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Live Games: Vishy Anand at London Chess Classic

by ChessBase India - 18/12/2016

The eighth edition of the London Chess Classic will begin from 9th of December 2016. Eight of the top ten players in the world are participating. Vishy Anand is one of the participants. On this page you can enjoy the games of Vishy Anand along with features like livebook, let's check, powerful engine and much more. The tournament is a 10-player Round Robin event 

Nine out of the 10 participants are here! Guess who's the one missing?


Players Elo
Fabiano Caruana 2822
Vladimir Kramnik 2809
Maxime Lagrave 2803
Wesley So 2794
Levon Aronian 2785
Vishy Anand 2780
Hikaru Nakamura 2779
Anish Giri 2771
Veselin Topalov 2760
Michael Adams 2751
Avg Elo 2785.4


Round Date Day Time
1 9-Dec Friday 4 p.m.
2 10-Dec Saturday 2 p.m.
3 11-Dec Sunday 2 p.m.
4 12-Dec Monday 4 p.m.
5 13-Dec Tuesday 4 p.m.
6 15-Dec Thursday 4 p.m.
7 16-Dec Friday 4 p.m.
8 17-Dec Saturday 2 p.m.
9 18-Dec Sunday 2 p.m.

 Live Commentary

Live Games begin at 19.30 IST

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