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Chessbase India launches India's Got Chess Talent

by Shahid Ahmed - 29/01/2022

Chess improvement is always a tough process. You fall in love with the game, and you enjoy it tremendously, but then you hit a plateau. You are not able to improve. No matter how hard you try and how focused you are. At such points, it is natural to get frustrated. However, with the "India's Got Chess Talent" we want to find such talented players who are trying their best to improve at chess, but are unable to do so. We want to guide them by having a look at their games, so that they get a push in the right direction. The games will be reviewed by either IM Sagar Shah or competent trainers. We hope that we can help you in the right direction with improvement in your chess journey! Photo: ChessBase India

Hone your skill and Shine your talent

The name might seem like it is inspired from popular reality talent search, America's or Britain's Got Talent shows, which is true. However, the format is not like those shows. Here you have to fill up a google form which you have to fill up diligently.

ChessBase India co-founder IM Sagar Shah launched India's Got Chess Talent on his 32nd birthday!

Those who have followed the ChessBase India channel, know the concept of Doctor Chess. India's Got Chess Talent evolved from there. So if you wish to improve your game and looking for a way to do so, your search ends here. Just fill up the form and wait for our reply.


Take a look at the form as images and get an idea about the information you have to furnish. Click the link at the end of the article to fill up the form

Click here to fill up the form

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