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Your chance to play blitz with the best in Indian chess!

by Sagar Shah - 09/03/2017

On 9th March 1943 Robert James Fischer was born. To celebrate the birthday of this great player ChessBase India has organized the first prize money blitz tournament on 12th of March 2017. With the first prize of Rs.10,000 at stake the tournament already has four grandmasters, six International Masters, two WGMs and a horde of young talents participating at the event. This is your chance to play blitz against some of the best chess players of the country. Don't miss out!

It's a huge day for chess fans all over the world. Exactly 74 years ago the greatest player who ever graced the chess board - Bobby Fischer was born. On 9th March 1943 at 2.39 p.m. after nine hours of labour, Regina gave birth to her first son.  

From the young 11-year-old boy in Brooklyn, to the man who broke the Soviet dominance, to the veteran who almost went crazy, Fischer was a man comparable to none!
What is the best way to pay tribute to one of the finest players that the game of chess has seen? Well, the right thing to do would be to indulge in something that Bobby loved. And chess was surely right on top of his favourites list. It is with this intention that ChessBase India has organized an online blitz event on the 12th of March 2017 on Playchess at 6 p.m.

Bobby Fischer Online Tournament
on 12th March, 2017 


First prize: Rs.10,000

Date: 12th of March 2017

Time: 6.00 p.m. IST 

Time control: 3+0, 9 rounds

Prize fund: Rs. 31,000

Venue: Playchess

The tournament will witness the participation of four grandmasters: Swapnil Dhopade (2542), Vishnu Prasanna (2534), Deepan Chakravarthy (2480) and R.R. Laxman (2409)

Strong IMs like Thejkumar, Swayams Mishra, C. Praveen Kumar, CRG Krishna, Ravi Teja will be seen in action

As a spectator I would be very inquisitive to see how these four kids would perform at the event - R. Praggnanandhaa, Nihal Sarin, Raunak Sadhwani and Pranav. V.

Woman power: WGM Kiran Manisha Mohanty and WGM Bhakti Kulkarni have will ensure that boys don't have all the fun!

Confirmed list of players:

Serial No. Name Fide rating Playchess ID
1 GM Lalith Babu 2593 Anji
2 GM Swapnil Dhopade 2542 SwapnilSD
3 GM Vishnu Prasanna 2534 Fidodido
4 IM P. Karthikeyan 2507 Chennaikramnik
5 IM Thejkumar 2482 msthej
6 GM Deepan Chakravarthy 2480 j2d
7 IM N. Srinath 2472 NSRINATH
8 IM R. Praggnanandhaa 2455 rprag2005
9 IM Swayams Mishra 2450 Mr.bh6
10 IM Arghyadip Das 2418 casillas
11 GM R.R. Laxman 2409 LAXMAN
12 IM Nubairshah Shaikh 2408 NubairshahShaikh
13 GM M.R.Venkatesh 2396  
14 IM CRG Krishna 2394 crg
15 FM Nihal Sarin 2386 nihalsarin
16 IM Anwesh Upadhyay 2385 Anwesh
17 IM Ravi Teja 2377 RaviTejaS
18 Niranjan Navalgund 2375 Twentrythreewins
19 Mitrabha Guha 2348 Babysnake
20 Sai Krishna G.V. 2339 Pennkrishna
21 Aradhya Garg 2315 Aradhya
22 Rahul Shrivastav 2303 Rahulsrivathsav
23 IM C Praveen Kumar 2294 Cholzan
24 WGM Bhakti Kulkarni 2286 bestluck
25 S Arjun Kalyan 2280 chesscounter
26 Sankalp Gupta 2265 Junior Tyson
27 Ritviz Parab 2235 TheNGUKnight
28 Raunak Sadhwani 2218 devil1234
29 Snehal Bhosale 2211 BurninggIce
30 Arvind CJ 2198 Junosource
31 IM Chakravarthi Reddy 2195 Chakravarthi
32 Sriram Sarja 2175 Indianquant
33 WGM Kiran Manisha Mohanty 2160 Rojalin
34 Pranav V 2149 pranav_vip
35 Likhit Chilukuri 2125 Jon Targaryen
36 Niraj Saripalli 2125 gogolman96
37 Nikhil Joshi 2103 NikhilJoshi2
38 Nikhil Dixit 2101 nikhildixit98
39 Kannan Sa 2085 NextWC
40 Priyanka Nutakki 2084 Chess Queen
41 Nikhil Magizhnan 2077 Nikhilchess4
42 Kiran Panditrao 2049 Kiran Panditrao
43 Dushyant Sharma 2013 Dushu2930
44 Anuj Shivratri 1980 Anuj shivratri
45 K.Sai Nirupama 1978 saraswathii
46 Rahul Verma 1946 Rvlc
47 Sonakshi Rathore 1933 Sonakshi
48 L R Srihari 1922 lsr
49 Rajababu Gajengi 1907 PRAJAT
50 Shahid Ahmed 1862 dnumber23
51 Abhijith Pran  1847 pranabhijith
52 Gopal Rathod 1842 chessworld36
53 Jay Pradhan 1840 jptheking
54 Shanya Mishra 1821 shanya
55 Ambarish Sharma 1808 Ambar768
56 Akhilesh Nagare 1807 Nagareakhilesh
57 Shahil Dey 1774 shahildey
58 Kiran A 1753 creativedevil
59 R.Rathneesh 1735 rathu
60 Ishan Bansal 1729 ishu98
61 Thangraj Nadar 1728 e-player
62 K.Krithigga 1708 krithiggakasi
63 Falgun Purohit 1705 falgun_chess4192
64 Kashish Manoj Jain 1679 Kashishgreen
65 Nityata Jain 1654 IGM210104
66 Vignesh.N 1639 vicky18
67 Aditya S 1637 adityass
68 Ankit Bhattacharya 1615 ANKIT2002
69 Debarghya Samanta 1592 debarghya1972
70 S.Rohit 1589 rohit_arjun
71 Atharva Jaeel 1568 atharvajaeel
72 Jatin Deshpande 1515 JATIN45
73 Shubham Malani 1510 Mad
74 Raghav Bansal 1508 raghu_chess
75 Abhinav Shetty 1491 ahs1992
76 Krish Butala 1476 india_chess
77 Jaiswalprince 1468 Ganpatibappa
78 Arhan Chethan Anand 1422 LegacyPlayer
79 Badri Narayan B 1411 Indianmvl
80 Yash Watarkar 1396 ing3112
81 Vikrant Malvankar 1388 digupagal
82 Avathanshu Bhat 1361 sans360
83 Badri Narayanan 1343 badri0102
84 Shivakumar D M 1332 dmshivakumar
85 Yuvraj Punia 1313 yuvraj111
86 Ashwin Sairam 1291 ASHWIN123
87 sparsh shah 1277 sparsh2004
88 Arnav Nehete 1261 ANN212
89 Prakhar Bajaj 1172 Gaurav306
90 Prahathi Mohan Raj 1108 PrahathiMohanRaj
91 Vamsi Krishna 1065 Zener#123
92 Parth Thakkar 0 plawliet9
93 Purva Kulkarni 0 purvachess
94 Sankarshana G 0 sankarshana G
95 Shreejana Dash 0 sreejana


The total prize fund is Rs.31,000

Main Prize list:

Place Prize
1st 10,000
2nd 5,000
3rd 3,200
4th 2,000
5th 1,000
6th 1,000
7th 1,000
8th 1,000
9th 1,000
10th 1,000
Special prizes:
There are seven prizes of Rs. 800 each. The condition to claim these prizes are that you have to play all the rounds of the tournament, and cannot leave it half-way. 
Place Prize
20th 800
30th 800
40th 800
50th 800
60th 800
70th 800

Entry fee:

The entry fee to the tournament is Rs.500. In this fee you get one month of ChessBase Premium Account worth Rs.125. Before paying the entry fee of the tournament, please ensure that you have a valid Playchess id. You can create one here. The last date to pay entry is 10th of March 2017.

Once you have paid Rs.500, you will receive the one month serial key on the registered email address along with the procedure to extend your account.
All GMs, IMs and WGMs get free entry to our tournament. All you have to do is write a mail to us at along with your name, FIDE ID and the playchess ID. If you do not have a playchess ID please create it from here and share with us.
Click here for the tournament rules, and to know more details about the event.
The tournament is powered by and will take place in the...
...newly launched Vishy Anand Arena in the ChessBase India room
See you all on 12th of March 2017 and let's enjoy a super strong blitz tournament!

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