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Live games of Anand, Humpy and Harika

by Sagar Shah - 14/02/2016

It's chess bonanza time for Indian fans! While Vishy Anand fights it out at the Zurich Chess Challenge, Humpy and Harika are vying for crucial Grand Prix points in Tehran. On this page you can follow the games live of Anand as well as Humpy and Harika with powerful tools like Livebook, Let's Check, engine analysis, evaluation bar and PGN downloads. Zurich begins at 19.30 IST and Tehran at 17.00 hours. 

From 13th to 15th February 2016 we will see Vishy Anand in action in Zurich for the fifth edition of the Zurich Chess Challenge at the Hotel Savoy Baur en Ville. What we will witness is a new time control of 40 minutes per game with additional 10 seconds for each move. It will be a Round Robin event with five rounds.

The Participants of the Zurich Chess Challenge: Vladimir Kramnik, Hikaru Nakamura, Vishy Anand, Alexei Shirov, Levon Aronian and Anish Giri.

These are the timings of the rounds as per IST:

Round 1 : 13th Feb 7.30 p.m IST

Round 2 : 13th Feb 10.30 p.m IST

Round 3 : 14th Feb 7.30 p.m IST

Round 4 : 14th Feb 10.30 p.m IST

Round 5 : 15th Feb 7.30 p.m IST

On this page you can watch the live games of Anand with powerful tools like:

1. Livebook to see the games that have been played before in the same line
2. Engine analysis
3. A bar which tells you instant evaluation of the position
4. Download PGN file
5. You can share the game on facebook and other social networks



While the top Indian player Vishy Anand is fighting out in Zurich, Indian women number one and two, Humpy and Harika, are in Tehran for the second leg of the FIDE grand Prix. You can watch the lives games of Humpy and Harika right here using tools like Livebook, engine, PGN download, evaluation bar etc. The round begins at 17.00 hours IST


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