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All that you wanted to know about the ChessBase Account

by ChessBase India - 04/06/2016

The best part about the ChessBase Account is that it offers you a way to work on your own and become stronger at the game. Imagine playing online, then solving tactics, finetuning your opening reportoire, storing your analysis and games on cloud, watching videos by world renowned grandmasters, top notch engine analysis! All of this can be done with the ChessBase premium Account. All you need is a browser and an internet connection and you are good to go! This article explains all the features of the ChessBase Account to you.

ChessBase is proud to announce the newest expansion of its online services, ChessBase Account. With it, you can now access a vast library of hundreds of training videos, from openings, to the middlegame and the endgame with many complete courses. Furthermore you will enjoy a brand new Openings Trainer to help you memorize your repertoire, 50,000 tactical training positions, 7 million games in the live database that are updated every week, ability to save and access your games online, premium membership of Playchess, play against powerful engines online and much more!

These are the ten features that you will be offered:

  1. Playchess: Play against more than 20,000 players from all around the globe everyday
  2. Live Database: Access to seven million games which are updated weekly
  3. My games cloud: Store your games and repertoire on the cloud and access it from anywhere
  4. Video: All 60 minute DVDs + shows by Daniel King, Simon Williams, Karsten Mueller & others
  5. Fritz Online: Play, analyze and train against the powerful Fritz engine
  6. Tactics Training: More than 50,000 tactical positions for you to train
  7. Openings: Interactive and novel way to learning and memorizing your openings
  8. CB News: Daily reports on all current tournaments with pictures and analysis
  9. Engine cloud: Rent strongest engines on the most powerful computers
  10. Let’s Check: World’s largest analysis database containing 200 million analyzed positions

The above services are all included in the premium pack which costs Rs.1499/-. The international price of Premium pack is €49.99 (Rs.3700). ChessBase India offers you this unique discount of nearly 70% so that you can access these features, improve your game, and become a better player.

Check out the ChessBase Account website

Below you can find videos by our experts explaining you the different features of the ChessBase Account and how best you can use them.

Complete overview 

This video by IM Sagar Shah gives you a complete overview of all the ten features of the ChessBase Account

Video tutorials by Albert Silver


How to use one of the best online platforms to play, learn and watch live games

Videos Library

Treasure trove of videos by world renowned grandmasters on all the phases of the game

Tactics Trainer

Video Tutorial explaining to you how to use the tactics trainer

My games cloud

Part I

Learn how to use the cloud (I)

Part II

Learn how to use cloud (II)

Cloud Engines


Even if you don't have the strongest of engines or computer configuration, cloud engines is here to help you

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Openings trainer

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How to register


About the author of the videos

Except the first video in this article all of the rest have been made by Albert Silver. Albert is an editor and author for the ChessBase international newspage. He has a current rating of 2149 and is a great technical expert. You can bank on him to explain the most complex technological developments in the world of chess in the simplest of manner.

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