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Women's World Chp. 5.2: Take a bow, Harika!

25/02/2017 -

Chess celebrated an amazing sporting event in Tehran, Iran when Dronavalli Harika displayed tremendous grit and merit to outplay China's Tan Zhongyi. It looked like a sealed deal until the players landed in a position where Harika had to mate Zhongyi using a knight and a bishop. Should be easy for a grandmaster? Not really.

WWC Semi-Finals Live: India vs. China

24/02/2017 -

Harika is now up against Tan Zhongyi of China—the player who eliminated Padmini Rout in the third round. In the first game, Harika had to suffer a bitter defeat at the hands of the Chinese. In the second game, Harika played a masterpiece to win and level the match. Can she win and complete the comeback and reach the finals? Check the live game here with the ability to analyze with an engine, use let's check function, download the game and much more.

Vidit Gujrathi is the patron of Goldchess

24/02/2017 -

Vidit Gujrathi recently became a patron of Goldchess for the year 2017. What exactly is Goldchess? In this article you get to know all about the portal. The founders of Goldchess have decided to host a tournament specially for Indian players with a prize money of US $2,200. There are 50 free entry coupons to be won. All the details in the article.

Women's World Championship 5.1: Epic Accidents

24/02/2017 -

Harika's woes with the black pieces continued. In the first game of the semi-final clash, Harika failed to defend reasonably and had to suffer a terrible crash. One can only hope that she makes a comeback in the next game with the white pieces. Meanwhile, a huge accident of epic proportions took place in the game between Kosteniuk and Muzychuk. Report.

Tehran WWC 04 TB: Harika maintains control, reaches Semis

23/02/2017 -

It was Harika all the way. The Indian poster girl stayed true to her style and won the first 25-minute tiebreaker with the white pieces and drew the next game to reach the semi-finals of the Women's World Championship 2017. She is in with the chance to become the first women's world champion ever from India. Report with analysis by the legendary Vijayalakshmi Subbaraman!

Tehran WWC 4.2: Dzagnidze crushes Harika

22/02/2017 -

It was a really sad day for Harika. All she had to do was hold the fort with the black pieces. Easier said than done—Dzagnidze played with flawless intent as she methodically dismantles the Indian hope. They go into tiebreakers now as the match has ended 1-1. Three players have already reached the semis. Illustrated report.

Sharjah 03+04: Mamedyarov joins MVL at the top

22/02/2017 -

We are nearing the half way mark at the 1st leg of the FIDE Grand Prix held in Sharjah. After four rounds we have two leaders in the form of Maxime Vachier Lagrave and Shakhriyar Mamedyarov. While this reports gives you the results and pictures, the highlight definitely is the in-depth annotations by world class trainer and author Efstratios Grivas. Check out his analysis and improve your understanding of chess.

Tehran WWC 4.1: Harika bulldozes through Dzagnidze

21/02/2017 -

It was a happy day for Indian chess fans (and Harika's grandmother) as she took a step towards the title of the world champion. Harika defeated Nana Dzagnidze of Georgia after the latter blundered just before making the time control. Joining Harika is Muzychuk with a win over Stefanova. Tania Sachdev is our guest analyst today and she has an instructive look at the big fight.

Interview: N. Ramaraju on Chess

21/02/2017 -

What does it take to create a world class grandmaster? Few coaches in India can claim to know the answer to this question. And of them is the coach of Dronavalli Harika—Mr. N. Ramaraju. As Harika battles it out against Dzagnidze in the World Championship Quarters, read end enjoy this exclusive interview with the Hyderabad-based trainer by Hinduja Reddy.

Sharjah GP 02: MVL leads with perfect score

20/02/2017 -

The Frenchman Vachier-Lagrave showed superb form as he completely outclassed Rapport with black to score a second win. Yesterday's loser Ding Liren bounced back with a win over Saleh Salem who failed to find a way to stop the Chinese player's massive attack. Azeri player Mamedyarov was the third winner of the day, defeating Tomashevsky in 37 moves. The day might have seen four wins had Li Chao converted his dead won endgame against Hou Yifan, but instead let her escape.

Tehran WWC TB03: Harika through, Padmini out!

19/02/2017 -

The pre-quarterfinals have come to an end. The tiebreakers saw a second set of 10-minute rapid games in all the mini-matches. Padmini, who had won a fantastic game in the very first match lost the return game and also the first game of the 10-minute tiebreak allowing the Chinese player Tan Zhongyi to qualify. Harika Dronavalli, meanwhile, did not let her missed win in the second tiebreaker affect her as she destroyed Sopiko in the 10-minute rapid. Joining them were Ju Wenjun and Alexandra Kosteniuk.

Tehran WWC Rd 3.2: Another tiebreaker awaits Harika and Padmini

19/02/2017 -

The second game of the third round ended in draws for both Harika and Padmini. Harika has by now grown used to this - this will be her tiebreaker! In the second game Sopiko was pretty solid and never really let the grandmaster from Andhra get an advantage. Padmini, on the other hand, seemed to have a slight pull from the white side of the Berlin, but practically very difficult to convert into something tangible. She agreed to a draw quickly, which means that on 19th February we will see both the girls in the tiebreaks. Detailed analysis by IM Sagar Shah.

Sharjah GP 01: Adams, MVL and Rapport win

19/02/2017 -

The Sharjah Grand Prix took off from the 18th of February 2017. In a very interesting field the top players include MVL, Aronian, Nakamura and four more players above 2750. This is the first of the four legs in the Grand Prix cycle. Each player has to play three events out of the four and qualify for the Candidates. Although Harikrishna isn't playing here, he will be in action in the other three. We have the round one report which had three winners: Adams, MVL and Rapport.

Tehran WWC Rd.3: Harika presses, Padmini survives

18/02/2017 -

Round three was a fighting round for the Indian players. Both the games lasted nearly five hours. In the end Harika and Padmini both drew their games, but quite in contrasting styles. Harika was clearly better and close to winning, while Padmini was under pressure and losing at one point. Although Harika won't be happy with the draw, in the second game both the Indian girls will have white pieces to try for a win. We have detailed analysis by reigning Asian Champion WGM Bhakti Kulkarni.