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An hour of private training with a 2680 GM (2/2)

12/07/2017 -

When a close-to-2700 GM wins a super tournament, a lot of things have to go his way. He needs to convert winning positions, he needs to save the inferior endings, and in general he has to showcase tremendous amount of willpower to register such a result. At the 52nd Capablanca Memorial 2017 Sasikiran Krishnan did just that. And in his conversation with IM Sagar Shah via Skype Sasikiran shares all the interesting moments that happened in his games of the tournament. Going over the annotations carefully is a sure shot way of improving your chess.

Breaking news: Anurag Mhamal is India's 48th grandmaster

11/07/2017 -

We recently published an article on Anurag Mhamal after he won Open Internacional de Gros that he was two Elo points away from becoming a grandmaster. On 10th of July in the beautiful town of Benasque, Spain, he defeated his his 2381 rated opponent IM Romeo-Sorin Milu and crossed the magical 2500 mark to become India's 48th grandmaster. He also became the first GM from the state of Goa. Congratulations to Anurag and his family!

Truly, Gens Una Sumus!

11/07/2017 -

ChessBase India has been trying its best to bring you updated and timely news of the Indian chess scene for about a year and a half now. In our endeavour to do this, we have connected many chess players across the country. Few days ago, we publish a story of a girl from Kolkata with her sketching abilities and a chance to get sketched by her. A man sitting thousands of kilometres away wins the contest. The normal thing to do would be send a photo and wait for it to be sketched. But Suresh Sundaram went the extra mile and did something truly special. Truly, Gens Una Sumus!

Geneva Grand Prix Round 5: Grischuk joins Radjabov in the lead; Hari draws Nepomniachtchi

11/07/2017 -

GM Teimour Radjabov had been the sole leader at the Geneva Grand Prix since the second round and was being closely chased by six players including India's Pentala Harikrishna. In round 5 of the tournament, Radjabov conceded his third consecutive draw and gave the players sharing the second spot a chance to catch him in the lead. Although only Aronian was able to win his game and join the Azeri on the first spot, the round featured some intense battles. 

Abhijeet Gupta and Swati Ghate are Commonwealth Champions 2017

11/07/2017 -

We can officially call him Mr. Commonwealth. Yes that's how common it has become for Abhijeet Gupta to win the Commonwealth Championship! This is his fourth title in a span of five years! Vaibhav Suri won the Silver and Tejas Bakre the bronze. In the women's section Swati Ghate won the final round to clinch the gold, while the silver went to Mary Ann Gomes and the bronze to Tania Sachdev. In this report we have pictures of all the winners, including the 14 age category medalists.

Geneva Grand Prix Round 4: Hari maintains his second spot; holds Radjabov to a draw

10/07/2017 -

Going into round four of the Geneva Grand Prix, Harikrishna was paired against Teimur Radjabov. Had he won, he would have taken over the lead from the Azeri and become the sole leader. But instead of going crazy, he took the safer route and took a quick draw after just 20 moves. Harikrishna is now on joint second position. Report on the fourth round of the Geneva Grand Prix 2017.

Wesley So beats Vishy Anand and wins Leon Masters 2017

10/07/2017 -

Wesley So has great amount of respect for Vishy Anand. He has said this openly in the past that he has learnt a lot from the five-time World Champion and his games. That's why the youth versus experience battle between So and Anand in the finals of the 30th Leon Masters 2017 was looked forward to with great interest by chess fans all over the world. The rapid section of four games ended with a 2-2 tie. However, Wesley managed to win the match by scoring a win in the blitz. In his first appearance at the Leon Masters, Wesley So goes back home with the winner's trophy!

The Strongest Open in Indian History is a part of the ACP Tour

10/07/2017 -

The ChessMine Rapid Tournament will be the strongest Open tournament in Indian chess history. The ACP Tour is a unique system of tournaments held throughout the world. Only the most significant international competitions and the strongest national leagues are given this status. The total prize fund of the Rapid tourney is Rs. 4,50,000. with rating category and special prizes included. Forty-fifty Grand Masters and International Masters will be battling it out in the tournament. And the top seed is India No. 3 Vidit Gujrathi, rated 2718 in Rapid.

Commonwealth chess 2017 heading towards an exciting finish!

10/07/2017 -

Abhijeet Gupta's sole lead at the Commonwealth Chess 2017 was short lived. In the penultimate round he drew his game against Tejas Bakre. This allowed two more players Aleksandar Wohl and Vaibhav Suri to join him in the lead. The trio now lead with 6.5/8 with the final round to go. The tournament is surely headed for an exciting finish. For the women's title the forerunners are Tania Sachdev and Mary Ann Gomes. Both of them are on 5.5/8. We have the round eight report rich with pictures, analysis and much more!

World Teams 2017 - Player's performance from coach's perspective

10/07/2017 -

The World Teams 2017 came to an end two weeks ago. The Indian teams did well to finish fourth in both open and women's section. We missed out the medal just by a whisker. But one thing was clear, no opposition could take the Indian team lightly. Who were the best performers at the event, what was the analysis of this result and what were the lessons learnt? ChessBase India got in touch with R.B. Ramesh and the Indian coach spoke about the performance of each player.

Vishy Anand will take on Wesley So in the finals at Leon Masters 2017

09/07/2017 -

Viswanathan Anand had his back against the wall against the young and talented Spanish IM Jaime Santos at the semi-finals of the XXX Leon Masters 2017. After trailing 1.5-0.5 in the match, he was able to win a game and tie the scores in the rapid section, before taking the match in the blitz. In the other semi-finals Wesley So defeated Jan- Krzysztof Duda and qualified to the finals. This sets up a title clash between Vishy Anand and Wesley So which will take place today at 11 p.m. IST. You can watch the game live here.

Commonwealth Chess Round 7: Abhijeet Gupta all set for his fourth title!

09/07/2017 -

Three time Commonwealth Champion Abhijeet Gupta was up against the overnight leader Vaibhav Suri on the top board. Abhijeet played a fine game of chess to overcome his opponent and wrest the sole lead. With two rounds to go, Gupta is all set to become the Commonwealth Champion for the fourth time in five years. Veteran GM Pravin Thipsay scored his fifth consecutive win and is now on toes of the leader with 5.5/7. He is joined on the same score by Swapnil Dhopade, Vaibhav Suri, Shardul Gagare, Tejas Bakre and Aleksandar Wohl. Report from Delhi.

What I learnt from a dancer!

09/07/2017 -

There is always something to be learnt from people who dedicate their entire life towards perfecting an art. One such person is Kartik Mohan, who is one of the best dancers in Mumbai and a childhood friend of Sagar Shah, the author of this article. In this piece, the author shares with you his experience of what he learnt from the dancer. You are also invited to a dance event which will be taking place today in Mumbai and get a chance to meet and interact (and maybe even play blitz!) with India's 46th GM Srinath Narayanan.

Geneva Grand Prix Round 3: Hari misses a big chance against Mamedyarov

09/07/2017 -

In the third round of the Geneva Grand Prix, only two games ended decisively. Pentala Harikrishna was pitted against the current Grand Prix Leader, Shakhriyar Mamedyarov. Playing with the white pieces for the second consecutive time, Hari put his faith yet again in the seemingly calm Italian Opening and was able to obtain an edge. But just one step away from victory, he faltered and conceded a draw. A comprehensive report on round three.  

Commonwealth Chess Round 6: Vaibhav Suri is the sole leader

08/07/2017 -

20-year-old Vaibhav Suri beat Aravindh Chithambaram to clinch the sole lead at the Commonwealth Championships 2017 going on in Delhi. Vaibhav began the game with peaceful intention with the exchange French, but Aravindh was in an ambitious mood and played really well to get a winning position. He blundered and let the win slip. Vaibhav is followed by a pack of four players on 5.0/6. With last three rounds to go, this is going to be an exciting finish. Report from Leela Ambience in Delhi.