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Harikrishna draws with Karjakin, loses to Eljanov at Shamkir 2017

23/04/2017 -

Harikrishna has made a slow start at the Shamkir Masters 2017. He drew his first game against Sergey Karjakin and lost in the second against Pavel Eljanov. This is a wonderful opportunity for Harikrishna as he fights with the best players in the world including Wesley So, Vladimir Kramnik, Shakhriyar Mamedyarov and many others. Wesley So lost his first game against Mamedyarov after a 67 game unbeaten streak. Pavel Eljanov leads with 2.0/2.

Vidit and Abhijeet lead with 4.0/4 in Reykjavik

22/04/2017 -

16 Indians are playing at the Reykjavik Open 2017. Currently Vidit Gujrathi and Abhijeet Gupta are leading the Indian show with 4.0/4. In this article we have brief analysis of Vidit's game and also some amazing pictures taken by ace photographer Lennart Ootes. Vidit now faces Anish Giri in the fifth round and Abhijeet Gupta takes on Dmitry Andreikin. Six rounds of exciting chess ahead!

Your chance to blitz out Adhiban!

21/04/2017 -

Adhiban Baskaran loves challenges! When he qualified for the Tata Steel tournament in Wijk Aan Zee he aimed big, even though he was the last seed. He managed to finish third just behind So and Carlsen. Now he has taken up another challenge - the second ChessBase India prize money blitz tournament celebrating the tenth anniversary of Kunte Chess Academy. Adhiban has confirmed his entry! This will be your chance to blitz out one of the best players in the world of chess right now!

Harikrishna at Shamkir 2017: Live Games

21/04/2017 -

The Shamkir Masters 2017 begins on the 21st of April 2017. It is a 10-player Round Robin event with a star studded field. It includes Wesley So, Vladimir Kramnik, Sergey Karjakin, Veselin Topalov and many other top players. Indian fans will be cheering for their favourite Pentala Harikrishna who is the sixth seed at the event. The live games begin at 4.30 p.m. IST and you can watch them here.

Why Chennai is the chess capital of India!

21/04/2017 -

The final leg of Jacob Aagaard's series of lectures in India was Chennai. While the response was great at other places, it was simply unbelievable what was witnessed in Chennai. The morning trainings had eleven grandmasters attending it including India's latest sensation B. Adhiban. In the open evening session nearly 250 people attended Jacob's lecture on "What is Calculation?" At the end of the day Aagaard understood why Chennai is called the chess capital of India!

Vishy Anand in Kenya

21/04/2017 -

Do you recognize the boy in the thumbnail? Well, he is none other than Akhil, son of Vishy and Aruna Anand. Vishy has been travelling to tournaments alone recently. Akhil's summer vacations have begun and the trio are now in Kenya for promoting chess! We have some very nice pictures of Anand in the Maasai Shuka - the traditional wear of the Maasai tribe in East Africa.

10 things we can learn from R.B. Ramesh

20/04/2017 -

On 20th of April 2017, GM R.B. Ramesh turned 41 years old. He is well known as one of the best trainers in the country. IM Sagar Shah recently visited the great trainer at his home in Chennai. Spending nearly two days with him Sagar realized that there is more to his man than just being a great chess coach. In this article he shares ten of the best qualities of Ramesh and what we can learn from them. Surely, even imbibing one or two of these is sure to make you a better person!

Anand finishes third at Zurich Chess Challenge 2017

20/04/2017 -

The Zurich Chess Challenge 2017 was held in the memory of the great Viktor Korchnoi. The players indulged in semi classical (45 mins+30sec per side) and blitz chess to arrive at the final winner. Hikaru Nakamura took the pole position, while Ian Nepomniachtchi continued his string of consistent performances by finishing second. India's Vishy Anand after a dismal start managed to steady his boat and finished a respectable third. We have a detailed report with emphasis on a new opening idea found by Boris Gelfand that was quite well met by Vishy.

GM Abdulla Al Rakib qualifies for the World Cup 2017

20/04/2017 -

Asian Zonal 3.2 championship was held in Kathmandu, Nepal. The countries eligible to take part in this event are Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Maldives. The best players from Bangladesh showed a clear domination in both open and women's category. GM Abdulla Al Rakib pipped Ziaur Rahman at the finish line to take the lone World Cup spot, while in the women's section it was the indomitable 73-year-old Rani Hamid who emerged victorious. We have a beautiful report sent to us by IA Dharmendra Kumar.

Himanshu Sharma is India's 47th GM and Haryana's first!

19/04/2017 -

At the age of 34 years Himanshu Sharma became India's 47th grandmaster and the first one from the state of Haryana. In the fifth round of the Sardar Prakash Singh Memorial tournament that is in progress in his home state Himanshu won the game and crossed the magical 2500 Elo barrier. Himanshu has never had a coach in his chess career. Yet he managed to keep improving on his own. What exactly is his secret? If you read this article carefully, no matter if you are a beginner or a grandmaster, you are bound to be enriched with some unparalleled chess knowledge.

Celebrating 10 years of chess training excellence

19/04/2017 -

On 19th of April 2007, exactly ten years ago, chess training in Pune, Maharashtra and India received a huge boost. Two siblings who had conquered Indian chess by their amazing performances decided to establish a chess academy. Abhijit and Mrunalini Kunte together founded the Kunte's Chess Academy (KCA). Over the period of ten years KCA has created numerous champions and contributed to the growth of Indian chess. ChessBase India pays its respect to this great institution by organizing a blitz tournament. Be a part of this celebration!

How an 1826 player outplayed a 2545 GM

18/04/2017 -

At the third round of the Sardar Prakash Singh Memorial rating tournament that is in progress in Sonipat, Haryana, 12-year-old Aaryan Varshney was up against the top seed GM Swapnil Dhopade. The grandmaster from Maharashtra went to the game with great confidence. After all he is well known to win such Swiss tournaments in India. The crowd and Swapnil were in for a shock as Varshney displayed highest calibre of chess and managed to defeat his opponent rated 700 points above him! Check out the game to know how this happened.

Chess by the beach at Kozhikode, 6 way tie for the title!

18/04/2017 -

ChessBase India's Nitin Pai took part at the 11th ACA rating tournament that was held at Calicut. After playing his games, enjoying the beach and relishing wonderful Kerela food, he sent us a beautiful illustrated report. Through this article you not only get to know what transpired at the event, but also get some knowledge about the future stars of Indian chess. You get know about the organizers, arbiters and support team and how each one is trying their best to popularize the game of chess in India.

The journey of a 10-year-old boy who beat a 2650+ GM!

17/04/2017 -

Pranav Venkatesh is just 10 years old, but already has a live rating of 2233! Born in 2006, he started playing chess at the age of five and a half years. In this article Pranav's father Venkatesh tells us about their journey of knowing absolutely nothing about the world of chess to becoming a national champion. Reading this you get a feel of how many ingredients need to mix well together in order to churn out a super chess talent! And yes, don't miss out the section where we analyze the game between Pranav and Salem Saleh where the youngster beat his 2652 rated opponent!