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AICF Secretary Bharat Singh Chauhan's 15 point plan for Indian chess

by ChessBase India - 25/06/2017

On 25th of June Bharat Singh Chauhan assumed the office of the Secretary of All India Chess Federation (AICF). Few hours into his job, the man has come up with a 15 point plan to help improve the chess scene in India. Some of the new ideas include AICF App, improving the Chess In Schools program, forming the Indian Chess League, arbiters seminars, coaching camps in states, better AICF website and social media presence and much more. We wish him all the best for his role as the AICF Secretary and also a very happy 59th birthday!

On 25th of June Bharat Singh Chauhan assumed the post of AICF Secretary

In our previous report we had enumerated the powers and duties of the AICF Secretary. It goes without saying that it is one of the designations that can bring about a huge change in chess in India. Speaking to ChessBase India Bharat Singh outlined his 15 point plan to improve the Indian chess scene, which we enumerate below:

1. AICF app:

The AICF App is the need of the hour. It can have very valuable features. Currently we are not able to maintain a high level of information system on rules and regulations and also the AICF registration turns out to be a tedious process during tournaments. We can have an app instead through which the players can make payments and directly enroll. We can provide information on tournaments on a regular basis. We see so many different organizers/people sending information through SMS etc. This can be done easily through the app.

2. Online works/ Social media:

Our website needs to be more professional. We would like to have one more person dedicated to filing news and information not only for our site but also on Social Media – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram – where we lag behind big time.

3. Call center/Online chatting to help the players/Q&A:

This will help our players stay connected on various issues and will also ease our task on emails etc. as many issues can be resolved in seconds.

4. News update on AICF website:

This is important again as news and information on tournaments must keep flowing. We can train some arbiters to upload the pictures and news items. Arbiters may be allowed to upload news and photo graphs of event.

5. Commissions on FIDE pattern with budget:

It’s high time we have commissions on the following important projects with budget. The budget will be under strict scrutiny of AICF.
a) Chess in Schools
b) Arbiters
c) Events
d) Trainers

6. News letter:

We should have a weekly news letter informing players and our affiliates.

7. To limit the expenses on Court cases:

We are fighting too many cases and it costs a lot of money. We should be looking at minimum dispute and maximum output.

8. Activate states; resolve the disputes in various states:

There are 100s of districts across the country in various States that are dysfunctional. We should take measures to make all district associations work in cohesion with respective States Association.

9. Chess in schools:

This is a massive project that has been doing the rounds in several meetings of AICF. It’s time to take some real action as this single area can give us massive registrations.

10. Indian Chess League:

This too has been doing the rounds. We should take a call that the Indian Chess league should start maximum by early 2018.

11. Sponsorship for teams:

We should look at revenue from corporates to sponsor our teams. I am sure with right approach this will be possible.

12. Kit for team:

We should have a tie up with Nike/Adidas/Reebok for the kit given to our players. These are major companies with stores across the country so it will also be accessible.

13. Trainer and arbiters seminars in all over country:

Very few State associations are able to conduct the Arbiter’s and trainer’s seminars. In order to get maximum benefits we should activate this process in all the States.

14. Registration drive:

We should be looking at increasing this number to 100000 by next March and the projections should be 200000 by the end of 2018. This can be done if we can implement the above plans.

15. Coaching camps in all states:

Fewer States are using our training programs. It might help if we can help organize the camps by IMs/GMs on a regular basis.

Bharat Singh signs off with the following words, "And there are many more ideas in line and I hope to contribute as much I can to Indian chess!"

As soon as he has assumed the post of Secretary Bharat Singh has got down to serious work. ChessBase India wishes him the best for his tenure (2017-2020) as the AICF Secretary. As for now we will let the man enjoy 59th birthday on 26th of June!
The newly elected AICF team 

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