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Candidates Round-up shows on ChessBase Account

by ChessBase India - 18/03/2016

Top grandmasters like Daniel King, Simon Williams, Yannick Pelletier are doing daily Round up shows on the Candidates 2016 on ChessBase. You can access them if you are a premium member of the ChessBase Account. As an Indian resident becoming a premium member has never been easier and cheaper. It will cost you only Rs.1499/- for an entire year! And you get ten amazing features. More details in the article.

The Candidates tournament is in progress and ChessBase has come up with one hour round up programs that are featured on the ChessBase Account server after the games are over.

The English round up shows are done by prominent grandmasters like Daniel King, Simon Williams and Yannick Pelletier

You need to be a premium member to watch these shows. If you are already a premium member then just go to video section of the ChessBase Account and enjoy these instructive shows.

Roundup Commentary Schedule

Date Day Round English German
17.03.2016 Thursday Round 6 Yannick Pelletier Sebastian Siebrecht
18.03.2016 Friday Free day Summary Yannick Pelletier  
19.03.2016 Saturday Round 7 Oliver Reeh/Karsten Müller Klaus Bischoff
20.03.2016 Sunday Round 8 Chris Ward Klaus Bischoff
21.03.2016 Monday Round 9 Simon Williams Klaus Bischoff
22.03.2016 Tuesday Free day Summary Yannick Pelletier  
23.03.2016 Wednesday Round 10 Daniel King Klaus Bischoff
24.03.2016 Thursday Round 11 Simon Williams Klaus Bischoff
25.03.2016 Friday Round 12 Daniel King Oliver Reeh/Karsten Müller
26.03.2016 Saturday Free day Summary Yannick Pelletier  
27.03.2016 Sunday Round 13 Daniel King Klaus Bischoff
28.03.2016 Monday Round 14 Yannick Pelletier Klaus Bischoff


ChessBase Account is available for Indian residents for Rs.1499 per year

Apart from the daily round up shows, these are the 10 features that you will be offered on becoming Premium Members:

  1. Playchess: Play against more than 20,000 players from all around the globe everyday
  2. Live Database: Access to seven million games which are updated weekly
  3. My games cloud: Store your games and repertoire on the cloud and access it from anywhere
  4. Video: All 60 minute DVDs + shows by Daniel King, Simon Williams, Karsten Mueller & others
  5. Fritz Online: Play, analyze and train against the powerful Fritz engine
  6. Tactics Training: More than 40,000 tactical positions for you to train
  7. Openings: Interactive and novel way to learning and memorizing your openings
  8. CB News: Daily reports on all current tournaments with pictures and analysis
  9. Engine cloud: Rent strongest engines on the most powerful computers
  10. Let’s Check: World’s largest analysis database containing 200 million analyzed positions 


If you are an Indian resident you can become a premium ChessBase Account (Playchess) member for 70% thanks to ChessBase India.

The Premium account costs 50 euros for a year on the international website. As on today that comes to 3762 rupees. But you can get the same membership for Rs.1499/- only on ChessBase India.


This is the procedure to buy a ChessBase Account or any other product from the ChessBase India shop:

Write an email to us at Let us know the product that you are interested to buy. We will finalize the amount and also send you the bank details (which you can find given below). Deposit the amount of the product that you would like to buy in the ChessBase India bank account. The following are the bank details:

Bank Details:


A/C. No. :- 50200017108411 

Bank Name:- HDFC Bank.


Type of Account :- Current Account 

IFSC CODE  :- HDFC0000118

Just drop us a short mail confirming that you have deposited the money and we will send you the download link and the serial key to your email address (a gmail id is preferable). 


 *** These rates are applicable only to Indian residents.

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