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Young siblings organize DCA-Samvedna Open

by Shahid Ahmed - 26/12/2019

In chess young kids are breaking various records every now and then over-the-board. However, two siblings from Delhi, Bhavik and Bhushita Ahuja who are twelve and fifteen-years-old respectively formed Samvedna which has organized a Rapid, Blitz, Bughouse, Academy quiz and Tactis fight on 14th and 15th December at Banyan Tree School in Delhi. Over 130 players participated in all the events from various schools across NCR. Santu Mondal and Saksham Rautela won the Rapid and Blitz event, Saksham and Bhushita won the Bughouse, Champions Chess Academy won the Academy quiz and Sandeep Chitkara won the Tactics fight. The young siblings formed Samvedna to spread chess across various basti (locality) all over Delhi. Photo: Team Samvedna 

Santu Mondal wins 1st DCA-Samvedna Rapid Open

Top seed Santu Mondal scored an unbeaten 6.5/7 and finished a half point ahead of the competition to win the tournament. He received 10000 cash for his efforts. This is his second triumph in three months after winning Inter Minstry individual tournament. Six players finished at 6.0/7, out of them Sanchit Anand secured the runner-up position. He drew with the eventual champion Santu in the final round. Akshay Anand secured second runner-up position according to his tie-break score.

Santu's unbeaten championship run

Saksham Rautela wins 1st DCA-Samvedna Blitz Open

15-year-old Saksham Rautela of Uttarakhand scored an 6.0/7 to win the blitz event. He had a full point lead going into the final round, so despite losing the final round against the eventual runner-up Akshay Anand, he still managed to win it and finish a half point ahead of the rest of the field. Akshay Anand and Yatin Kumar scored 5.5/6 each. They were placed second and third according to their tie-break score.

Saksham's blitz performance

Samvedna - an initiative by brother-sister duo

By Team Samvedna

Samvedna, an initiative by the brother-sister duo, Bhushita and Bhavik Ahuja, aimed to ignite the fire of chess among all chess aficionados and further spread this game across all bastis (colonies) of Delhi. The tournament organised on 14th and 15th December 2019 helped raise funds for this noble cause. The event hosted more than 200 budding participants who participated in rapid, blitz, bughouse, chess quiz and tactics fight. Prominent personalities such as Mr. Gautam Gambhir and the sports minister, Mr. Kiren Rijiju were present at the event to support the cause and endorse the initiative. Samvedna is all set to celebrate the spirit of sportsmanship in the years ahead.

Gautam Gambhir with the kids | Photo: Team Samvedna

The event was organized at the Banyan Tree School, Lodhi Road and affiliated with the Delhi Chess Association. It was largely sponsored by Ahujasons and ONGC. Media partners were Seahawk Media and Punjab Kesari. This initiative has also been supported by the Sewa Bharti NGO who will help take the game to every nook and corner of the city.

Prize Distribution Ceremony | Photo: Team Samvedna

The rapid event that took place on 14th and 15th December comprising of over 130 participants coming from various schools across the NCR (North Capital Region). The bughouse event was won by Saksham Rautela and Bhushita Ahuja. The winner of the academy quiz was Champions Chess Centre and the tactics fight was won by Sandeep Chitkara, the coach of Genius Chess Academy and also shared third, fourth place finisher in the blitz event.

Inter academy quiz in progress | Photo: Team Samvedna

The organizer Bhushita Ahuja with the participants | Photo: Team Samvedna

Bhushita and Bhavik are working on the next step of this venture, the opening of chess centers in bastis (colonies) of Delhi. They plan on hosting the next event around 10th July 2020, making the upcoming tournament a FIDE rating event. You can connect with them on facebook and Instagram at this id - @samvednachess. You can write to them on their email - Let the spirit of this game never die for chess is much greater than a 64 squared board, it is the symbolization of life.

Final Standings in Rapid

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
11Santu MondalIND21766,50,028,031,0
24Sanchit AnandIND17846,00,031,534,0
33Akshay AnandIND18676,00,027,530,5
46Yatin KumarIND17116,00,027,530,0
511AGMPrachet SharmaIND16266,00,026,529,5
614Saksham RautelaIND15686,00,026,029,5
713Mrityunjay KumarIND15736,00,025,527,5
88Bhandari Jitendra SinghIND16695,50,029,532,5
910Hiridik RajendranIND16595,50,028,030,0

Complete standings

Final Standings in Blitz

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
110Saksham RautelaIND16796,00,027,529,5
25Akshay AnandIND18425,50,025,027,0
38Yatin KumarIND17515,50,024,027,0
43AGMSandeep ChitkaraIND19985,50,023,525,5
57Rahul LambaIND17645,00,030,533,5
61Santu MondalIND20835,00,026,529,5
719Anishka VikramIND12975,00,026,028,0
84Sanchit AnandIND18715,00,025,028,0
914AFMKukreja SankalpIND15735,00,024,027,0
109AGMPrachet SharmaIND17315,00,023,524,5

Complete standings

Final Standings in Bughouse

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
34Suguna & SankalpIND14064,00,0413,5

Complete standings