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Live Norway Rd.9: Hari faces the leader Aronian

by ChessBase India - 29/04/2016

What an event for Indian fans! Norway Chess 2016 is here and Harikrishna is going to rub shoulders with the best in the business. We have set up a live game page which will feature only Harikrishna's game. You can watch it with other features like engine analysis, livebook, PGN download etc. Hari is on 4.0/8 and faces the leader Levon Aronian in the final round with the white pieces. He can still fight for the top spot if he beats Aronian today. Do tune in at 7.30 p.m. IST on 29th of April for all the action! 

The Norway Chess 2016 gets underway from the 19th of April 2016. It is one of the strongest tournaments of the year and we will see players like Magnus Carlsen, Vladimir Kramnik, Anish Giri, MVL and other top guys in action. The Indian interest is sparked by the participation of Pentala Harikrishna.

This is how the pairing list looks like:

If you see next Harikrishna's name in Round one you will see that he is facing number five: Magnus Carlsen

All the Indian chess fans are backing Hari to win this event!

The live game begins at 7.30 p.m. IST

The board will be updated with the live game as soon as the round begins. Until then enjoy Harikrishna's game from the previous round

You can watch the entire game here with the following features:

  • Livebook to see the games that have been played before in the same line.
  • Engine analysis.
  • A bar which tells you instant evaluation of the position.
  • Download PGN file if you are a premium member.
  • You can share the game on Facebook and other social networks.

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