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World Youth 2016: Joy and Sorrow for Team India

22/10/2016 -

The final round of the World Youth Chess Championship 2016 at Khanty-Mansiysk concluded a couple of weeks back with Pune girl Aakanksha grabbing gold in the Under 16 Girls category. The 2015 edition bronze medallist Vantika Agarwal of Delhi suffered a heartbreak towards the end and returned without a medal. Lakshmi Priyaa TT brings us a gripping tale of joy and sorrow. There are numerous lessons to learn...

Come and play like Morphy in Nashik!

21/10/2016 -

Vidit Gujrathi, India number four and one of the strongest players of the country, is from Nashik. No wonder, the activities in the city have to started to grow. From 12th to 17th of November, the first Morphy FIDE Rating tournament will be held in Nashik. Four IMs and one WGM have already confirmed their participation. The prizes for lower rated players are quite attractive. In this article we provide you with all the information that will help you to play in one of the most scenic major cities of Maharashtra.

Chigorin 01-04: Sengupta among the leaders

19/10/2016 -

What is common between Akiba Rubinstein, Mikhail Botvinnik, Mikhail Tal, Vassily Smyslov, Boris Spassky, and Viktor Korchnoi? You are about to find that out. The 2016 Chigorin Memorial tournament began a few days back in St. Petersburg in Russia. Six Indians are playing, and Deep Sengupta is among the five leaders with a perfect score. We bring you a brief report.

Saluting a ‘Chess Playing’ nation Part II

19/10/2016 -

FI Praful Zaveri sent us a beautiful part I of his report from Armenia which covered the Chess in Schools (CIS) program that he attended. In part II he speaks about the one of its kind Chess Academy of Armenia. This Academy located on the 34th Shevchenko Street is one of the largest Chess Academies in the world. Praful not only stayed in the academy for two days, but also visited the strong Yerevan International Open. As he says, no matter where you go, how so ever remote the place is, there is always an Indian playing!

Chess960: Instructive or just fun?

18/10/2016 -

Bobby Fischer came up with the idea of Chess960 or Fischer Random chess where the pieces are placed in a random order on the last rank. Top grandmasters have dipped their feet in the ocean of chess960, but the format hasn't really caught on. In this article Ganesh Dorairaj asks a very pertinent question: is the study of Fischer Random games played by top grandmasters useful to improve our chess?

A new thought: Mother's name is equally important!

17/10/2016 -

In recent advertisements on Star Plus, top Indian cricketers are shown wearing jerseys with the name of their mothers imprinted on the back. Dhoni, Kohli and Rahane tell why their mother are so special and dear to them. In this article ChessBase author Niklesh Jain compiled pictures of some of the top Indian chess players with their mothers. We invite you to post a picture with your mother in the comments section, or on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the #ChessMom and win special prizes! Read on to know more.

National Juniors: Champion is traveling back with an unreserved ticket

16/10/2016 -

He is the National Junior Champion and he is traveling back home, with his two siblings, with an unreserved ticket in a train. Bihar's Kumar Gaurav began the event as the 42nd seed. To make matters worse, he lost one of the early rounds to a talented young boy. That was all he needed to awaken the fighter within him. He delivered a regal performance to become the champion. There was no breaking news in the girls' section as Vaishali R. made mincemeat of her opponents to win with ease. An illustrated report...

Millionaire Chess: Adhiban suffers heartbreak; Prudhvi Kumar wins U1800

15/10/2016 -

The third and probably the final edition of Millionaire Chess came to close at the Atlantic City. The top seed B. Adhiban was in the race to confirm his place in the Millionaire Monday showdown, where he could fight for big money. What ended up happening was heartbreaking. Prudhvi Reddy of Nellore had a fantastic event, where a crucial victory in Millionaire Monday meant that he laughed his way to the bank with $12,000! That is close to Rs. 8 lakhs! Pictures, tactics, report, and more. Read on to know what happened...

New products in the ChessBase India shop - Part I

15/10/2016 -

The ChessBase India online shop is increasing the number of products in its repertoire. We started with just a handful of DVDs pertaining to Indian players (Anand, Negi, Sachdev, Shah), but the collection has now grown to 95. Recently, we introduced 15 new products in the shop. In this article we will acquaint you with the ones that deal with 1.e4 with white and against 1.e4 with black. We have made sure to handpick the best possible DVDs authored by renowned players and coaches.

National Juniors 2016: Top seeds suffer as a 1900-player leads!

14/10/2016 -

The National Junior Championship is in progress in Andhra Pradesh with many of India's strong junior players in attendance. The top four seeds — Md. Nubairshah Shaikh, Praneeth Surya, Ojas Kulkarni, Sayantan Das, all in the 2400 range — are having a terrible tournament, languishing behind their lower rated peers. Vaishali lost early to a much lower rated peer, but then she played in her usual standard. Tactics and more in our illustrated report.

World's smartest chess board is here!

13/10/2016 -

How about sitting in the comforts of your living room and challenging a player anywhere in the world to play a game with you on a "real chess set"? Sound's impossible right! With the world's smartest chess board - Square Off, it no longer is! This article deals with the journey of how this revolutionizing chess technology was created. After years of hard work and innumerable prototypes, the final product is now ready. And you can be the proud owner of the Square Off chess set by supporting their campaign on Kickstarter!

Quick Q&A with Viswanathan Anand

13/10/2016 -

Just as the five-time world champion Vishy Anand returned to India from his positive campaign at the Tal Memorial 2016, we caught up with him for an informal Q&A, where Anand commented about the 2016 World Championship, Karjakin's chances against Carlsen, and retirement plans. Know more...

Isle of Man: Vidit misses his chance; Aravindh holds Naka

12/10/2016 -

Pavel Eljanov concluded his brilliant campaign with a final draw against Wesley So, securing first place. Fabiano Caruana managed to level with him after beating Michael Adams in a big game but came second on tiebreak. For India, things were bitter-sweet. Vidit played a beautiful game but allowed a repetition due to the shortage of time. Harika entered world top-5 once again. Analyses, tactics and more. We have an illustrated report.