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10 things that made the Super Juniors Cup 2020 special

by Sagar Shah - 18/12/2020

The Super Juniors Cup 2020 was held from the 6th to the 10th of December 2020. 32 of the most talented youngsters of Indian chess took part in it. The total prize disbursed at the end of the event was a massive Rs.567,224. GM Nihal Sarin won the tournament and went back home richer by Rs.135,494. This was one of the biggest events ever to be held online in Indian chess. IM Sagar Shah takes you through the 10 things that made the Super Juniors Cup 2020 special. It contains the description of all the ingredients that helped in making this tournament successful. 

For many years now Indian youngsters have been dubbed as the next big thing in the world of chess! Some of them are very popular, some not so well-known, yet very talented. ChessBase India has always tried to identify the talents at a young age and hence, a tournament of the top 32 youngsters in Indian chess (born on or after 2000) was a very exciting one, not just for the viewers but for us as well! Who would win and claim the spot of the most talented junior in blitz? The Super Juniors Cup was organized from the 6th-10th of December 2020. It was a knockout tournament with all the matches being played at a different time and broadcast LIVE on the ChessBase India YouTube channel. The tournament was a huge success with GM Nihal Sarin edging out GM Arjun Erigaisi in the finals. We bring you the 10 most special things about the Super Juniors Cup 2020.

1. 32 of the most talented players

When we wrote to 27 of the top rated boys and top five girls, all of them accepted our invitation to play the event! Only IM Leon Mendonca could not be a part of the tournament as he was in Budapest preparing for the Sunway Sitges tournament to get his final GM norm.

All the 32 top players of the Super Juniors Cup 2020 in one frame

Nihal Sarin, Praggnanandhaa, Aryan Chopra, Abhimanyu Puranik, Gukesh, Arjun Erigaisi, Raunak Sadhwani are some of the most talented Indian juniors. One of them might well go on to become the next World Champion from Indian chess. It was wonderful to have them all playing together.

Participants of the Super Juniors Cup 2020

No. NameFideIDFEDRtgClub/City
1GMNihal Sarin25092340IND2620nihalsarin2004
2GMPraggnanandhaa R25059530IND2608Praggnanandhaachess
3GMAryan Chopra5084423IND2585AryanChopra
4GMPuranik Abhimanyu5061245IND2584abhidabhi
5GMGukesh D46616543IND2563guki1124
6GMErigaisi Arjun35009192IND2559Inventing_Invention
7GMSadhwani Raunak35093487IND2545Raunaksadhwani2005
8GMHarsha Bharathakoti5078776IND2509Harsha_Bharathakoti
9GMIniyan P25002767IND2506superchess2002
10IMSaksham Rautela35046977IND2480Kcnock2004
11IMArjun Kalyan35018701IND2477Arjun2002
12GMPrithu Gupta46618546IND2472elrey2004
13IMRaja Harshit5089000IND2472Johnking
14IMRahul Srivatshav P25059653IND2457indianstar
15IMRaghunandan Kaumandur Srihari25004964IND2448kaumandur01
16IMMitrabha Guha5057000IND2445mitrabha
17IMRathanvel V S25002112IND2445dieselbot
18IMAditya Mittal35042025IND2438Thunderbolt1909
19IMBharath Subramaniyam H46634827IND2437BHARATH_SUBRAMANIYAM
20IMRaja Rithvik R35007394IND2408Infinity-Stones
21IMAronyak Ghosh25072846IND2436Aronyak1
22IMKoustav Chatterjee25073060IND2431BetterThanYou21
24IMSankalp Gupta5097010IND2429Sankalp_Gupta
25FMSrihari L R46617116IND2414srihari241105
26IMNeelash Saha5094160IND2413Neelash
27IMKrishnater Kushager25041142IND2410kushu_attack
28WGMVaishali R5091756IND2393vaishali2001
29WIMDivya Deshmukh35006916IND2305burning_phoenix
30WIMVantika Agrawal25050389IND2286chiyabuddha
31WIMSharma Isha35006665IND2276PHOENIXME
32WFMSavitha Shri B35061887IND2261savithashri


2. The unstoppable Nihal Sarin

Nihal Sarin was the top seed of the tournament and also one of the favourites, but there were so many other talented youngsters vying for the top spot. Nihal always makes you wonder - how does he manage to do this with such ease? Right from the first game Nihal kept complete control of the proceedings and managed to win the title by beating Arjun Erigaisi in the finals with a score of 4.5-1.5. If you are curious to know how Nihal was able to maintain control in many of the high pressure situations in different games, we recommend you checking out the interview below where IM Sagar Shah goes through all the important moments of the tournament with Nihal.

Interview with Nihal Sarin

Results of Round 1 (Format: 4 games of 3+1 and in case of a tie we go to an armageddon)

Results of the Round of 16 (Format: 4 games of 3+1 and in case of a tie we go to an armageddon)

Results of the Quarter Finals (Format: 2 games of 5+1, 4 games of 3+1 and in case of a tie we go to an armageddon)

In the Semi-Finals Arjun got the better of Raunak Sadhwani and Nihal Sarin managed to edge out Abhimanyu Puranik by a whisker. The time control in the semis was 2 games of 5+1 and four games of 3+1. The battle between Raunak and Abhimanyu ended in victory for the latter who finished third.

The top three finishers in the tournament. Fourth place went to GM Raunak Sadhwani

3. Prize money by the viewers

The inception of Super Juniors 2020 | Official Trailer

This was a tournament that happened because of the viewers! On the 57th episode of improving chess stream on ChessBase India, viewers contributed in a huge way via super chats. From that stream we raised Rs.5,23,345 with 492 individuals contributing. Because YouTube takes 30% of the revenue, the total amount that we received was Rs.3,66,342. Out of this ChessBase India had sponsored Rs.90,000 for Ilamparthi's training with Chuchelov in August. The remaining Rs.2,76,342 was to be utilized for this event. The shortfall of Rs. 23,658 (as the total prize fund we decided was Rs.3,00,000) was to be bridged by us (ChessBase India).

The major donors during the episode 57 of Improving Chess!

The above image may not be legible, but it just goes to show the enormous number of people who contributed towards the cause. You can find the names of all of the donors here.

Samay Raina and his Ambani OP members continue to power Indian chess and contributed Rs.2,00,000 towards the prize fund pushing it to Rs.5,00,000

Tania Sachdev also decided to contribute towards the event along with her subscribers. In a stream she raised Rs.60,000 via super chats. As YouTube takes 30% of the super chat amount, she contributed the remaining Rs.42,000. Out of this Rs. 20,000 was announced as the best female prize (won by Vantika Agrawal). Tania has also instituted two prizes of Rs.11,000 for two visually impaired girl chess players, which will be announced shortly 

ChessBase India also launched their memberships (mentioned in a separate point below) and the total amount raised was Rs.47224. Hence in all the total prize fund disbursed during the Super Juniors Cup was Rs.567,224. Below is the break up of the prizes.

RankNamePrize moneySpl. PrizesTotal
1GM Nihal Sarin12500010494135494
2GM Arjun Erigaisi75000918284182
3GM Abhimanyu Puranik40000787147871
4GM Raunak Sadhwani25000655931559
5GM Iniyan P15000524720247
6GM Aryan Chopra15000393518935
7IM Aronyak Ghosh15000762422624
8GM Praggnanandhaa R15000131216312
R2IM Rathanvel VS1000010000
R2FM Srihari L R10000250012500
R2GM Gukesh D1000010000
R2IM Raja Rithvik R1000010000
R2IM Aditya Mittal10000500015000
R2IM Harikrishnan Ra1000010000
R2IM Arjun Kalyan1000010000
R2IM Rahul Srivasthav P1000010000
R1WFM Savitha Shri B50005000
R1IM Mitrabha Guha50005000
R1GM Harsha Bharathakoti500025007500
R1GM Prithu Gupta50005000
R1WGM Vaishali R50005000
R1IM Raja Harshit50005000
R1WIM Divya Deshmukh50005000
R1WIM Isha Sharma50005000
R1IM Raghunandan K S50005000
R1IM Neelash Saha50005000
R1IM Saksham Rautela50005000
R1IM Krishnater Kushager50005000
R1IM Koustav Chatterjee50005000
R1IM Bharath Subramaniyam H50005000
R1WIM Vantika Agrawal50002000025000
R1IM Sankalp Gupta50005000


4. Amazing plethora of commentators

When you are watching a tournament LIVE online, you are very much looking forward to good commentators. IM Sagar Shah and Amruta Mokal were the hosts and were there throughout the duration of the event. Ilamparthi, the 11-year-old talent of Indian chess was present for almost 80% of the event. We had three of the best female players of India joining in - D. Harika, Tania Sachdev and Soumya Swaminathan. Youngsters Leon Mendonca, Aditya Mittal and Raunak Sadhwani also joined in. Surya Ganguly was impeccable with his commentary and it was amazing to have insights by GM Srinath Narayanan as well. Three of the top four in the tournament are players who are currently working with GM Srinath. GMs Karthikeyan Murali joined as a debutant commentator and it was wonderful to have Beast (Adhiban) sharing his thoughts from time to time. One of Nihal's initial trainers and a famous commentator Dmitri Komarov also joined in on the last day for a few minutes! The Wolfpack commentary during the finals was exhilarating as over 18,000 people joined in to watch Nihal and Arjun fight with comments by Anish Giri, Teimour Radjabov and Vidit Gujrathi. We also had the legends Vladimir Kramnik and Boris Gelfand who joined in for the Raunak Sadhwani vs Arjun Erigaisi semi-finals. To have the 14th World Champion and a World Championship finalist comment on their games, is a huge boost to these youngsters!

5. Launch of ChessBase India Memberships

It's been almost a year since we thought about launching the ChessBase India memberships now. Our YouTube channel is one of the most active ones in the world of chess and a lot of people follow the content. Starting the YouTube Memberships would have been a sustainable source of income for the organization. However, the aim of ChessBase India has always been "Powering Chess in India". With so many people regularly asking us as to how they could support Indian chess, we decided to make available all the amount earned via memberships to Indian chess players. We started off with all the money raised via memberships from 6-10th December (the duration of the tournament) to be distributed in weighted average method to the top 8 players of the event. The details of all the people who have contributed are given below. We want to maintain the highest level of transparency so that you know that the amount you have donated has been used for the upliftment of Indian chess and Indian chess players.


Members of ChessBase India YouTube channel from 6th to 10th of December 2020 

Member NameLevel Of MembershipAmountAfter 30% deduction
TARUN CHOUDHURYBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Harjaap SinghBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Shobhit BehlBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Lovesh TulsijaBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
SiddhantBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Hardik RudaniBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Abhishek RaiBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Nirupam DasBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Akshit JohryBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Aseem GoelBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
sandeep pinjalaBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Suvi xDBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Anusheela DasBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
vedaant ranaBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Shabbir AhamedBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
anoop sharmaBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
abhishek gargBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Pronoy ChatterjeeBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Vishal patelBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Snehal PathakBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Saurabh SonawaneBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Arun JayendranBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Pranav KulkarniBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Indian Gaming CommunityBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Aranya JoharBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Anant JoshiBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Prathmesh SakpalBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Vinit RautBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Aranala Sai Sharat ChandraBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
AviralBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Pranav SethBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
tejas4756Backer of Indian Chess8962.3
N MBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Akshay KulkarniBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Harsh RastogiBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Suraj ShivshankarBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
BeastStatsBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Naveen GuptaBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Mr PinkBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Tushar PardeshiBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
C.S.Dharma RajanBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Neo0889Backer of Indian Chess8962.3
Aditya SBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
gobletFireBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Rahul SharmaBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
vipin singhBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Aryan VermaBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Kalpak RautBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
GizmoGirlBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Chinmay ParanjpeBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Prerak MehtaBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Varshith DBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Abhinav rainaBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Peeyush PantBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Srinath NarayananBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Nithish K GnaniBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Aditya BankarBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
d sBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Abhishek R.S.Backer of Indian Chess8962.3
Shreyas P VasistaBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Sv ScibiBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Raj AgarwalBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Vinit MamaniaBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Roshan RajBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Mayur GondhalekarBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Chandrasekhar S.Backer of Indian Chess8962.3
Raghav GargBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
DARIEN RODRIGUESBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Nikhil GoyalBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Yashaswi SaiBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Learn new thingsBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
rachit jainBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Ananya HBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Anish KumarBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
AryanBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Henal MerchantBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Karini Sandeep KumarBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Pratyayan DasGuptaBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Dev PremBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
SharadhiBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Shyamal patelBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Mohit BhattBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Ravindra DiggiBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
AbhijeethBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Saurabh KumarBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Mandar BakshiBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
cheezy_chiggyBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
ThiedevilBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Raghuram prabhuBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Rahul BoraBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Naman SharmaBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Suhit BhoirBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Poker PlayerBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Kanwa SenguptaBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Shivam BhandariBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Akshay NatuBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Rijoy MukherjeeBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Raunaq VohraBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Sam JosephBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Murali PhaniBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Prajwal RawatBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Vivaswan DamleBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Parul BatraBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Avinash TripathiBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Gaurab DuttaBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
SATHISH KUNCHIVEEDUBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Aditya TiwariBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
MouliBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
KPBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
KajalBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
abhiram karnamBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Kumar RoyBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Arpit AroraBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Sandeep RoyBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Siddhartha MisraBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Neel PatelBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
VishChessBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Sagar ChakrabortyBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Hardik ChaudhariBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Mansi NawlaniBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
AkshitBacker of Indian Chess8962.3
Hemanth ReddyBooster of Indian Chess199139.3
Abhishek JainBooster of Indian Chess199139.3
rsjay1976Booster of Indian Chess199139.3
Akshay TiwaryBooster of Indian Chess199139.3
Anish MathewBooster of Indian Chess199139.3
Abhijeet RawleBooster of Indian Chess199139.3
GokulBooster of Indian Chess199139.3
Arka GhoshBooster of Indian Chess199139.3
abhilaash darlaBooster of Indian Chess199139.3
Aviral JunejaBooster of Indian Chess199139.3
Ritvik OhriBooster of Indian Chess199139.3
Manu TalwarBooster of Indian Chess199139.3
Kumar SatyamBooster of Indian Chess199139.3
Vineet HariharanBooster of Indian Chess199139.3
SuranjanBooster of Indian Chess199139.3
Diljeet Singh NarwalBooster of Indian Chess199139.3
Siddharth SenBooster of Indian Chess199139.3
Gaurav ShahBooster of Indian Chess199139.3
Super SayijinBooster of Indian Chess199139.3
Akshit SehgalBooster of Indian Chess199139.3
Varad WakodkarBooster of Indian Chess199139.3
Anshul WaliaBooster of Indian Chess199139.3
Mahesh ParabBooster of Indian Chess199139.3
Vipul GuptaBooster of Indian Chess199139.3
Pratyush SharmaBooster of Indian Chess199139.3
Anish RainaBooster of Indian Chess199139.3
Abhi JBooster of Indian Chess199139.3
SUDARSHAN K MBooster of Indian Chess199139.3
Pranavendra VittalBooster of Indian Chess199139.3
avant jainBooster of Indian Chess199139.3
Randy AlstoneSupporter of Indian Chess299209.3
Omkar ShetyeSupporter of Indian Chess299209.3
Goutam MurlidharSupporter of Indian Chess299209.3
Visweswaran KameswaranSupporter of Indian Chess299209.3
Arunava BhattacharjeeSupporter of Indian Chess299209.3
Arvind RamnathSupporter of Indian Chess299209.3
shrikant parabSupporter of Indian Chess299209.3
Eesha DuttaSupporter of Indian Chess299209.3
Sansar SinghSupporter of Indian Chess299209.3
Priyabrata MallickSupporter of Indian Chess299209.3
kshitiz lohaniSupporter of Indian Chess299209.3
Lavish GoyalSupporter of Indian Chess299209.3
Suyash SwaroopSupporter of Indian Chess299209.3
Randy AlstoneSupporter of Indian Chess299209.3
ANAY KHANGANSupporter of Indian Chess299209.3
Vishnu VardhananSupporter of Indian Chess299209.3
Ishan JoshiSupporter of Indian Chess299209.3
Jaimin SahebaSupporter of Indian Chess299209.3
Subhrajoy DuttaPromoter of Indian Chess599419.3
CA Mohit SinghPromoter of Indian Chess599419.3
Manosij BasuPromoter of Indian Chess599419.3
Shivam UpadhyayPromoter of Indian Chess599419.3
Arjunlal BPromoter of Indian Chess599419.3
Tejas ChitnisPillar of Indian Chess799559.3
Sparsh NigamPillar of Indian Chess799559.3
Charan Teja KattumenuPillar of Indian Chess799559.3
Harshal PandyaPillar of Indian Chess799559.3
NileshPillar of Indian Chess799559.3
Anas EdacherryPillar of Indian Chess799559.3
Kiran IyerPillar of Indian Chess799559.3
Ashwin JayaramPillar of Indian Chess799559.3
ShyammsmPillar of Indian Chess799559.3
ChessmathicianPillar of Indian Chess799559.3
Dharmen ShahPillar of Indian Chess799559.3
Aman SinghPillar of Indian Chess799559.3
Tapan KrishnaPillar of Indian Chess799559.3
Arjun N BharadwajPillar of Indian Chess799559.3
Santosh NenePillar of Indian Chess799559.3
Fufoo EsportsPillar of Indian Chess799559.3
Nirvana LahaPillar of Indian Chess799559.3
Devin anandPillar of Indian Chess799559.3
Rohan VermaPillar of Indian Chess799559.3
Asadullah KamangerPillar of Indian Chess799559.3
ZeusPillar of Indian Chess799559.3
Sujit VarghesePillar of Indian Chess799559.3
Chess PunsPillar of Indian Chess799559.3
ANANYA TRIPATHYPillar of Indian Chess799559.3
Abhijit MishraPillar of Indian Chess799559.3
Sambit GhoshPillar of Indian Chess799559.3
Mrityunjay JalanPillar of Indian Chess799559.3
Pavan YalamanchiliPillar of Indian Chess799559.3
Keith MascarenhasPillar of Indian Chess799559.3
Aditya JittaPillar of Indian Chess799559.3
Siddharth RanadivePillar of Indian Chess799559.3
Sudarshan RanganPillar of Indian Chess799559.3
Pramod MenonPillar of Indian Chess799559.3
Akshat ShenoyPillar of Indian Chess799559.3
Jaydeep ChakrabartyPillar of Indian Chess799559.3
Sriraam RamakrishnanPillar of Indian Chess799559.3
Mihir KananiPillar of Indian Chess799559.3
vaibhav saraswatPillar of Indian Chess799559.3
akshay sharmaPillar of Indian Chess799559.3
Shrish NagvekarPillar of Indian Chess799559.3
Vini Vedi ViciPillar of Indian Chess799559.3
Ayushi SharmaPillar of Indian Chess799559.3
Ajeet prsinghPillar of Indian Chess799559.3
dhairya davePillar of Indian Chess799559.3
vivek madyPillar of Indian Chess799559.3
Just A Random GuyPillar of Indian Chess799559.3
Ankita KulkarniPillar of Indian Chess799559.3
Sumeet JainPillar of Indian Chess799559.3
Subodh PatilPillar of Indian Chess799559.3
Subhrajoy DuttaPillar of Indian Chess799559.3
Anuradha RaviPillar of Indian Chess799559.3
Rahul MalhotraPillar of Indian Chess799559.3
Dr. sminil mahajanPillar of Indian Chess799559.3

The total amount raised is Rs.47224. This is divided in the top 8 players in a weighted average method and this is what each player will receive:

1. Nihal Sarin - Rs.10494

2. Arjun Erigaisi - Rs.9182

3. Abhimanyu Puranik - Rs.7871

4. Raunak Sadhwani - Rs.6559

5. P. Iniyan - Rs.5247

6. Aryan Chopra - Rs.3935

7. Aronyak Ghosh - Rs.2624

8. R. Praggnanandhaa - 1312

Considering becoming a member of ChessBase India YouTube channel and let's together power chess in India!

If you do become a member of ChessBase India YouTube channel, all of the amount will be utilized for scholarships, sponsorships, prize money, training to Indian chess players.

6. Special prizes

Apart from the main prizes, the tournament also had a few special prizes. We are noting them down below:

Vantika Agrawal gets Rs.20,000 for the best female player of the event. She put GM Aryan Chopra under a lot of pressure in her match and lost it by a very thin margin of 1.5-2.5. This prize was sponsored by IM Tania Sachdev and her YouTube subscribers

The award for the most entertaining match goes to FM Srihari and GM Harsha Bharathakoti. From lagging internet to premove blunders, this match had just about everything that kept the viewers on the edge of their seats. Eventually Srihari created a huge upset by beating Harsha with a score of 2.5-1.5. The award goes to both of them - Rs.2500 each. This match can be seen here.

Definitely one of the biggest finds of the tournament. Aronyak Ghosh won his first round by beating GM Prithu Gupta and GM D. Gukesh. The boy and his family have faced many tough situations in the past and it quite amazing that they have kept the chess journey going. Aronyak wins Rs.5000 in addition to his prize money of Rs.17624. He takes home a total of Rs.22624 from the tournament (Rs.15,000 prize money, Rs.5000 for the fighter of the event prize, Rs.2624 YouTube memberships for finishing in top 8)

Aditya Mittal wins the best game prize of the event for his scintillating third game victory against R. Praggnanandhaa. What made the game special was not just the quality of moves, but the fact that Aditya was trailing 2-0 down in the match and in a must-win situation played a brilliant game of chess! You can watch the entire game here or you can check the video highlights here. Alternatively, you can replay it below.

7. Exhibition Matches

On the final day, we had two exhibition matches to bring a different flavour to the livestream. One of the matches that was planned was Samay Raina + Ilamparthi vs Vaibhav Sethia + Anuradha Beniwal in a hand and brain encounter. Samay and Vaibhav, two of India's finest stand-up comedians, were part of the Improving Chess series. Ilamparthi was present when the prize money of the event was raised during episode 57. And Anuradha Beniwal has been doing some fantastic work in empowering young girls across India with the help of chess!

Anuradha Beniwal empowering young girls through chess!
The hand and brain game was a laughter riot and very exciting!

The tournament was organized by ChessBase India Foundation. Today the foundation has been doing consistent work in order to promote the game. A couple of years when we began there were a couple of individuals who believed in us and started the first two ChessBase India scholarships - MKG Scholarship by Jagadeesh Balakrishnan and Pursue your chess scholarship by Ashwin Subramanian.

The two firm supporters in the initial days of ChessBase India Foundation. The game between both Ashwin and Jagadish can be replayed here.

8. Team effort

The entire event was a team effort by several individuals in the ChessBase India team.

Shahid Ahmed (top left) made sure that each and every player was contacted before the event and all the technical requirements with regards to anti-cheating and broadcast were taken care off. He also did daily detailed reports on ChessBase India newspage and coordinated with all the players to be on time for each of the encounters. Avathanshu Bhat (top right) is just 15 years old but is already a prolific writer. He contacted all the players and wrote a 200 word bio about them along with a unique nickname! Abhyudaya Ram (bottom left) was the creative designer for the event and prepared all the posters and thumbnails which made the event professional and interesting. Vivek Sohan (bottom right) was the chief arbiter of the event and ensured that all the rules were adhered to with regards to pairing as well as anti-cheating measures. A word of special mention to Prakhar P. who is a video editor and edited some of the videos of the Super Junior Cup which were loved by one and all.

How can we forget the efforts of Niklesh Jain who covered this event with great gusto and energy on the ChessBase India Hindi channel 

9. Feedback from the players

The players enjoyed the tournament and the following is the feedback that we received from a few of them:


Thank you so much for conducting such an event and inviting us. It was a great tournament and good experience. Looking forward to more such tournaments in future. - P. Iniyan


You will be in the history for taking Indian Chess to the next level. Great work. Congratulations - Harishankkar Subramaniyam (father of Bharath Subramaniyam)


Thank you so much for organising Super Juniors Cup. It was a very thrilling tournament with sensational matches. Enjoyed every bit of it and looking forward to more such events! - Sankalp Gupta


Thanks a lot for this great initiative. It was an amazing experience with lots of interesting games. Enjoyed a lot and looking forward to more such events. - Arjun Kalyan


Was indeed a great tournament. This experience will surely help while playing in pressure situations! Thanks so much - Harshit Raja


Thank you so much Mr. & Mrs. Chessbase India for such a great event. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to play those intense Battles which will be very helpful to us in OTB as well as in Online chess.  A wonderful initiative👏 looking forward for more. - Raunak Sadhwani


Thank you for this awesome initiative, I had a lot of fun and learnt a lot too. Waiting for more such events. - Abhimanyu Puranik


Thank you for the wonderful initiative. It was really fun and a great experience! Looking forward to more such events. - Arjun Erigaisi


Thank you Sagar and Amruta and Congratulations to you and your team for great work! - Divya Deshmukh


Fantastic tournament.. Chessbase India is doing a fabulous job in Unearthing talent and giving opportunities to players... We look forward to more such tournaments. Special mention should be made about the way you, Sagar, make each one of them important... From Ilamparithi to Kramnik... It is a joy to watch... Keep it going. - Srihari LR


Dear Sagar and Amruta, It was a great experience indeed! Shall look forward to more of such events. Keep up the good work towards promoting chess. - Aryan Chopra


Thank you for the great initiative for indian chess! Enjoyed a lot. - Nihal Sarin


Fantastic tournament! Thank you for organizing such a great event. Looking forward for more! - Rithvik Raja


Thanks a lot Sagar sir and Amruta ma'am for this lovely tournament...enjoyed playing it. - Vantika Agrawal


Thank you for the tournament! Was a nice experience - Raghunandan KS

10. Janta OP

None of this would have been possible without the support you have offered us, dear Janta. Thank you so much for supporting us in every possible way from sponsoring the event, to watching it LIVE for several hours. The total no. of views for the event has been over 1 million in the five days:

Days Views
1 227173
2 188557
3 162121
4 173321
5 328541

Definitely Janta OP! :)

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