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Vishy Anand makes the first pledge towards Nihal Sarin's live show for Kerala flood victims

by Sagar Shah - 21/08/2018

On 22nd of August Nihal Sarin will conduct a live show on the ChessBase India Youtube Channel, where he will talk about his games, and the techniques he has used to become a grandmaster at the age of just 14 years. All the money collected during the Live Show will be donated to the Chief Minister's Distress Relief Fund for the Kerala floods. The situation in Kerala is grim and we expect the chess community to come forward and contribute in whatever little way they can. Setting an example as he always has, India's first GM and five-time World Champion Vishy Anand came forward as the first donor. Vishy has pledged Rs.15,000 so that the live show would be conducted in the best possible manner and has also happily agreed to sign the posters, DVDs and merchandise that will be given as special prizes during the live show.

The situation in Kerala is grim. It has witnessed floods of a mammoth proportion. The death toll has risen to 350+, and there over 3,00,000 people displaced from there homes. Over 20,000 homes have been destroyed. The cost to the state and its people stands at a staggering Rs 19,512 crore. 

In such a situation two of the finest minds of Indian chess have come forward to help

Two days ago we announced that Nihal Sarin will conduct a Live Show in which he would show some of his best games and analyze them to raise funds for the victims of Kerala flood. Well, we have got our first donor and that is none other than GM Viswanathan Anand. Anand has always believed in leading by example. In 2015, he had opened the doors of his house for flood victims in Chennai. This time he had already contributed to the Chief Minister's Distress Relief Fund. Seeing that a show has been organized by ChessBase India and the chess community is trying to help the flood victims, Anand has once again come forward and pledged Rs.15,000 to the show. He is the first donor.


Vishy has already made a generous contribution to Chief Minister's Distress Relief Fund. Vishy is fighting out at the Sinquefield Cup 2018, yet he finds time to think and help the victims of the floods. I am sure we too can take some time out from our schedule and help those who are in need. All the contribution that you will make will go to the Chief Minister's distress relief fund. Here are the ways in which you can contribute:

1. Bank transfer

All the people from India can contribute directly to the following Bank account:

ChessBase India Foundation
IFSC CODE  :- HDFC0000118
Branch Address :-  001 / 002,Samyak Darshan,Junction Of Tilak Road& Vallabh Baug Lane,Mumbai, 
A/C No. 50200031999591

2. Credit or Debit Card

If you are a credit or a debit card holder please use the below button to make the payment.

In case you would like to share the link of the above button, here it is:

3. Youtube Super Chat

When the live show is in progress on 22nd of August 2018, Youtube has launched a new feature known as Super Chat where you can click on the dollar sign in the Live Chat and contribute the money towards the cause.

Please note: You can contribute to the above avenues (apart from Super Chat) even before the live show on 22nd of August.

How to watch the show live?

The Live Show will take place on 22nd of August 2018 at 8 p.m. IST on Youtube. This is the link:

You can even come to this page on 22nd of August at 8 p.m. and watch the show live

In the live show we will be asking questions to our viewers (mostly about chess) and the ones who get them right will get different ChessBase and ChessBase India merchandise signed by none other than Vishy Anand.

Autographed Posters of Vishy Anand captured by Amruta Mokal will be given to the winners or you could also win...

...DVDs of Vishy Anand signed by the champ himself!

ChessBase India would also like to do its bit towards the flood victims. 10% of any sales that will be made from our online shop on 22nd August will go towards the flood victims.


Nihal Sarin's Live Show to raise funds for Kerala victims

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