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And the winner of the #ChessMine Contest is…

by Priyadarshan Banjan - 25/07/2017

Nobody. Because ChessMine extended it by one day. Tania will adjudge the winner on 26/07/2017. Meanwhile, if you played the Kasparov Returns! Blitz Tournament, you still stand a chance to win the coveted 3-night stay in the Taj. Grab the opportunity quickly.

 #ChessMine Contest

Do you remember the first time when you touched a chess piece?


We all do.


While learning the Knight Fork, Queen’s Double-Attack, Bishop’s Sacrifice, Pawn’s promotion and somewhere in between we’ve fallen in love with chess.


Here is an opportunity to share your love for our beloved game.

Few Examples:

Although we received several entries for the contest, we think we should give more of the players playing in the ChessMine Rapid and Blitz Open 2017 to be held from August 5, 6, 7.







Participate in the #ChessMine contest:

You can play the ChessMine Rapid and Blitz Tournament and stay in Taj for 3 nights [4th (Arrival), 5th, and 6th]. Winner of this competition will be given a Double Sharing Room in the Taj, and BMW rides to and fro the venue (occasionally).


Participants of the ChessMine Rapid and Blitz FIDE Rated Tournament 2017 who also registered for the Kasparov Returns Blitz on Playchess.


Arjuna Awardee IM Tania Sachdev!

What you’ve got to do…

Simply tell us why you love chess in the form below, and put up a status message (Public) on your Facebook saying ‘Why you love chess’ and use hashtag #chessmine.


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