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Chess Classics You Must Know Episode #28 - The Dragon without Fire

by Shahid Ahmed - 01/02/2022

IM Sagar Shah begins with a series where he shows you some of the most well-known games of chess that you should know - "The Classics" as they say! The format of the show is simple. Sagar begins with a game and explains it to you along with ten test questions. Your job is to answer those ten questions well. On episode no. 28, Sagar explains the classic between Anatoly Karpov and Viktor Korchnoi, a game played in the second round of Candidates 1974. Check out the article to know the questions and test your knowledge. Find out the answers and explanations mentioned by Sagar himself. Photo: ChessBase India

Karpov vs Korchnoi, Candidates 1974

Click on the questions with the hyperlink, which will take you to the correct timestamp in the video where Sagar asked the question. Pause it and try to answer, then check whether your answer and reasoning is correct or not.

Question #1

Position after 8...0-0

Find out a move for White. This is still opening theory. So there are several good moves here.

Question #2

Position after 9...Bd7

The main move here is 10.0-0-0. However, White did not play that in the game. What would you play here?

Question #3

Position after 13...Rxc4

What should white play here?

Question #4

Position after 15...Nf6

What would you play here as white?

Question #5

Position after 16...Qa5

Find out White's move.

Question #6

Position after 18...Rfc8

Try to think like Karpov to find White's move.

Question #7

Position after 19...R4c5

What should White do here?

Question #8

Position after 20...Rxg5

Find out the best move for white.

Question #9

Position after 22...Re8

What should white do here?

Question #10

Position after 23...Bc6

Find out the finish for white.

Chess Classics You must Know Episode #28 | Karpov vs Korchnoi, 1974 | The Dragon without fire! | Video: Sagar Shah

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