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Shenzhen Masters 03-05: Anish Giri and Ding Liren lead

27/03/2017 -

It has been a very balanced tournament so far, and if Harikrishna was the first to score a win in round two, in round three, he lost to Anish Giri, who thoroughly outplayed him in a Sicilian. Ding Liren also kept the screws tight on Peter Svidler with his bishops against knights. All games were drawn in round four and five, leaving Ding Liren and Anish Giri in the lead.

Sharjah 02+03: Adhiban leads as Indians sparkle

26/03/2017 -

Adhiban Baskaran is back! After a scintillating TATA Steel tournament and a depressing Aeroflot Open, the Indian No. 3 is back doing what he does best—play good, sharp chess. And inspired by their hero, the remaining pack of Indians are playing sparkling chess as well. Find out how.

Coffee with Yacub!

25/03/2017 -

IM Vishal Sareen believes that good chess material is easily available as on today because of authors like Jacob Aagaard. Vishal has used positions of Aagaard for his numerous trainings and has a huge database of some amazing exercises. In this article he shares four brain crushing problems from Jacob's books. It's a two hour test. Have a crack at it, and when you are done, you might want to think about a coffee with Yakub! :)

India’s first WGM: Vijayalakshmi Subbaraman

25/03/2017 -

Women's chess in India is currently dominated today by two players: Humpy Koneru and Harika Dronavalli. However, before they were born a little girl from Chennai was creating ripples, winning almost all the age group Nationals. Vijayalakshmi Subbaraman went on to become India’s first WGM and also the country's first female IM. We wish Viji a Happy Birthday today with a very special interview that was done 2 years back.

Shenzhen 01+02: Harikrishna beats Adams, leads

24/03/2017 -

The DT News Cup Shenzhen is a double-round robin that took off in the Chinese city of Shenzhen with six players averaging 2754 in rating. This Category 21 event is the strongest event in Asia this year. India's Pentala Harikrishna now leads after two rounds of play. Illustrated Report.

The ChessBase India show with GM Jacob Aagaard

24/03/2017 -

The third ChessBase India show will take place on 25th of March at 7 p.m. IST. The guest of the show is the world class author and trainer GM Jacob Aagaard. IM Sagar Shah will be the host of the show. This will take place right before Jacob embarks on his epic journey through five Indian cities and six Asian countries. Of course, they will be speaking about this trip, but we are also interested to know more about Aagaard's life and how he shaped up into an individual who could change the world of chess through his writings and teachings. Make sure you don't miss it!

Sharjah 01: Upsets and Walkovers

24/03/2017 -

The Sharjah Masters 2017 was off to a rollicking start with about 86 Indian players competing. This takes the phrase 'home away from home' to a completely different level. While there were many upset draws, the one thing that stood out was the number of no-shows. The biggest upsets of the day for Indians were scored by Viani Antonio Dcunha, Vignesh NR and Nihal Sarin.

LIVE Now: DT News Cup Shenzen 2017

24/03/2017 -

Pentala Harikrishna, Anish Giri, Michael Adams, Ding Liren, Yu Yangyi, and Peter Svidler are competing in the DT News Chup Shenzen. The first round saw Hari draw with white against Svidler. In the second round, the Indian No. 2 takes on English legend Michael Adams with black. Catch all the action live here.

Sharjah Masters 2017: Enjoy the games live

24/03/2017 -

The strong Sharjah Masters 2017 has begun in the UAE with a line of Indians competing. You can watch the action live on our newspage, where the most-followed games are displayed automatically. As a Premium Account member, you can, in addition, access the Live Book, Chat, chess engine analysis – all in your browser, on a notebook, tablet or even your smartphone.

The joy of being a spectator! (1/2)

23/03/2017 -

WGM Soumya Swaminathan is an extremely strong chess player. More often than not you see her hunched over the chess board trying to find the best way to beat her opponent. However, there are times when she is 'relegated' to being a spectator. Every once in a while when Soumya did this, she realized that it was a refreshing experience. She learnt things that helped her grown stronger as a player. These tips she now shares with you.

Sigeman & Co Tournament rises again

22/03/2017 -

Six grandmasters (including a talented Indian star) will play in the rejuvenated Sigeman & Co. Tournament. With the arrival of the new partner TePe, the tournament changes its name to TePe Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament. As in previous years, the tournament will be held at the Hipp Theater in Malmo and this year the dates will be 10-14th May at Malmo, Sweden. Ingemar Falk writes...

A little piece of Russian chess in Mumbai

22/03/2017 -

Jacob Aagaard will be in India on the 25th of March and he will begin his lectures and interactive sessions from Mumbai. When the famous organizer Praful Zaveri was approached to set up the two day sessions, he tried to think about a way in which he could make it grand. And for that he needed a special venue! After quite a lot of efforts he was able to secure a unique place filled with chess culture and history to the brim! And after a gap of 17 years, chess activities will resume at that place with the much awaited Aagaard lectures!

Iron Tigran: Clash of the Cavalries!

21/03/2017 -

'There have been many instances in history when an inspired cavalry charge disrupts the momentum of a battle,'writes Srinath Narayanan who thinks Tigran Petrosian is one of the greatest players of chess, ever. He dissects the play of the former world champion in the first of his planned series of 'tribute' to Iron Tigran. Enjoy.

Mitrabha Guha and Harshita Guddanti are National Sub-Junior 2016 champions!

21/03/2017 -

The 2016 National under-15 took place four months ago in Delhi. Mitrabha Guha and Harshita Guddanti emerged as the champions in the open and girls section respectively. "Somehow under the workload of different articles and projects I wasn't able to complete this report," says IM Sagar Shah. "But the quality of the content was so high that I wanted to publish it in spite of the delay." So here you have it - the under-15 National report rich with annotated games, pictures and anecdotes. Hope you enjoy it!