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12-year-old chessentrepreneur Avathanshu Bhat!

21/03/2017 -

12-year-old Avathanshu Bhat had some entrepreneurial ideas brewing up in his head. He boldly went ahead to set up a ChessBase India stall at the Powai Fest in Mumbai. For two entire days he manned the stall playing chess and educating people about the game. He describes them as two of the best days of his life. He learnt a lot about how to interact with people, spreading the game and also making some money. In this article he shares with you his entrepreneurial experience and you definitely must know what the little boy plans to do with the money he has earned!

IM Vishal Sareen on his first meet with GM Jacob Aagaard

20/03/2017 -

IM Vishal Sareen as a coach likes to share the material he has created with all his students. He believes that sharing is an important component for improving at chess. According to him, GM Jacob Aagaard is a legend because he took the concept of sharing to an entirely different level through his book publishing house Quality Chess. In this article Vishal goes in to the flashback mode and recounts his first meet with Aagaard, conversations and a beautiful combination. Jacob is coming to Delhi on 30th and 31st of March and this is an opportunity which the residents of Delhi mustn't miss!

Vishy Masterclass: Improve your practical chess

20/03/2017 -

The third day of the Vishy Masterclass organized by Velammal Vidyalaya was a celebration for chess itself. If the first day saw Anand warming up with endings, and the second day saw him discuss opening preparation, the third day was all about becoming a stronger player by improving your practical chess.

Ilamparthi: the boy who makes Pragga and Nihal look old!

20/03/2017 -

The chess boom in India has reached dizzying heights. Praggnanandhaa became an IM at the age of 10 years and 10 months. Nihal Sarin achieved the feat at 12 years 8 months. Now we bring to light another chess prodigy who makes Pragga and Nihal look old! Ilamparthi A.R. from Chennai is the highest rated chess player in the world in the under-eight section. He has tremendous passion, which is shown by the fact that he works for ten hours a day when he doesn't have school! In this article, we not only tell you more about this prodigy, but also present to you his games with annotations by the young boy himself!

HD Bank 2017: Le Quang Liem wins; Vishnu best among Indians

19/03/2017 -

The seventh edition of the strong HD Bank Open came to close in Vietnam with the local superstar Le Quang Liem winning the title for the third time. Wei Yi lost in a mere 19 moves in the second round but bounced back with a brilliant win later on. Vishnu Prasanna was the best among the Indians. Report.

Anand's Master Class Day 2: Openings, Openings and Openings!

19/03/2017 -

All of us know that the study of openings is an important element in order to improve at chess. After all it is the first phase of the game. But very few have the right approach towards studying it. On day two of the Masterclass with Vishy Anand, the five-time World Champion dealt with the subject of openings in great depth and told the students how exactly things are done at the highest level. ChessBase India's Nitin Pai was present at the venue and brings to you the detailed coverage.

Lalith Babu wins the Fischer Online Blitz extravaganza!

19/03/2017 -

ChessBase India started over a year ago with the intention of boosting chess in the country. On 12th of March we took giant steps in that direction by organizing the first Online Prize money tournament in the memory of the great Bobby Fischer. 148 participants including six grandmaster and twelve International Masters participated, making it a truly grand event. The winner was the top seed of the event GM M.R. Lalith Babu who simply steamrolled the field with a perfect 9.0/9. A huge report, with games, analysis, player's feedback and much more. 

Anand Masterclass at Chennai: The Champ is impressed

18/03/2017 -

At the sidelines of the ongoing 'Masterclass' where Viswanathan Anand is training the youngsters, the champ spoke on a variety of issues surrounding chess. Find out what Anand thinks about openings, middlegames, and endgames, Harikrishna, Adhiban, etc. Also, how do you teach chess to your child? Read.

Anand's Master Class Day 1: Endgames and Puzzles

17/03/2017 -

Learning chess from the best in the business is a dream come true for any budding talent. However, the best players are often extremely busy and are unable to spare time to share their knowledge and experience. Not with the greatest chess player that chess has seen! Vishy Anand is taking a three day Master Class in the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Chennai and today was the first day. It dealt with endgames and puzzles and the students had a great time. Positions, pictures and videos in this illustrated report.

Chess as an Art by GM Sundararajan Kidambi (2/2)

17/03/2017 -

Part one of "Chess as an Art" by Sundararajan Kidambi was received with great enthusiasm by all our readers. Many wrote to us saying that the material was high quality and they learnt a lot from it. In the second part, Kidambi shows you two games by Fischer and Karpov that greatly resemble the ideas used by Wesley So in his game against Granda Zuniga. Going over these games will consolidate your knowledge of the themes and make it easier for you to use it in your games.

Enjoy Chess with Text Commentary

17/03/2017 -

We have some very interesting new functionality on our news page. On the right you see a list of "Live Tournaments" – these are events that are currently or were recently broadcast on Playchess. A single click takes you to a luxury broadcast page where you can follow the most important games, or replay all of them from the event, analysing them with engine assistance. But best of all: you can load deep realtime analysis and find out instantly what happened. All on different devices, without ever leaving the news page!


IIFL Wealth: Stories from the Maximum City (1)

15/03/2017 -

The turn of the year a couple of weeks back witnessed a grand chess tournament in Mumbai. Mount Litera School International of Bandra hosted the second edition of the IIFL Wealth Mumbai International Open. The players who played in the event know of many of these stories. Why would you want to miss them? In this illustrated article, we tell you some of these stories. Part One…

Tête-à-tête with the pride of Indian chess: Humpy Koneru

15/03/2017 -

She was Asia's youngest WIM, India's youngest WGM. At the age of 15 years she broke Judit Polgar's record to become the youngest woman player in the world to be a full-fledged grandmaster. Be it under 10, 12, 14 or 20, she was won the title at the world level. A Arjuna award and Padma Shri recipient, she is a gem of Indian chess. Meet none other than Humpy Koneru and know her better with the help of this interview done by Niklesh Jain a few months ago at the Malaysian Open 2016.  

Get trained by Viswanathan Anand in Chennai

14/03/2017 -

Could there possibly be a better way for Chennaites and Indians to get better at chess than being trained by Viswanathan Anand himself? Vishy is a five-time world champion and is one of the greatest players of chess in the sport's history. He will help you become a better player by teaching you himself. Find out how.