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by Sagar Shah - 13/11/2015

13th of November 2015 is an important day in Indian chess. The ChessBase India website has been launched. This article provides you with a brief summary of the things that ChessBase India would be indulging in, in order to promote chess in the country. Top class coverage of Indian events along with special prices of ChessBase products for Indian residents. Read the article for more details.

The ChessBase India website has been launched on 13th of November 2015. As written in our about us page, ChessBase India mainly has two purposes:

1. To cover tournaments taking place in India and also follow the top Indian players playing in foreign countries.

2. To make ChessBase products available at special discounted rates for people residing in India.


Tournament coverage

With regards to tournament coverage, we have made sure to launch the website when two of the strongest Indian tournaments are about to begin: The National Men and Women's Premier event. The website already has more than 20 articles ranging from the World Cup 2015 to Hari's victory at Isle of Man and Swapnil's great show in Orissa.


The National Premier event is about to begin from the 14th of November 2015. We have the preview for the tournament and one of our editors, Priyadarshan Banjan, is already in Thiruvarur to provide live round by round coverage of the event.
The Women's premier event began today and we will have the coverage done on our website. You can read the preview of the event over here.
In this regard, if you are a tournament organizer and would like us to cover your tournament, you must get in touch with us. Or if you have an article on chess which is lying on your computer since many days and you would like the people to read it, you should definitely write to us. You can find our email address in the contact us section.


We have the biography page of the top Indian players. Currently there are bios of top five male and top five female players in that section. We will steadily increase it to include the bios of all the titled players of our country.

Special Prices for Indians

We have made a deal with the ChessBase headquarters in Hamburg that the ChessBase products would be sold for special prices in India. 


The download version of ChessBase 13 costs €99.90 at the international website. As on today's rate this would cost you Rs 7100/-. But in the ChessBase India shop you will find it for 2999/-
We are currently in the process of setting up the shop and it should be functional by January 2016. But feel free to browse through the prices and available products at ChessBase India shop. We have products like Mega Database, Komodo 9, Deep Fritz 14, etc. Classic improvement DVDs like Daniel King's Powerplay and Karsten Mueller's Endgame will be available for just Rs.999/-.
The ChessBase account which has been launched recently has eight new amazing features like PlayChess account, Tactics trainer, Openings trainer, Live Database, Let's check function etc. This account is available on the international website at 35 euros for the starter pack and 50 euros for the premium one. On ChessBase India you can buy for Rs.999/- and Rs.1499/- respectively.
At the recently concluded World Youth 2015 we saw how the Indians dominated the event with 11 medals (5 golds, 3 silver and 3 bronze). We want to make sure that these talents get the right technological backing at affordable prices. 

If you have any suggestions or feedback get in touch with us at


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