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Strengthen your chess foundation with IM Nisha Mohota

14/01/2017 -

Nisha Mohota is an International Master and an experienced trainer. She was in Hamburg to record a DVD at the ChessBase studio. "Strengthen your chess foundation" contains important theoretical and practical knowledge on openings, middlegames and endgames. The DVD also focuses on one extremely important element in chess that is rarely spoken about - psychology. Six hours of high quality content and your chance to get a 10% discount!

Delhi R07: Amanotov leads; Murali, Ghosh and Sivuk in hot pursuit

13/01/2017 -

The Delhi International 2017 is heating up and the seventh round turned to be a crucial one. Overnight leader Karthikeyan Murali, who was playing some phenomenal chess, lost to the top seed Farrukh Amonatov. This make Amonatov the sole leader with 6.5/7. Diptayan Ghosh and Vitaly Sivuk are right on his heels with 6.0/7. We have an illustrated report with on-site pictures that gives a better idea of how the event is organized and details about the FIDE arbiter's seminar. 

I will go to Iran as a chess player and just play chess!

13/01/2017 -

Ju Wenjun won the tournament in Khanty Mansiysk and with it the overall women's Grand Prix as well. This gave her the right to challenge the World Championship winner in Tehran 2017. ChessBase India's Niklesh Jain got in touch with the women's world number two and asked her questions not only about her Grand Prix victory, but also about the hijab controversy, Hou Yifan's decision of pulling out and her personal ambitions in chess.

Murali Karthikeyan perfect with 6.0/6, Sairaj Chittal wins B category

13/01/2017 -

Murali Karthikeyan played some flawless chess on Thursday to power into sole lead with 6.0/6. He beat Lalith Babu and Andrei Deviatkin. The Indian GM is already gaining 16.7 Elo points and has an astronomical performance of 3164! He is followed on 5.5/6 by Farrukh Amonatov. They both play against each other today and you can follow the live game here. In the B group Sairaj Chittal of Mumbai emerged as the champion and went back with Rs.2,00,000.

Child chess prodigy hopes to become youngest ever grandmaster aged 11

12/01/2017 -

Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa learnt to play chess before he could even read and now wants to take the coveted record from Russian Sergey Karjakin. When little Pragga went to London to play in the London Chess Classic, correspondents from various British newspapers queued up to interview him. We reproduce the one that was published in the "Mirror". After the interview you can check out the game where Pragga swindled another GM at the Hastings Master.

Karthikeyan, Amonatov and Nguyen lead with 4.0/4 in Delhi

12/01/2017 -

Four rounds have finished at the Delhi International 2017 and three players are in joint lead: Karthikeyan Murali, Farrukh Amonatov and Nguyen Huynh Minh Huy. A whole pack of 19 players follow them with 3.5/4. Niranjan Navalgund, our thumbnail image of this article, has a fantastic 2642 performance already. This tournament is a boon for Indian players to make norms and it seems as if this year we are going to see plenty of them being made. An illustrated report.

Hari and Adhiban at Tata Steel Masters 2017

11/01/2017 -

When Adhiban won the Tata Steel Challengers in 2016, the entire country erupted with joy. Not only because he had won the strong event, but because he had qualified for the Tata Steel Masters 2017. And now the Wimbledon of chess is here! Along with Adhiban we have India number two Harikrishna as well. India and Russia are the only two countries that have more than one player at this event! This promises to be an exciting tournament as the field is well balanced with class acts like Carlsen, Karjakin, So and mavericks like Rapport and Wei Yi! A curtain raiser.

Mining the pastures of ChessBase 14

11/01/2017 -

Davide Nastasio wanted to take his game to the next level. He bought ChessBase 14 along with Mega Database 2017 and started experimenting with it. He was amazed at the things he could do with these tools. After working for a few days, he realized that working with CB 14 and Mega 2017 allowed him to not only study master games, but also analyze them, learn from world class annotators and find out errors in his own game. He now shares his experience with you in this detailed review.

A grand finale at the National Schools 2017

10/01/2017 -

The National Schools 2017 was a grand event with over 800 participants gathering in Nagpur. Maharashtra state performed admirably winning 15 medals out of the total tally of 36. Syna International from Katni was adjudged as the best school. Only one player was able to finish with a 100% score. He won a special ChessBase prize! All this and much more in our final report from the National Schools 2017.

Topalov withdraws from Grand Prix 2017

09/01/2017 -

The issues plaguing FIDE, the apex chess body, is an open secret. Now, the credibility of FIDE's top tournaments has begun to take severe hits. Former FIDE World Champion Veselin Topalov has withdrawn from 2017 Grand Prix cycle. The winner of this tournament is supposed to get a spot in the next candidates tournament. Read Topalov's announcement here.

Orange City boy Sankalp Gupta makes his first IM norm

09/01/2017 -

Maharashtra has many IMs and GMs, but do you know who is the youngest player to achieve an IM norm from the state? It's none other than Sankalp Gupta who played some phenomenal chess at the recently concluded Rilton Cup 2016-17. He not only scored his maiden IM norm, but also gained 156 Elo points. In this article we bring you the profile of this prodigy and also some of his excellent wins against strong players like David Alberto, Justin Sarkar and Ravi Teja.

Live Games from the Delhi International 2017

09/01/2017 -

The Delhi International Open 2017 is the biggest event in the Indian calendar. 258 players are taking part in the 'A' section with an average rating of 2080. Top seed of the event is Farrukh Amonatov (2619) followed by Lalith Babu (2587) and Diptayan Ghosh (2570). On this page you will find the live games in the 'A' category along with engine analysis, live book and let's check function. 

Blitz master M. G. Gahan scores 8.0/8

09/01/2017 -

A blitz tournament for a few hours, consisting of eight rounds, was held at Malleswaram, Banglore. Two International masters took part. However, it was untitled M. G. Gahan who won the event with 8.0/8. He beat all the top seeds and was the deserving winner of the event. Our correspondent Dipika Vaidya-Joshi was at the venue and sent us pictures which can be found in the report. 

Record participation at the Delhi International 2017

08/01/2017 -

The 15 the edition of Delhi Open International 2017 will witness the participation of nearly 1800 players. Led by Bharat Singh Chauhan and his able team, this has truly become a flagship event of our country. Farrukh Amonatov (2619) will be the top seed in the A group followed by Lalith Babu (2587) who will be looking to break into the 2600 zone. Check out the winners of the previous edition and also what would be expecting in 2017.

"The atmosphere in Mumbai is not congenial to produce another GM"

08/01/2017 -

Grandmaster Pravin Thipsay, the only GM that the city of Mumbai has ever produced, was in Delhi for a coaching camp from the 3rd to the 6th of January 2017. This is the fourth consecutive year that Thipsay has visited the capital to pass on his knowledge to the talented youngsters. Jitendra Choudhary went to the camp and was able to ask Pravin a few questions. The interview was short, but has crucial points, most important being why isn't the city producing another grandmaster and who he think will be the next Vishy Anand.