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Hasselbacken 01-03: Indians in Sweden

by Priyadarshan Banjan - 03/05/2016

The Hasselbacken Open 2016 began in Stockholm, Sweden, on April 30, 2016, with Dimitry Andreikin and the legendary Alexei Shirov as star attractions. While Shirov enthralled one and all with his fireworks in the third round, Indians haven't disappointed either. Adhiban, Sethuraman, and Sasikiran are amongst the large pack of leaders with perfect scores. And they aren't the only Indians in the fray. Check out this report after the first three rounds, with LIVE grandmaster commentary of the fourth round in progress. Simultaneously, you can also check out the games of the Indian stars on our interface.

Hasselbacken 01-03: Indians in Sweden

Photos: Lars OA Hedlund


You may have never been to Stockholm, but when you read that the capital of Sweden is an archipelago of fourteen islands connected by fifty-seven bridges, and when you see the pictures of the lovable city, you can only long to be present in this Scandivanian beauty. To be precise geographically, the main Stockholm city is not really an archipelago but a fashionable and trend-setting society. A part of it is inside a time capsule, with historic structures and razor-thin cobblestone streets, while the main city is surrounded by the vast archipelago.


A group of Indians successfully made it to the Swedish capital to play in the Hasselbacken Open 2016 tournament, whic