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Jacob Aagaard and the Asian adventure! Part I

10/05/2017 -

When you travel with a live wire like Jacob Aagaard to seven Asian countries you are bound to have adventures! After covering five cities in India, Jacob, Sagar and Amruta were joined by FM Peter Long and they moved to Malaysia, Hong Kong and Thailand for the next leg of the trip. Know the current state of chess in these three countries, why would someone indulge in early morning 4 a.m. blindfold analysis, some mouth watering food dishes and much more! As Jacob rightly pointed out, in this trip there was never a dull moment! 

Rooks are over-rated!

09/05/2017 -

Rooks are five points, minor pieces are three. Everyone is taught this when they begin their journey in chess. The road to chess mastery involves in understanding when this material evaluation is not true! Great players like Nimzowitch, Botvinnik, Gligoric, Petrosian knew the value of the exchange sacrifice so well that they used it as a powerful tool to finish off their opponents. In order that you too can understand the nuances of this positional concept, Sergei Tiviakov is here with his latest DVD. ChessBase India reviewer Davide Nastasio presents to you his findings.

GM Vaibhav Suri wins the 2nd ChessBase India online blitz!

08/05/2017 -

He was not one of the favourites to win the title, but Delhi lad GM Vaibhav Suri surprised everyone by playing some superb chess to win the second ChessBase India online blitz. He was followed by a horde of grandmasters: Diptayan Ghosh, Ankit Rajpara, Debashis Das, R.R. Laxman and many others. In this report we bring you some interesting battles, final rankings, prize winners and also tell you about what happened with Lalith Babu after he started with 7.0/7! ChessBase India's online tournaments are slowly becoming the most sought after events for all the Indian chess players!

Orissa's legend Pabitra Mohan Mohanty is no more

07/05/2017 -

On 6th of May 2017, Indian chess lost a legendary player in the form of Pabitra Mohan Mohanty. He was a two time National B winner, finished runner-up behind Barua at the National A in 1983. He won the Orissa State Championship for a record 16 times. After his playing career ended, he trained some of the best players of Orissa and helped them become stronger players. A true chess lover, and a simple human being who deserves to be remembered for a long time for his contribution to Indian chess. 

IM S. Nitin on the art of making a comeback

07/05/2017 -

Every chess player comes to a tournament with a clean slate and ambitions to win it with a 100% score. However, the moment you sit down at the board mistakes and blunders happen, and the clean slate is tarnished with losses and bad memories. At the 6th BRDCA tournament in Bangalore, top seed IM S. Nitin lost his fourth round game in a highly depressing manner. But like a true champion he scored five consecutive wins to take the title with 8.0/9! Learn the art of making a comeback.

The Philosophical side of Chess II: Knights & Bishops!

06/05/2017 -

A few days ago we published the first part of the philosophical side of chess written by IM Sagar Shah. People found it interesting and novel. We continue the trend with the second part. This time the author tries to explain the concept of love and relationship with the help of a chess board. Would you like to be a knight or a bishop, perhaps this article will help you decide!

Diptayan Ghosh is the top seed at Chess for Youth 2017

05/05/2017 -

Chess for Youth is back, this time with its 12th edition. This tournament which was the brainchild of Dibyendu Barua, has had some illustrious names that participated in the past. This year more than 900 students will participate to win some exciting prizes, and in general enjoy the game of chess. The premium group (under-25) will witness one of India's top most youngster Diptayan Ghosh in action. ChessBase India author Shahid Ahmed takes you down the memory lane with this curtain raiser.

Meet Erode's 1st IM: 14-year-old P. Iniyan

05/05/2017 -

When you look at the game played by 8-year-old Iniyan at the World Youth Championships in 2010, you will realize that the talent was unquestionable. However, when you go through this article, you will also understand that talent on its own cannot get you the success. There are a lot of factors that went in to create Erode's first International Master at the age of 14 years. We bring you the entire story and tell you why P. Iniyan is a boy to watch out for in the days to come.

Chakravarthi Reddy wins 6th Keshabananda Das Memorial

04/05/2017 -

The 6th Keshabananda Das Memorial tournament 2017 saw one grandmaster and three International Masters take part in a field of 255 players. IM M.Chakravarthi Reddy went back home with the first prize of Rs.50,000 along with winner's trophy. Saptarshi Roy Chowdhury finished second and Al.Muthaiah third. This tournament is one of the first ones that we reported about on our newspage back in 2015. Tournament director and secretary of Khorda District Subhasis Pattnaik sends us a pictorial report.

"If I can do it, so can you!" - GM Himanshu Sharma

04/05/2017 -

Himanshu Sharma recently became a grandmaster. In a felicitation ceremony that was held at  St. Xavier's school, ChessBase India's Jitendra Choudhary caught up with the newly minted grandmaster and did a short interview. Himanshu speaks for only three and a half minutes, but in that time he already shares with you his journey of becoming a grandmaster, how ups and downs are a part of every chess player's life and his advice to all the ambitious chess players out there.

Vishy Anand helps Baden Baden win Bundesliga 2016-17

03/05/2017 -

It's been nearly 15 years since Vishy Anand has been playing for the Baden Baden team in the German Bundesliga. Sixteen teams fight against each other in the strongest chess league event in a round robin format. Fifteen rounds are spread out over a period of seven months from October to April. Vishy Anand played only four games for Baden Baden this season. He scored 3.0/4. On 29th and 30th April rounds 13 and 14 were held and Vishy managed to score 1.5/2 with a draw against Robert Ruck and a win against Erwin l'Ami. Deep analysis of these highly interesting battles.

Chess species classified!

03/05/2017 -

ChessBase India's youngest author 12-year-old Avathanshu Bhat has a quirky habit - he observes people closely. Being a chess player he meets at least ten new opponents in each tournament that he plays. Based on his examination, the boy has segregated chess players into seven different groups. Check out this hilarious article and see if you can place yourself in one of those categories.

Pack your bags, it's (xtra) time for Kolkata!

02/05/2017 -

It's a two day rapid event with a time control of 15 minutes and 10 seconds increment per move to be held in Kolkata. However, the prize money is as good as, or even better than a rating tournament! Players from all over India will fight for the top prize of Rs.50,000 and total pool of Rs. 6 lakhs. There is not much time left as the tournament is going to be held after 15 days, however, we at ChessBase India make your task easier by providing you with an option to book your accommodation and travel at highly affordable price.

Third edition of Syna Open 2017 kicks off!

02/05/2017 -

The biggest open of Central India Syna Open 2017 began on the 1st of May 2017. The tournament has attracted 152 players. Although at the top we do not have many strong players, the fight for the first prize of Rs.1,00,000 is going to be intense. Niklesh Jain, our editor-in-chief for the Hindi newspage is the organizing secretary for the event, and has sent us some pictures. Have a look at them and check out the tournament that is so nicely organized. 

1st Eco Camp in the lap of Himalayas

02/05/2017 -

When a chess camp is held the students are taught different strategies related to the game of chess. It could be how to handle an IQP position, or how Najdorf is played, or the secrets of rook endgames! However, former Commonwealth Champion IM Atanu Lahiri thinks that it is important to have a more holistic approach. Chess players are a part of the society, and so along with chess they should be taught a few more things. What exactly are those things? Read on to know more!