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S.L.Narayanan's scintillating win over Anton Guijarro

08/04/2017 -

91 out of the 214 participants at the Dubai Open 2017 are Indians. IM Santos Latasa Jaime from Spain is the leader with 4.0/4, but four Indians are right on his heels with 3.5/4. They include S.L. Narayanan, Vidit Gujrathi, Abhijeet Gupta and Vignesh N.R. Narayanan's win over Anton Guijarro was pretty spectacular and we have annotated the game quite extensively. A pictorial report from UAE.

Delhi and 48 hours of fun with Jacob!

07/04/2017 -

Jacob Aagaard was in India for his book tour. After Mumbai and Ahmedabad, the attention now shifted to the capital city of Delhi. Apart from having the two mandatory trainings in the morning, Delhi was the only city to have two open sessions in the evening. Many strong players attended it, including GM Abhijeet Gupta, as Jacob entertained and taught the audience with his knowledge wit and humour. Not to forget we also made him sing a song! A huge illustrated report!

Ilamparthi, Sahithi, Divya, Jishitha, Arjun aim for gold!

07/04/2017 -

Seven rounds have been completed at the Asian Youth Championships 2017. Five Indian players are on the first spot with many of them following them with half a point less! With two rounds to go we are all set for a huge tally of medals. A pictorial report from Uzbekistan by Gopakumar Sudhakaran.

Rucha Pujari's never-say-die spirit!

06/04/2017 -

Rucha Pujari had hit a plateau, the Women International Master title was so close yet so far. During the hunt to complete the requirements, she faced various technical difficulties. Determined to play best chess possible, she took part in both the Aeroflot Open B and C categories this year (only player to do so). She persevered in spite of tough opposition and successfully completed all the requirements. In this interview, Rucha tells us about the backstory of becoming a WIM and her immediate goals. 

Jeel Shah Cheating Incident—Mobile Phone under the Sleeves!

06/04/2017 -

Yesterday, we reported on the cheating scandal that took place at the Dubai Open 2017 where and Indian chessplayer Jeel Shah was caught cheating red-handed by the arbiters. Today, we have a detailed report narrating the entire story from Dubai, along with comments by various victims of the cheater, including titled players. Also, you will be shocked to know Jeel Shah's profession. Report.

Indian Player Jeel Shah caught cheating in Dubai Open!

05/04/2017 -

In an unfortunate event that occurred a few minutes back at the Dubai Open 2017, Surat-based Indian player Jeel Shah, rated 1764, was suspended from the tournament for cheating during the game. Find out what happened.

ChessBase India show with GM R.B. Ramesh

05/04/2017 -

R.B. Ramesh is a legend when it comes to chess training in India. He was the reason why Indian won its first team medal at the Olympiad in 2014. Six Indian players won gold medals at the World Youth 2015 and they were all his students! He is also the coach of R. Praggnanandhaa the youngest IM in the world. This is a unique opportunity to ask him all the questions you had on your mind related to chess improvement and training. Ramesh will be the guest at the fourth ChessBase India show on 5th of April at 5 p.m. IST.

Seven Indian leaders after four rounds of Asian Youth 2017

05/04/2017 -

Seven Indian players are among the leaders at the Asian Youth 2017. Tanmay Jain, Varshini Sahithi, Divya Deshmukh, Rakshitta Ravi, Arjun Ergiasi, Jishitha. D, Ivana Maria Furtado are some of our top performers. With five more rounds to go the Indians have placed themselves well to return with a huge bunch of medals. The chief arbiter of the event Gopakumar Sudhakaran sends us pictures and information from Tashkent. 

Aagaard and the amazing Ahmedabad!

05/04/2017 -

After two successful training days in Mumbai, Jacob Aagaard moved to Ahmedabad on 28th and 29th of March 2017. In this article we not only give you a complete glimpse of what happened at the training sessions, but also have an entire video recording of the evening lecture that dealt with Strategic concepts. Also the first game of the badminton match between Sagar and Jacob wsa played here. Check out the article to see whom emerged as the winner!

Adhiban Baskaran interviewed (by his fans)!

04/04/2017 -

Baskaran Adhiban is the pride of Tamil Nadu. A few years back, he became India's best bet to reach the top. Today, he is the hero of the entire chess world. Why? Because he plays differently, and fearlessly. And even this interview that we are presenting to you is different. We did not ask him the questions, but his Facebook fans did! Check out this unique 'Interview'.

My maiden GM norm (1/2)

03/04/2017 -

Niranjan Navalgund is famous for his novella 'The Lively Library & Unlikely Romance'. After launching the book last year, attending various seminars and writing for various blogs, he finally found time for his chess. This January, at the Delhi Grandmaster International Open, he delivered his best performance till date. It resulted in a maiden grandmaster norm and an Elo surge of 81 points. Revamping his game successfully made all the difference. In this article, he talks about how he changed his mental approach and the factors that contributed to his tournament success before the Delhi Open.

Ilamparthi and Arjun Ergiasi win Asian rapid golds!

02/04/2017 -

The Asian Youth Championships kicked off on 31st of March 2017 with the rapid event. Indians won five medals in the 12 categories. Golds for Ilamparthi A.R. and Arjun Ergiasi, silver for Savitha Shri and Divya Deshmukh and bronze for Rakshitta Ravi. Uzbekistan was clearly the winner of the day with ten medals. We bring to you results from all the categories as well as pictures sent to us by chief arbiter Gopakumar.

GM K.Priyadharshan on pursuing chess and education in USA (1/2)

02/04/2017 -

K. Priyadharshan is one of the most highly qualified grandmasters from India. Balancing academics and chess is by no means a cake walk. He had become a grandmaster by being a full-time student with a scholarship. From winning 11 international medals in various age categories to drawing Fabiano Caruana in a classical game, this 23-year-old from Madurai has some remarkable achievements under his belt. Needless to say, he had quite an adventurous journey. We ask him about different things that every Indian must know when he decides to pursue chess and higher education in the United States of America. 

Jacob Aagaard and the Magic of Mumbai!

01/04/2017 -

Jacob Aagaard's book tour of India and Asia began with Mumbai! There was a training camp along with an open session planned at the Russian Centre for Science and Culture. Both the events were attended by a lot of people. Aagaard was tired and jet lagged but he left no stone unturned in his bid to educate the chess players of Mumbai. Through this article you will not only feel as if you were a part of all the activities, but you will also gain an opportunity to learn the Aagaard teaching methods!

What will you do if your laptop is stolen before a tournament?

30/03/2017 -

What can be more disastrous than being robbed of your laptop in the middle of the night, in a foreign land? It's even worse for a chess player, he loses something more than a laptop - all his chess work, analysis, software, etc. To put it simply, he loses his life's work. Unimaginable events keep happening in this world, what can be best done is to prepare for the worst case scenario. Saving data in cloud backup is one such way to secure vital information.