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Unique case where humans can still trump computers at chess!

14/03/2017 -

The Telegraph Science published an article with a chess position saying: This puzzle could finally help scientists uncover what makes the human mind so unique, and why it may never be matched by a computer. While the article is surely interesting, we didn't find the puzzle composed by Sir Roger Penrose to be very impressive. Have a crack at it and also find some related content which shows you positions where humans are superior to computers.

National Challengers 2017 will be a rated event

14/03/2017 -

The All India Chess Federation (AICF) has come up with decisions related to National Challengers and National Premier events that will take place in the next few months. The all important change is that the National Challengers which was an unrated event in 2016, will now be a rated tournament. Also there are restrictions on participation for players below a certain rating threshold. The National Premier event also will witness some changes. Here are all the details.

Stockholm Chess Challenge: Adam Tukhaev wins

13/03/2017 -

The Stockholm Chess Challenge came to an end with Ukrainian GM Adam Tukhaev winning this third tournament this year. The field included three Indians and a total of 24 talented young players. We have an illustrated report with beautiful portraits by Lars OA Hedlund.

The strongest online blitz event of India is here!

12/03/2017 -

Playchess has been one of the world's oldest online playing platforms. A lot of Indians play on it since many years, but this is the first time that we are holding a tournament of such magnitude. ChessBase India has organized the first prize money online tournament in the memory of Bobby Fischer on Playchess. The event will take place on 12th March, Sunday at 6 p.m. IST. And we already have 148 entries with six grandmasters and 13 International Masters. The strongest blitz event ever in India!

India-China Match: China crush India 3-1

11/03/2017 -

It was a match to forget by all means. The four-round Scheveningen match between India and China ended with a victory for the Dragon with a score of 3-1. The fourth round of the match was again won by the Chinese. Report.

How Nihal Sarin became an IM at 12 years and 8 months

11/03/2017 -

A 12-year-old has already redefined what chess means in Kerala. When 3000 kids in his school meet him, they see in him a friend whom they can emulate. It is true that many of his classmates and school children have suddenly begun to play chess, some even competitively, after seeing their friend excel. The story is no different across Kerala. He walks to a planetarium to watch a space show, the kids there recognize him and take selfies. There are other stories online on Nihal already, talking about his initial development, etc., but none of them really tell how a child can play this well. Was he taught something different that made him better? This story will answer that question.

The similarities between Donald Trump and Bobby Fischer

10/03/2017 -

Bobby Fischer quit the game of chess after he became the World Champion in 1972. That's nearly 45 years ago! Seems like a distant past when Fischer was on top of his game. Donald Trump, on the other hand, is the man of the moment. He became the US President just a few months ago and has been in the news just about everywhere. In spite of this long hiatus there are a few things that are very similar between the greatest chess player ever and the current US Presient. Ravi Abhyankar tells us about it.

Chess as an Art by GM Sundararajan Kidambi

10/03/2017 -

Chess is a beautiful game, but sometimes the beauty is not so obvious to an untrained eye. When an experienced grandmaster like Sundararajan Kidambi carefully studies a game between two world class players, you know that you are in for a treat. Kidambi doesn't do a superficial job. He puts himself into the shoes of Wesley So and tries to understand the logic behind his every move. What you now get is high class material, which if studied carefully, can seriously help you improve your chess understanding.

Vishy Anand vs Vajira Perera: The tiger slayer next door

09/03/2017 -

Have you ever heard of Vajira Perera? Chances are less. But he is one of those rare people who has beaten Viswanathan Anand in a tournament game. Know more about the rivalry between Sri Lanka's Vajira Perera and India's Viswanathan Anand and the reason why you worship one guy and have never heard of the other.

Your chance to play blitz with the best in Indian chess!

09/03/2017 -

On 9th March 1943 Robert James Fischer was born. To celebrate the birthday of this great player ChessBase India has organized the first prize money blitz tournament on 12th of March 2017. With the first prize of Rs.10,000 at stake the tournament already has four grandmasters, six International Masters, two WGMs and a horde of young talents participating at the event. This is your chance to play blitz against some of the best chess players of the country. Don't miss out!

Legends uncovered: R.B. Ramesh (1/3)

08/03/2017 -

There have been many interviews done with India's best coach R.B. Ramesh, but none so detailed as the one by ChessBase India's editor Niklesh Jain. While the Chennai Open 2017 was in progress Niklesh went to Ramesh's coaching academy and spoke at length with the legendary trainer. We have the 22 minute video in HD quality, as well as the entire transcription, in which Ramesh gives you pearls of wisdom which will prove useful to a chess player of any strength. Miss it at your own peril!

#BeBoldForChange: Celebrating women's chess in India

08/03/2017 -

The chess world saw plenty of action in the women’s chess arena recently, with the month-long Women’s World Championship 2017 coming to a breathtaking finish a few days back. There was a lot of controversy surrounding the tournament. But, all said and done, Chinese GM Tan Zhongyi is the new World Champion—amen. This year’s ideal for Women’s day around the world has been #BeBoldForChange and we look at some of the biggest names in Indian women's chess history.

India-China Match 03: China shut India out 3-1

07/03/2017 -

It was another depressing round where India lost the match 3-1. S.P. Sethuraman was the only savior of the say for Indians as he won the game. Wei Yi destroyed Karthikeyan Murali, Bu Xiangzhi was simply faster with his play on the kingside against Abhijeet Gupta, while Surya Shekhar Ganguly was on his way to win the game until inaccurate moves around move 40 meant that he lost as well. Report.

Stockholm Chess Challenge 01: Young Talents compete in Sweden

07/03/2017 -

The Stockholm Chess Challenge began in Sweden on 6 March 2017 with four grandmasters competing for 30,000 SEK. The field includes three Indians and 24 hungry and talented young players. We have an illustrated report with beautiful portraits by Lars OA Hedlund.

India-China Match 02: India lose twice with white

07/03/2017 -

India has fallen behind China in the four-game Scheveningen match with the score reading 4.5-3.5. With two rounds of play left, Team India needs to win back a point (at least) as soon as possible. Find out what happened in the second round.