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ChessBase India's Online Shop has opened!

by Priyadarshan Banjan - 25/07/2016

We have endeavoured, ever since we began producing our news reports and stories, to make Indian chess news readily accessible to everyone across the globe in one repository. ChessBase India is pleased to officially launch the much-awaited Online Shop for the residents of the subcontinent! Your favourite ChessBase products are now just a few clicks away. In this illustrated article, you will learn how you can create your own personal ChessBase India account and shop for the products!

ChessBase India's Online Shop has opened!

ChessBase India started with a couple of very simple goals — to make available timely news and information, reporting on the Indian chess scene, and to bring the high-quality ChessBase products at heavily discounted prices to the people residing in India.


We have endeavoured, ever since we began producing our news reports and stories, to make Indian chess news readily accessible to everyone across the globe in one repository. We began selling our edutainment products, the ChessBase products that is, at attractive prices, but the process was cumbersome. One had to send the ChessBase India team an email, and then wire-transfer the money via bank, which would take at least a day's wait.


That is history, now. ChessBase India proudly unveils the ChessBase India online shop! Now, your favourite ChessBase products are just a few clicks away. In this article, you will learn how precisely our online shop works, and how you can improve your chess by using it to the fullest.

ChessBase India co-founder Sagar Shah announced the arrival a couple of days back.

For us at ChessBase India, it is not about selling the products, but being loyal friends to you that counts. You know us, and we know you. It is our friendship that matters. We are here to make chess more enjoyable to you, by serving you interesting chess content for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


Allow me to brief you with what you will be doing in the next few minutes:

  • You will open a free ChessBase India account;
  • You can freely browse through all the titles, see their content, and watch sample videos;
  • You can buy the product if you want it. But remember, you can always come back and browse through our products, watch the sample videos, ask us questions, for free.

First, you will click on the 'Online Shop' tab, next to 'Home', in the header of your website.

You will see the CB India shop in all its glory!

See that small 'Sign In' tab to the top-right? Yes, click on that. Once you have your account ready, you can log in directly. Now, since you do not have an account, you would need to click on 'Create new account'. Done?


Now, you will need to fill this small form asking for your name, your email id, and a password of your choice. Remember to give your real name, unlike I have done here, as it will be easier for us to resolve your queries, when you have them.


And thus, you have entered your ChessBase India account! We have divided our products into five categories. This makes it easier for you to choose. Have problems with your openings? Head to the Openings section!

Remember me telling you that we value your friendship more than anything? If you are not sure what exactly your problems are, email us three-four of your recent classical tournament games at! IM Sagar Shah, or one of our experts who are among India's top coaches, will diagnose your problems and point out what exactly needs to be fixed in your game! And this service is free of cost.


We will be glad to point you out what you need to work on to improve your chess, and then, all you need to do is buy the relevant product from the relevant section.

I want to fix my opening repertoire. Therefore, when I click on the Openings section, I land on the Openings shop page.

So, you simply choose the product you want to buy. If you want to buy only one product, you can click on Buy Now directly and proceed. If you are shopping for more, just drag and drop your product into the Bag icon to your extreme down-right.

You can literally 'carry' your bag as you shop around, dragging and dropping your products. You can carry the bag to other departments of the CB India shop as well like I did here by going to the Endgames section. Once you are done shopping, simply click the 'Open Bag' option in the shopping bag icon.


You will be directed to the Checkout page, where you can check out your products. Then you click on Checkout...

...landing on the Payment details page. Choose your mode of payment (Card/Net Banking). If you did not register with a Gmail account, make sure you leave your functional Gmail account id in the space provided.

You will be asked to fill in simple details, and then you may click on Continue.

You will land on our payment gateway. Choose your method of payment, and finally, pay. That is it. We will deliver to your Gmail id the product(s) you ordered before you know it!

We have approximately seventy-five ChessBase products in our online shop right now. We keep increasing the numbers every time a new product is released by ChessBase. Check out our products at heavily discounted Indian prices in our Online Shop now!


Let us know your thoughts. And yes, remember, if you have any question(s), we are just an email or a facebook message away!



Facebook: ChessBase India


Note: We are pleased to announce that ChessBase India is now open for residents of Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka as well! More details to follow soon.