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Ajay Karthikeyan and Divya Deshmukh are National Sub-Junior 2018 Champions

by Shahid Ahmed - 26/07/2018

Ajay Karthikeyan of Tamil Nadu drew his final round game against defending champion Sankalp Gupta of Maharashtra, finished half point ahead at 9.0/11 and won his first national championship. Divya Deshmukh had already won the tournament at the conclusion of the penultimate round, so in spite of losing the last round, it did not affect the final outcome. Divya also finished half point ahead of everyone else in her group with a score of 9.0/11. In this report, we bring you games, positions, photos from the last round and prize distribution ceremony. Photo: Swati Biswas

Ajay Karthikeyan's first and Divya Deshmukh's second championship title at National Sub-Junior 2018

Ajay Karthikeyan scored 9.0/11, increased his rating by 62 points, finished half point ahead of others and won his first National championship | Photo: Swati Biswas

Divya Deshmukh scored 9.0/11, finished half point ahead of everyone else in her category and won the National championship for second consecutive year | Photo: Swati Biswas

Ajay Karthikeyan was poised to win it, but he had one last hurdle to cross... | Photo: Swati Biswas

...Sankalp Gupta, the defending champion. He finished at 8.5/11 and secured the second runner-up position | Photo: Swati Biswas

When we reached out to Ajay's coach, Srinivasa Rangan, this is what he had to say, "We are naturally happy and delighted. The interesting thing is he played a game in ACL (Academy Chess League) a day before he played a crucial game against top seed VS Rahul. He lost the ACL game because of a mouse slip but that kind of triggered him to do well in nationals after that. He won that game against VS Rahul"

Both Srihari L of Pondicherry and Utsab Chatterjee of West Bengal tried to get the better of each other but ultimately the game resulted in a long, hard fought draw | Photo: Swati Biswas

Utsab Chatterjee continued his fantastic run, remained undefeated and finished at 8.5/11. Due to a better tie-break score, he clinched 2nd position. He also gained 55 ELO Rating points. Srihari L of Pondicherry also had a wonderful tournament as he gained a whopping 131 ELO Rating points, scored 8.5/11 and finished at 5th position.

Despite suffering two losses in the tournament, Kushagra Mohan of Telengana bounced back by defeating Koustav Chatterjee of West Bengal in the last round and finished at 6th position | Photo: Swati Biswas

White played 28.Rf3. How should Black continue here?

Aronyak Ghosh of West Bengal made a quick draw against Jayachandra Srinivas Vellanki and finished with 8.5/11 | Photo: Swati Biswas

Among the unseeded players, 66th seeded Atri Chattopadhyay of West Bengal probably had the best finish of the tournament when he drew his last round game against Karthik Sai Ch and finished at 12th position. Both finished with 8.0/11, however Atri gained 169 ELO Rating points and his opponent gained 152 | Photo: Swati Biswas

Poorna Sri M K continued her momentum and defeated the champion Divya Deshmukh | Photo: Swati Biswas

Divya was worse out of the opening Vienna Game. Later she managed to equalize, however Poorna made a strong attack on her opponent's weakness which netted her the full point. Poorna Sri M K of Tamil Nadu finished at 8.5/11 and secured 4th position

When we reached out to Divya's parents, this is what they had to say, "We are very happy for Divya's title. I feel repeating the feat is creditable !! Divya has recently got WIM title as well. We hope she continues to work hard and keeps the learning process on."

Mrudul Dehankar of Maharashtra drew with Saina Salonika of Odisha in the last round. They both scored 8.0/11 and secured 6th and 7th place respectively | Photo: Swati Biswas

Eesha Ajay Sarda of Maharashatra drew with Jyothsna L of Tamil Nadu and both finished at 8.0/11. They secured 5th and 9th position | Photo: Swati Biswas

Akshaya missed a brilliant opportunity here when she played 22...Bh7. What did she miss?

Lakshmi C of Tamil Nadu gave her opponent Akshaya Bommini Mounika of Andhra Pradesh, one more chance later in the game where she could have equalized, but it was not Akshaya's day.

Meenatchi Rajam V of Tamil Nadu had no trouble defeating Mehendi Sil in Dutch Defence Leningrad System | Photo: Swati Biswas

Despite suffering a loss in the fourth round, Meenatchi Rajam V of Tamil Nadu bounced back and finished at 8.5/11 to secure 3rd position. She also gained 148 ELO Rating points.

Photo Gallery:

Utsab Chatterjee scored 8.5/11 and became the first runner-up due to a better tie-break score | Photo: Swati Biswas

CM Aronyak Ghosh scored 8.5/11 and secured 4th position | Photo: Swati Biswas

L Srihari also scored 8.5/11 and he was placed 5th | Photo: Swati Biswas

CM Kushagra Mohan did not have the best tournament. A win in the last round allowed him to score 8.5/11 and get 6th position | Photo: Swati Biswas

Raahul V S of Tamil Nadu scored 8.0/11 and due to a better tie-break score he was placed 7th | Photo: Swati Biswas

A loss in the last round cost Koustav dearly. Koustav scored 8.0/11 and finished at 8th place | Photo: Swati Biswas

Jayachandra Srinivas Vellanki of Tamil Nadu gained a massive 171 ELO Rating points and secured 9th position | Photo: Swati Biswas

13-year old Karthik Sai Ch had the best finish among top 10 as he gained 152 ELO Rating points and had a +31 finish as he secured 10th position | Photo: Swati Biswas

Despite losing the 8th round, WFM Lakshmi C of Tamil Nadu bounced back with three consecutive victories in the last three rounds to finish at 8.5/11, as the first runner-up.| Photo: Swati Biswas

Poorna Shri M K of Tamil Nadu also had a similar finish like Lakshmi. She also scored 8.5/11 and became 4th | Photo: Swati Biswas

WCM Jyothsna L scored 8.0/11 and due to a better tie-break she secured 5th position | Photo: Swati Biswas

WCM Mrudul Dehankar of Maharashtra also scored 8.0/11 and finished at 6th position | Photo: Swati Biswas

WFM Saina Salonika of Odisha did not have the best tournament. She scored 8.0/11 and secured 7th position | Photo: Swati Biswas

Former West Bengal State Sub-Junior champion, Sudipa Haldar scored 8.0/11, increased 108 ELO Rating points and claimed 8th position | Photo: Swati Biswas

Eesha Ajay Sharda of Maharashtra also scored 8.0/11 and she was placed 9th | Photo: Swati Biswas

WFM Bommini Mounika Akshaya of Andhra Pradesh scored 7.5/10 and due to a better tie-break score she secured 10th position | Photo: Swati Biswas

Total 240 players in the open category and 136 players in the girls category participated from over 20 different states across the country in 44th National Sub-Junior Open and 35th National Sub-Junior girls respectively. The tournament was organized by Bengal Chess Association from 17th to 25th July 2018 at JIS College of Engineering, Nadia, West Bengal.

Final round results in the open category

Round 11 on 2018/07/25 at 10:00AM

110Ajay Karthikeyan2094½ - ½8Sankalp Gupta23412
222Srihari L19278½ - ½8Utsab Chatterjee209411
31Koustav Chatterjee238380 - 1CMKushagra Mohan23094
43CMAronyak Ghosh23108½ - ½Jayachandra Srinivas Vellanki184037
566Atri Chattopadhyay1681½ - ½Karthik Sai Ch181041
657Tanmay Chopra1732½ - ½7Moksh Amit Doshi22616
732Jain Kashish Manoj186870 - 17Raahul V S22925
87CMMendonca Leon Luke224171 - 07AGMRathneesh R194819
98Harshavardhan G B21947½ - ½7Ayush Sharma184735
1059Samdani Sahil Sagar17137½ - ½7Soham Kamotra206512

Final round results in the girls category

Round 11 on 2018/07/25 at 10.00 AM

11WFMDivya Deshmukh220390 - 1Poorna Sri M.K171515
23WCMMrudul Dehankar2093½ - ½WFMSalonika Saina21132
37Eesha Ajay Sarda1830½ - ½WCMJyothsna L19235
48WFMLakshmi C18051 - 0WFMBommini Mounika Akshaya173412
529Meenatchi Rajam V15601 - 07Mehendi Sil160122
64WCMJain Nityata194570 - 17Sudipa Haldar158924
718Arushi Kotwal16627½ - ½7WCMBristy Mukherjee17689
86Bhagyashree Patil18361 - 0Diya Chowdhury157128
913Adane Narayani1726½ - ½Kritika Pal154630
1040Nayanikaa Muralidharan1451½ - ½Routray Priyanka168316

Final Ranking in open category

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
110Ajay KarthikeyanIND2094Tamil Nadu9,00,074,079,5
211Utsab ChatterjeeIND2094West Bengal8,50,079,584,5
32Sankalp GuptaIND2341Maharashtra8,50,078,084,0
43CMAronyak GhoshIND2310West Bengal8,50,074,578,5
522Srihari LIND1927Pondicherry8,50,074,079,0
64CMKushagra MohanIND2309Telangana8,50,074,078,5
75Raahul V SIND2292Tamil Nadu8,00,075,581,0
81Koustav ChatterjeeIND2383West Bengal8,00,075,580,5
937Jayachandra Srinivas VellankiIND1840Tamil Nadu8,00,075,580,0
1041Karthik Sai ChIND1810Telangana8,00,074,078,5
117CMMendonca Leon LukeIND2241Goa8,00,072,077,5
1266Atri ChattopadhyayIND1681West Bengal8,00,069,073,0
1357Tanmay ChopraIND1732Delhi8,00,067,072,0
1458Jinan JomonIND1722Kerala8,00,063,067,5
158Harshavardhan G BIND2194Tamil Nadu7,50,075,080,5
166Moksh Amit DoshiIND2261Gujarat7,50,073,078,5
1712Soham KamotraIND2065Jammu Kashmir7,50,073,078,0
1823Sanjay D GIND1921Tamil Nadu7,50,069,575,0
1924Vijay Shreeram PIND1909Tamil Nadu7,50,069,574,0
2013Arpan Das (Jr)IND1981West Bengal7,50,067,573,0

Final Ranking in girls category

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
11WFMDivya DeshmukhIND2203Maharashtra9,00,074,578,5
28WFMLakshmi CIND1805Tamil Nadu8,50,073,078,5
329Meenatchi Rajam VIND1560Tamil Nadu8,50,067,572,5
415Poorna Sri M.KIND1715Tamil Nadu8,50,067,071,0
55WCMJyothsna LIND1923Tamil Nadu8,00,075,580,5
63WCMMrudul DehankarIND2093Maharashtra8,00,073,578,5
72WFMSalonika SainaIND2113Odisha8,00,072,077,0
824Sudipa HaldarIND1589West Bengal8,00,068,072,5
97Eesha Ajay SardaIND1830Maharashtra8,00,065,570,5
1012WFMBommini Mounika AkshayaIND1734Andhra Pradesh7,50,073,579,0
116Bhagyashree PatilIND1836Maharashtra7,50,073,078,5
129WCMBristy MukherjeeIND1768West Bengal7,50,073,078,0
1319Divyabharathi MasanamIND1644Tamil Nadu7,50,067,071,0
1417Achaya VijayanIND1676Tamil Nadu7,50,066,071,0
1518Arushi KotwalIND1662Jammu Kashmir7,50,065,569,5
1616Routray PriyankaIND1683Odisha7,00,072,076,5
1720Sai Divya MIND1641Andhra Pradesh7,00,070,075,0
1822Mehendi SilIND1601West Bengal7,00,068,573,5
1913Adane NarayaniIND1726Maharashtra7,00,068,073,5
204WCMJain NityataIND1945Madhya Pradesh7,00,067,072,0


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