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Record participation at the Delhi International 2017

by Sagar Shah - 08/01/2017

The 15 the edition of Delhi Open International 2017 will witness the participation of nearly 1800 players. Led by Bharat Singh Chauhan and his able team, this has truly become a flagship event of our country. Farrukh Amonatov (2619) will be the top seed in the A group followed by Lalith Babu (2587) who will be looking to break into the 2600 zone. Check out the winners of the previous edition and also what would be expecting in 2017.

New Delhi: All records are set to be broken as the 15th edition of the Delhi International will have over 1800 participants in three categories fighting for a prize fund of Rs. 51,51,000/- (Rupees Fifty One Lakh Fifty One Thousand).

Such scenes are unseen at any event in India. This was in 2016. This year it's even bigger!

The biggest Indian open grew even bigger this year with the highest ever prize money offered on Indian soil in any open tournament. The premier event has drawn world class players like Grandmaster Amonatov Farrukh of Tajikistan who will start as the top seed in the ‘A’ group.

Starting rank - A group

No.     Name FideID Rtg
1   GM Amonatov Farrukh 14700077 2619
2   GM Lalith Babu M R 5024595 2587
3   GM Bortnyk Olexandr 14120828 2581
4   GM Ghosh Diptayan 5045207 2570
5   GM David Alberto 4000013 2569
6   GM Karthikeyan Murali 5074452 2564
7   GM Vaibhav Suri 5045185 2552
8   GM Sunilduth Lyna Narayanan 5058422 2541
9   GM Bernadskiy Vitaliy 14100371 2540
10   GM Sivuk Vitaly 14116502 2540

Check the complete list

Farrukh Amonatov (2619) from Tajikistan is the top seed (photo by Amruta Mokal)

The Indian challenge will be spearheaded by Grandmaster and former Commonwealth Champion M R Lalith Babu who starts as the second seed in a star studded field comprising 27 Grandmasters and 24 International Masters in a field of around 270 participants as of now.

Lalith Babu (2587) will be looking to cross 2600 Elo for the first time in his career

Ivan Popov won the Delhi Open in 2016 (picture by Priyadarshan Banjan)

The Sheikh Sultan Cup

Video Report by Vijay Kumar:

The “B” group that starts along-side the main event on Saturday has 585 participants while the ‘C’ group remains the biggest draw with the participants’ list touching close to 900. With entries still pouring in at the last minute, the organisers are sure to cross the 1800 mark, which is a shade more than those who participated last year. The list of participating countries also broke the record with players from 28 countries.

Starting rank - B group

No.   Name FideID FED Rtg sex Typ Club/City
1 CM Amini Habibullah 11700777 AFG 1999      
2   Tamang Thendup 35034375 IND 1992     Sik
3   Kamdar Udit 35046284 IND 1984      
4   Arun Rathi 25098713 IND 1979     Har
5   Mohite Ranveer 25010352 IND 1979     Mah
6   Priyanka Kumari 5029040 IND 1973 w   Jha
7   Dixit Nikhil 5059534 IND 1970     Mah
8   Pimpalkhare Vedant 25048236 IND 1965      
9   Lakshmi Krishna Bhushan D 25027336 IND 1964      
10   Singh Soram Rahul 25001574 IND 1962     Ass

Complete list of players

Rishab Nishad scored 9.0/10 to win Delhi Open B category in 2016 (picture by Priyadarshan Banjan)

Starting rank - C group

No.   Name FideID FED Rtg Typ Club/City
1   Anuraag Saikia 46691596 IND 1598   Ass
2   Borse Pankaj 35059270 IND 1597   MAH
3   Chudasama Ankit 45059144 IND 1597   Guj
4   Hrishikesh Shirish Bakshi 25033557 IND 1589 U15 Mah
5   Salman K 35083651 IND 1589   AP
6   Shanmukha Teja P 35036963 IND 1589   AP
7   Gaha Narayan 25021869 IND 1588   UP
8   Sanjay Kumar Bajpai 25673610 IND 1588   Del
9   Murarilal Kori 25700782 IND 1586    
10   Adithya Vishveshwaran M 35062549 IND 1583   UP

Complete list of players

N. Srihari won the C-group in 2016 (picture by Priyadarshan Banjan)

The ‘A’ group also gives opportunities for players to get International title norms and there are ample title holders to facilitate the norms of candidates who perform well. There are more than a handful of Indian talents here vying for their respective title norms.

The mastermind behind the Delhi Open is Bharat Singh Chauhan. Bharat Singh is a passionate chess player, and you will see him on the chess board for the better part of the event. While many would think him to be the busiest during this period, he considers the Delhi Open to be an ideal opportunity to unwind and pursue his first love!

“This remains as good an opportunity for any chess player in our country as well as abroad as it was when we started this event. Having started with a meagre prize fund of Rs. 3.5 Lakhs in 2002, the tournament prize fund has grown fifteen times in fifteen editions”, said Mr. Bharat Singh Chauhan, the President of Delhi Chess Association.

Come Monday the Ludlow Castle Sports complex will be bustling with chess players eager to make their moves. All the three categories are open to all participants and the registration for the ‘C’ group is open until the 12th of January 2017. There will be ten rounds in ‘A’ group and nine each in ‘B’ and ‘C’ group.


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