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Breaking: Praggnanandhaa's opponent makes an illegal move...

by Priyadarshan Banjan - 26/05/2017

The Zalakaros Open 2017 has witnessed a hilarious incident in the eighth round. World's youngest IM Praggnanandhaa R. was playing China's Li Bo, when the latter made an illegal move. Unfortunately, Pragg did not notice this and went on to lose. Can he appeal against the game?

Breaking: Praggnanandhaa's opponent makes an illegal move...

World's youngest International Master Praggnanandhaa R. is playing in the strong Gyula Sax Memorial tournament in Zalakaros. In the eighth round, he was paired against

...the Chinese player Li Bo, rated 2359.

On the 14th move, Li Bo, who is black, recaptured the queen on h5 with 14...Rxh5.

Now, it is Black to move again. Note that the rook on h8 has already moved and hence, he cannot castle kingside. However, Li Bo castled kingside!! And Praggu did not notice this and proceeded as if everything is normal!

Unfortunately, most of the live broadcast, including in Playchess, stopped right before the illegal move as the software does not comprehend it as it is illegal. The Followchess App. has the game continuation which is showing that Praggnanandhaa has lost the game.




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