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Can Vidit Gujrathi become the Asian 2017 champion?

20/05/2017 -

It's a complete bloodbath out there in Chengdu and only the hungriest of the players have a right for the top five spots. These five players qualify for the World Cup 2017. For Indians it's Vidit who has the best chance as he leads the tournament with 6.0/8. In the last round he is up against Yu Yangyi. Will he deliver? In the women's section Vaishali and Mary Ann Gomes are the two Indians with a chance of a podium finish. Illustrated report.

Chess-in-Streets of Hyderabad!

19/05/2017 -

Many players all over India and the world have gained a lot from chess. However, when it comes to giving back to the game not many you do not see many enthusiastic people. However, a group of "Chess Mavericks" from Hyderabad, are here to change that. They not only organized a chess-in-streets without any entry fee, but also distributed prizes. This a beautiful development for the promotion of the game and with this article we give you a feel of what this initiative looks like. Pictures, videos and much more. 

Chess for Youth: Diptayan triumphs yet again!

17/05/2017 -

Nearly 852 players flocked into the Indian Council for Cultural Relations in Kolkata to play in the 12th edition of Chess for Youth 2017 which was held from 6th to 10th May. Defending Champion GM Diptayan Ghosh won the tournament again, without breaking a sweat. Shahid Ahmed S.K sends us a pictorial report. 

Study the studies day 2: Know your mating patterns!

17/05/2017 -

The problem seen in most of the young players is that they do not think about the best possible move for their opponent. This situation is not so easy to resolve, after all we are so very used to thinking about ourselves everyday! But solving studies can help in reducing this issue. Because if you do not think about opponent's best defence, there is all the possibility in the world that you will be tricked. So be on your guard, Prokop is here to trick you with the position he composed in 1929!

Moscow GP: Mamedyarov & Ding Liren lead, Hari unimpressive

16/05/2017 -

Four rounds of play in the second leg of the 2017 FIDE Grand Prix series have come to close and China's Ding Liren and Azerbaijan's Shakhriyar Mamedyarov are leading with 3.0/4. The Azeri star became the 13th player in history to touch the 2800 mark. Pentala Harikrishna is meanwhile struggling and has failed to impress. Illustrated report with grandmaster analysis.

Jobava & Grandelius win #TePeSigeman 2017!

15/05/2017 -

Tepe Sigeman & Co concluded yesterday, all final round games ended in a draw. Swedish grandmaster Nils Grandelius and Georgia's Baadur Jobava scored 3 points each making them joint winners of the tournament. Indian star Dronavalli Harika shared the last place with Nigel Short. Report with grandmaster analysis. 

Study the studies day 1: Give him an offer he cannot refuse!

14/05/2017 -

Solving studies/compositions is an extremely potent way of improving your chess skills. When IM Sagar Shah was a young and upcoming player no one really told him about the importance of solving studies. Naturally he developed a feeling that cracking such positions isn't useful for practical players. Nothing could be farther from the truth. When he started working on the studies, his calculation improved dramatically! And now he shares his work with you. Starting today, we will be offering you a study to solve three times a week to ensure that you become a stronger player!

Asian Continental: Top Seeds Struggle

13/05/2017 -

The Asian Continental Championship 2017 has begun in Chengdu, China with most of the brightest stars of Asia in contention for the five World Cup spots in the Open and the Women's section. While India has Padmini Rout in the women's section, she suffered a painful defeat in the first round itself. Meanwhile, Vidit and Adhiban have also had sub-par starts. Report.

Jacob Aagaard and the Asian adventure! Part II

12/05/2017 -

This part of the trip deals with Jacob Aagaard's lectures in Philippines and Singapore. Apart from the training you also get to know more about Asia's first grandmaster Eugene Torre. He shows you one of his best games - win against Anatoly Karpov from 1976. You are also posed with a difficult problem, the solution of which is delivered by Aagaard in the form of a video. So, a lot of training material along with interesting stories, pictures and anecdotes.

LIVE Games: Asian Continental 2017

12/05/2017 -

The Asian Continental 2016 is being held in Chengdu, China from the 12th of May 2017. Watch and follow your favorite Indian stars like Vidit Gujrathi, B. Adhiban, S.P. Sethuraman, Padmini Rout, etc. The top two seeds are young Chinese stars Yu Yangyi and Wei Yi. Catch all the action live here and cheer for your favourite player.

Sigeman 02: Erik the Victorious!

12/05/2017 -

Round two of Sigeman saw India's Dronavalli Harika signing peace with Nils Grandelius. Reigning Swedish Champion Erik Blomqvist bounced back from yesterday's loss and defeated Pavel Eljanov. Baadur Jobava is now leading the tournament after a super-charged victory against Nigel Short. Report with grandmaster analysis.

Chess Camp in Mumbai with IM Vishal Sareen!

11/05/2017 -

Recently, Chess Guru Academy successfully organized an age-group rapid tournament in Ghatkopar, Mumbai. It attracted 362 budding players from across the city. One unique thing about the tournament was that WhatsApp Groups were used for pairings and final standings! The academy is now inviting India's top chess coach for a coaching camp in Mumbai. Read more.

Sigeman: Nigel Short doesn't need a Viagra after a finish like this

11/05/2017 -

India's Harika Dronavalli is taking part in the new edition of TePe Sigeman & Co Chess tournament, being held in Malmo, Sweden. The tournament features a strong contention in the form of Nigel Short, Pavel Eljanov, Baadur Jobava,  Nils Grandelius, and Erik Blomqvist. In the first round, GM Nigel Short had an exciting finish. Report with grandmaster analysis.

GM Vishnu Prasanna's camp on how he became a GM

10/05/2017 -

India has 47 grandmasters as on today. The pace at which we are growing it won't come to us as a surprise if we reach 100 GMs within a couple of years. And grandmasters sharing their success journey will only expedite the process. GM Vishnu Prasanna is a very serious coach, but more than that he really wants to help other chess players improve. With this aim in mind, a coaching camp is being held in Telangana from the 24th to 28th of May 2017. Details of the camp and more.