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Checkmating the 9-5: iSprout Pan India Chess Tournament

by Monalisa Kayal - 10/07/2024

The game of chess is gaining popularity not only among young audiences but also within corporate and co-working environments. Organizing a chess tournament in offices or co-working spaces can enhance member experiences, foster community spirit, improve the work atmosphere, and promote mental well-being through engaging in strategic gameplay. The iSprout Pan India Chess tournament was held across 14 centres, and a total of 133 players took part from different parts of India! Read this report for complete information on the tournament, and an interview with the main person behind the event - Reecha Saha. Photos: iSprout

A chess tournament across fourteen centers and 133 participants Across India 

The game of chess is gaining popularity not only among young audiences but also within corporate and co-working environments. Organizing a chess tournament in offices or co-working spaces can enhance member experiences, foster community spirit, improve the work atmosphere, and promote mental well-being through engaging in strategic gameplay.


iSprout is a premier coworking space in Hyderabad designed to meet the diverse needs of growing business enterprises. Catering to everyone from freelancers seeking dedicated workstations to established corporations requiring custom-made offices, iSprout stands out as a major player in the coworking sector. Renowned for its innovative workspace solutions and client-centric plans, iSprout offers well-serviced spaces, trained support staff, and attractive amenities in prime locations, ensuring a superior working environment.

The iSprout Pan India Chess tournament in action!

In June, they came up with a plan to organize a chess tournament across their various locations and this was their agenda:

Promoting Mental Engagement

Building Community and Connections

Encouraging Healthy Competition

Adding Variety to Co-working Activities

Promoting Relaxation and Stress Relief

Showcasing the Co-working Space Culture

Encouraging Participation and Inclusivity

A nice group photo of a few players and organizers with the Operations HOD after the tournament!

The winners receiving their prizes after the chess tournament! We have Reecha Saha (right) greeting the player along with the Finance HOD (left).

The iSprout pan India chess tournament was conducted across fourteen locations and 133 participants took part in the four-day event. The winners were awarded Jade plants, iSprout certificates, and ChessBase India merch.

The players sharing a light moment before the round starts!

Starting moments of an intense game in the tournament!

The prizes for the Champion!

Monalisa Kayal, a senior HR working with a UK-based organization - Clickso at one of iSprout's co-working locations caught up with Reecha Saha the Customer Success Manager at iSprout. Monalisa is a close follower of the work done by ChessBase India. She gave some valuable input and also came up with the idea of sharing some ChessBase India merch with the winners to encourage them to play more.

These were the special ChessBase India products the prize winners received!

Let us now talk to Reecha the main person behind the event and understand the idea behind organizing the chess tournament and how she managed to plan the event across multiple locations. 


Monalisa:  Tell us about yourself and your roles and responsibilities at iSprout?

Reecha: My name is Reecha Saha, Customer Success Manager here at ISprout.In my role, as Customer Success Manager, my primary objective is to ensure that our clients receive the highest level of support and value from iSprout, and to work closely with clients to achieve success. I bring in nine years of extensive hospitality industry expertise, specializing in delivering exceptional guest experiences. I am deeply committed to building strong, long-lasting relationships with our clients, and I am passionate about helping our Clients leverage their Products and Services to their fullest potential.

Reecha (left) awarding the prize winners of the tournament!

Monalisa: Would you say how easy or difficult was it to organize the tournament? What is your key takeaway from the experience?

Reecha: Organizing a tournament can be both challenging and rewarding. The difficulty often depends on various factors such as the scale of the tournament, the number of participants, the logistics involved, and ensuring smooth execution, here at iSprout we have lots of support from every individual.

The players in deep thought during the chess tournament in Mumbai!

Monalisa: How did you find the players responding to the event? Can we expect more such tournaments in the future?

Reecha: The response from players to the tournament was tremendously positive and we had around 133 participants across Pan India iSprout, and there is sustained interest and organizational capability, so it's reasonable to expect more tournaments in the future. Each event builds on the experience gained, aiming to offer even better opportunities and experiences for participants.

Who says chess games can't attract crowds?

To summarise, here are my key pointers for building this event:

1. Enhanced Client Relationships

Strengthened Bonds: Personal interactions and shared experiences can deepen relationships, fostering a sense of loyalty.

Increased Trust: Providing a well-organized, enjoyable event showcases the commitment to clients' satisfaction and engagement.


2. Networking Opportunities

Client Networking: Clients can meet and interact with each other, potentially leading to new business opportunities and partnerships.

Internal Networking: The team can also network with clients, gaining deeper insights into their needs and preferences.


3. Client Engagement and Loyalty

Client Retention: Engaging clients through unique events helps in retaining them by creating memorable experiences.

Feedback and Insights: Interacting with clients in a relaxed setting can lead to valuable feedback on our services.


4. Skills Development and Team Building

Analytical Skills: Chess enhances strategic thinking and problem-solving skills, benefiting clients professionally.

Team Spirit: Promoting a sense of community and teamwork among clients, as well as within the organization.


5. Differentiation from Competitors

Unique Offering: Hosting a chess tournament sets you apart from competitors who may not offer similar client engagement activities.

Value Addition: Demonstrates added value beyond the core services, enhancing overall client satisfaction.


6. Fun and Entertainment

Enjoyable Experience: Provides clients with a fun and intellectually stimulating activity, making their association with the company more enjoyable.

Stress Relief: Offers a break from the regular work routine, helping clients relax and recharge.


7. Promotion of Fair Play and Ethics

Ethical Values: Promotes the importance of fair play and integrity, aligning with positive corporate values.

Sportsmanship: Encourages a spirit of sportsmanship and healthy competition among clients.


About the author

Monalisa Kayal is a senior HR professional working with a UK-based organization - Clickso. She is a chess lover and an avid follower of ChessBase India's work. Her hobbies include reading books, baking and socialising.


This article is edited by Himank Ghosh 


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