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AL Jazeera speaks to Sara Khadem

by ChessBase India - 17/01/2017

Sarasadat Khademalsharieh, better known as Sara Khadem, is a 19-year-old International Master from Iran. Women in Iran are traditionally banned from attending many sporting events. On the streets, women need to cover their heads. On the playing field, it is the same. Al Jazeera, a Qatar-based news network had a chat with Khadem, in which she discussed chess in Iran. And, also FIDE made an announcement. Read more. 


Below are excerpts. For the full interview click here


Photos by Amruta Mokal


IM Sara Khadem (2452) 


Al Jazeera: How difficult has it been to a female chess player in Iran?

Khadem: I get asked this very frequently but I don't think it’s a lot different from being a male chess player in Iran. We kind of have the same coaches, the same tournaments, so I don't really feel the difference.

Chess is actually developing in Iran and I've been hearing good things from people who are not chess players but have been following my matches and progress.


Al Jazeera: At what point did you decide that chess would take priority?

Khadem: This happened when I won the world championship aged 12. I was only the third Iranian to have won that title. After that, it became a profession for me. I do want to study. I plan on taking up graphics designing at university. I've applied for a place but not sure what the outcome will be.


A picture for posterity?! Iran’s Sara Khadem, Atousa Pourkashiyan,
Kazakhstan’s Zhansaya Abdumalik and India’s Padmini Rout share a wonderful moment together.

Al Jazeera: Did that get you a positive response from those around you once you decided to take up chess professionally?

Khadem: Well, there was a mixture. Some friends were positive while some were negative. Some said it was a good sport and one for the smart people. I don't think that's true though but somehow they thought of chess like that while others said it’s a boring game.

So I was getting a bit of both sides.



Click to read the full interview in Al Jazeera


Pairings for Women’s World Championship 2017




FIDE announces the first round pairings for the forthcoming Women’s World Championship to be held in Tehran, Iran.


NAME Seed   NAME Seed
Ju Wenjun 1 - Lane, Nancy 64
Mezioud, Amina 63 - Muzychuk Anna 2
Kosteniuk Alexandra 3 - Latreche, Sabrina 62
Shamima, Akter Liza 61 - Harika Dronavalli 4
Dzagnidze Nana 5 - Mona, Khaled 60
Ni, Viktorija 59 - Gunina Valentina 6
Stefanova Antoaneta 7 - Marrero Lopez, Yaniet 58
Martinez, Ayelen 57 - Zhao Xue 8
Tan Zhongyi 9 - Foisor, Sabina 56
Gvetadze Sofio 55 - Batsiashvili Nino 10
Pogonina Natalija 11 - Zhou Qiyu 54
Arribas Robaina Maritza 53 - Shen Yang 12
Hoang Thanh Trang 13 - Buksa Nataliya 52
Pourkashiyan, Atousa 51 - Paehtz Elisabeth 14
Goryachkina Aleksandra 15 - Zhai Mo 50
Hejazipour, Mitra 49 - Bodnaruk Anastasia 16
Girya Olga 17 - Foisor Cristina-Adela 48
Pham, Le Thao Nguyen 47 - Javakhishvili Lela 18
Cramling Pia 19 - Nemcova, Katerina 46
Guramishvili Sopiko 45 - Khademalsharieh, Sarasadat 20
Socko Monika 21 - Savina Anastasia 44
Charochkina Daria 43 - Huang Qian 22
Zhukova Natalia 23 - Khurtsidze Nino 42
Ziaziulkina Nastassia 41 - Ushenina, Anna 24
Danielian Elina 25 - Padmini, Rout 40
Melia Salome 39 - Atalik Ekaterina 26
Mkrtchian Lilit 27 - Ni Shiqun 38
Zimina Olga 37 - Khotenashvili Bela 28
Saduakassova, Dinara 29 - Nechaeva Marina 36
Gaponenko Inna 35 - Kovalevskaya Ekaterina 30
Cori T., Deysi 31 - Kashlinskaya Alina 34
Zhu, Chen 33 - Sukandar, Irine Kharisma 32

Colours of the first game for all players will be dependent on the draw made in the opening ceremony and may be reversed from the ones shown above.


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