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Live games from the Mumbai Mayor's Cup 2017

by Sagar Shah - 04/06/2017

The Mumbai Mayor's Cup 2017 with 15 GMs and 12 IMs out of the 201 participants is a super strong tournament. The top seed is rated 2635 and there are 50 players above 2200. It shouldn't come as a surprise that you can see some really high quality chess being played at this event. This live games page helps you to follow the battles as well as download all the previous games that have been played until now. Follow your favourite players here!

Live Games:

The moves will be updated as soon as the live games begin. Until then you can play over the games of the previous round.

Playing schedule

Round Date Time
1 2017/06/04 04:00 pm
2 2017/06/05 09:30 am
3 2017/06/05 16:00 pm
4 2017/06/06 02:30 pm
5 2017/06/07 09:30 am
6 2017/06/07 16:00 pm
7 2017/06/08 02:30 pm
8 2017/06/09 02:30 pm
9 2017/06/10 02:30 pm
10 2017/06/11 09:30 am

Replay all the games of the previous rounds

These are all the games of all the rounds that have been played until now. 


Check the pairings and results here

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