop CP anuroopcp 0 M
215 Anvie Mohapatra anviem 0 F U12 No
216 Archana M E AME2006 0 F U18 Yes
217 Arjun C Arjuncnilambur 0 M
218 Aryan Jain aryanjain2004 0 M U18 No
219 Ashik Mohammed F Ashik Mohammed f 0 M
220 Ashok Jasma Vollepore AshokJV 0 M
221 Atmaj C H chnivas 0 M
222 Ayaan Goel ayaan_goel2012 0 M
223 Daksh Dileep dakshdileep 0 M U12 No
224 Dan Varghese Nitson Realplayer1 0 M U12 No
225 Devapriya PS Deva priya PS 0 F U12 Yes
226 Gautam Chintala vinnu2912 0 M U12 No
227 George Malayil George Malayil 0 M
228 Gopalakrishnan Giri_Chessbase 0 M U12 No
229 Hemant Tanwar HEMANTTANWAR 0 M
230 Huzaifa S Kukkad Huzaifa24 0 M
231 Isaac M Varghese Isaacmv98 0 M

232 Iyas P P iyaspp 0 M
233 James Winston George Jameswg22 0 M
234 Joshy Johny Thottam JoshyThottam 0 M U12 Yes
235 Kalyani Sirin Kalyanisirin 0 F U12 Yes
236 Kamalini Kamalinir21 0 F U18 No
237 Lokesh
0 M
238 Manav A Rejith finecham 0 M U12 Yes
239 Manav Kirsi Binoy manavkirsibinoy 0 M U12 Yes
240 Martin B George MARTINBGEORGE 0

241 Mayur Gondhalekar gonda 0 M
242 Mysa Srujan Kumar chesslovers143 0 M
243 Naitik Jain naitikjain 0 M U12 No
244 Naman Vora Namansvora 0 M U18 No
245 Neellesh Manub Neelleshmanub 0 M U12 Yes
246 Neil teamneil 0 M U12 No
247 Nihar Desai
0 M
248 P Akhilesh P Akhilesh 0 M
249 Pranav Prasanth pranav104 0 M U12 Yes
250 Pranav Raja Pranav04 0 M U18 No
251 Prasanth K Prabha Prasanthkp1 0 M
252 Prathamesh Shashikant Deshmukh pratham1 0 M U12 No
253 Punnya R V Punnya R V 0 F U18 Yes
254 Raghav Bhatia Raghav2307 0 M U18 No
255 Rahul Anil Bhagwat MRAA 0 M
256 Rajesh Puthumana
0 M
257 Raveendran CR raveendrancr 0 M
258 Rhea George Rhea2020 0 F U12 Yes
259 Rushitha Haju RUDRAMMA 0 F U12 No
260 Ryan Goel ryangoel 0 M
261 Sachin Kher sachinkher3 0 M
262 Sanjay Pal sanjay pal 0 M
263 Shivam Yadav shivam yadav 0 M
264 Siddharth Sanjoy Siddharthsanjoy 0

265 Sriram Ganeshan SriramG 0 M
266 Sruthilaya cutegirl14 0 F U12 No
267 Supakrit Wongbenjarat Corvus_GlaiveIX 0 M
268 Surya Madrekar suryamadrekar 0 M U18 No
269 Syamsundar P Syamzu 0 M
270 Vygaprabha K A sheejavyga 0 F U12 Yes
271 Winston George wing123 0 M
272 Yazid Amin Kallungal yazid amin kallungal 0 M U12 Yes
273 Yogesh Maheta Ym27 0 M U18 No


How to play tournament?

Please ensure that you have a valid Playchess id. You can create one here if you don't have one already.

1. Download the free Windows software of Playchess

Next you have to download the free native Windows software from here. If you have Mac OS or Mac Computer, then you have to use some VMWare to run it as Playchess Desktop Client has native support on Windows OS only. The tournament cannot be played via mobile or tablet device. All players must update the Playchess software to the latest version before the tournament.

Login or Create account

After you have installed the Client. You must login.

Enter your Playchess/ChessBase Account username and password. 

The tournament will take place in the Vishy Anand Arena in the ChessBase India room. Registered players should be online and logged into Playchess at least 45 minutes before the start of the tournament on 5th of September 2020. 7:15 p.m. IST would be a good time.

Click on the ‘Players’ Tab and then click on ‘Join Event’. The Sysop (Tournament Director) will accept your entry. Only those who have paid the entry fee will be allowed to play.

Note: The Playchess id, while registering and playing the tournament should be the same.

About online tournaments on Playchess by ChessBase India:

ChessBase India has organized innumerable online events successfully. Here is some feedback about the quality of the events:


GM Vaibhav Suri, winner of Letsup MCA Grand Prix Online Blitz tournament

The tournament was conducted quite smoothly and a quite "fun Sunday" event. The participation of Adhiban & Sethuraman definitely added the spark to the event. I guess an Online Blitz Festival would be the next way to go (with different formats - Chess960, Bughouse, Bullet etc). Overall really happy with such events. Way to go!!


GM R R Laxman, former National Blitz Champion

I thank the  Chessbase India team once more for their strenous and tireless endeavour to popularise blitz events in India. Considering the fact that the present day time control  even in classical format ( unlike the yesteryears)  demands quick reflexes and blitz skills  , I feel that the entire Chessbase India team is doing an exemplary and praiseworthy job. A boon for Indian chess !!!. Though my performance this time was not satisfactory ,I hope to excel and cherish more pleasant memories from my side in the forthcoming editions of Chessbase India blitz events.


Tushar Bohra, father of Kanishk Bohra

Thanks for enrolling Kanishk for the event. He had a great time playing the games. And a great overall experience.


D Gukesh, youngest GM of India

I am extremely happy to have participated in my first online blitz tmt conducted by ChessBase India and loved the experience and thrill. from the start to the finish its professionally conducted and got the rare opportunity to play several high-class players in a single event and looking forward for its next event


Priti Mahendru, mother of Jaiveer Mahendru

This was our second chessbase online blitz event. My son is 8 years and it was an absolute thrill for him to be playing against titled players ! Thanks a lot for organizing this. We look forward to more such events !


Kushagra Mohan

I was happy the way the tournament was conducted. No problems at all. You just keep increasing the prize money and that is a big improvement.Cannot hope for more.


Announcement article

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