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Tania Sachdev sings the national anthem

by Sagar Shah - 28/07/2016

The Thyagaraj Sports complex in New Delhi witnessed a jam packed crowd on 25th of July 2016. The reason? It was the game between Dabang Delhi and Patna Pirates at the Pro Kabaddi League 2016. But what is its connection to chess? Our very own International Master Tania Sachdev was at the venue and sung the national anthem before the start of the game. A proud moment for every Indian chess player.

On the last day of the Maharashtra Chess League 2016 all the players of the RBS Ahmednagar Checkers team met at the JW Marriott for the farewell dinner. The players included GM Shardul Gagare, IM Tania Sachdev, IM Sagar Shah, WGM Bhakti Kulkarni, Shashikant Kutwal and Pawan Dodeja. We had some very interesting chats with the team owners Siddharth Mayur and Dhaval Shah.

The Ahmednagar Checkers team at JW Marriott Hotel

At that moment Tania asked the team owners, "What is it that attracts you to sports?" Siddharth Mayur, who has been an ex-national hockey player, thought for a while and said, "You know the feeling of being on the ground and listening to the national anthem. It's an unparalleled feeling. Just the thought of it gives me goosebumps!" While all of us nodded in agreement, little did we know that one amongst us would be actually singing the national anthem in front of a huge audience just a few days later!

Tania Sachdev, who has been a former National as well as Asian Champion, has made the country proud many times with her chess exploits. Thanks to her achievements the national anthem has been played on numerous ocassions at various events. But to sing the national anthem, that too in front of a packed crowd - this is definitely something new for any sports player!

Tania Sachdev singing the National Anthem before the start of the game between Dabang Delhi and Patna Pirates at the Pro Kabaddi League
As Siddharth said, goosebumps is the right word!

All we can say is, keep up the good work Tania. The entire Indian chess fraternity is proud of you!

And yeah she is not so bad at Kabaddi as well! Check out the video of the dizzy Kabaddi below!

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