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World Online School Tournament Expo Dubai 2020 registration is on

by Shahid Ahmed - 22/10/2020

Spanish Pavilion of Expo Dubai 2020 is organizing and promoting a large online chess tournament which is also enthusiastically supported by FIDE. The tournament is open to schools from all over the world. All school children can participate and the top teams will qualify for the final in Dubai Expo 2020. Spanish Chess Federation (FEDA) and the Ibero-American Federation (FEBDA) has already shown their support for this initiative. The registration for this gargantuan scholastic tournament ends on 12th November 2020. So hurry up, register your schools right now! Photo: Press release

World Online School Chess Tournament Expo Dubai 2020

Press Release

A few months ago the Spain Pavilion at Expo 2020 kicked off a World On-line School Chess Tournament Expo Dubai which has been disseminated through different social media and networks.


There are currently 165 registered teams from around 40 countries, despite the organisational difficulties by most schools around the world.


With the postponement of the official opening of the Universal Expo Dubai 2020 until 1st October 2021, the period for registering in the tournament has been extended until 12th November 2020. The on-line tournament will start a few weeks later. The top qualifying teams (between ten and twelve) will pass through to the final round in Dubai during the Expo, which will end on 31st March 2022.


Chess is a universal board game that the Arabs brought to Spain in the 9th century, and from here it spread to the rest of the world. We believe that this chess tournament will bring together the world’s great chess masters: Russia, China and India, and other countries with a long chess-playing tradition, such as the USA, Armenia, France and Spain, to compete with those who are only just starting in the international chess world, such as Haiti or Nigeria, and other countries around the five continents. The goal is to bring together the best minds and to break down barriers, exploiting the universal language of chess, fostering the slogan of the International Chess Federation (FIDE): GENS UNA SUMUS (we are one family).


Chess has seen a rise in popularity as an educational tool at different levels of general education in recent years, and one of the main goals of this initiative is to promote educational chess in line with the Spain Pavilion’s slogan "Intelligence for life”.


AC/E and the Spain Pavilion at the Expo invite all schools from any country who have not yet registered their teams, to do so in the weeks remaining until the registration period ends.


All the details and registration form can be found here:


Tournament Data:

Registrations: until 12th November 2020

Targets: schools around the world.

Registration form:

Start of On-line Tournament: December 2020

End of Tournament: Dubai, during Expo 2020.


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