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Rs.6,00,000 prize fund for a one-day rapid?!

by Sagar Shah - 12/01/2019

The organizers in Indian chess are taking risks - the Delhi GM Open 2019 has a prize fund of Rs. 1 crore. Taking a cue from them the Universal Chess Foundation in Mumbai is organizing a six lakh rupees event in the city. Sounds normal, right? Well, it's just a one-day rapid event! And it is only for players below the rating of 1800. If you participate in this tournament, you not only get a chance to fight for very high prizes, but also get coaching from GM Saptarshi Roy for four hours (!) and a ChessBase workshop. In this article you will find all the information related to the tournament. And if you enroll from ChessBase India for the event, you also get a special gift.

The Universal Chess Foundation is holding a one-day rapid tournament in Mumbai on the 26th of January. It's the highest prize money below 1800 one day rapid chess tournament ever held on Indian soil. The total prize fund is Rs.6,00,000. The first prize is Rs.50,000. And mind you, if the total number of entries exceed 399, then the organizers will increase the prize fund by Rs.1,00,000.


Venue: Ram Mandir Trust Hall, Jogeshwari (east), Mumbai.

Time control: 15 minutes + 3 seconds increment, 9 rounds.

Important: The below 1800 is based on FIDE rapid ratings. And the tournament is not FIDE rated.


All under-16 players who pay the entry fee will also receive four-hour training with GM Saptarshi Roy as well as ChessBase training workshop and a special quiz on the next day i.e on 27th of January. 

All under-16 players who participate in this event on 26th of January, will get four hours of free training from GM Saptarshi Roy on the next day on 27th of January


This is a one-day event that will be held on the 26th of January 2019. The reporting time is 10 a.m. and the round will start at 11 a.m. The tournament will be held on the 26th of January. As mentioned above, there is a special GM coaching for players under-16 for four hours on 27th of January, as well as a ChessBase workshop and a special quiz. The venue is the same on both 26th and 27th of January.

Note: Although the GM coaching is only for players below the age of 16, if you are interested in the same, you can contact the organizers.


The total prize fund is Rs.6,00,000 with the first prize of Rs.50,000. But this prize fund is for 399 or less entries. If the entries are more than 399 then the prize fund increases by Rs.1,00,000.

The main prize list has 25 prizes and even the 25th prize is Rs.5,000. In the 1200-1400 category, 1000-1199 and unrated category, the first four places will receive Rs.20,000, Rs.15,000, Rs.12,000 and Rs.10,000.

Age group prizes:

There are some high quality books on offer for age category players. Under-8, 10, 12, 14 and 16 each have ten books to top ten finishers (total 50 books).

Under -8: Chess Tactics from Scratch (10 prizes)

Under-10: Chess Tactics from Scratch (10 prizes)

Under-12: Silman's Endgame course (10 prizes)

Under-14: Silman's Endgame course (10 prizes)

Under-16: Calculation by Jacob Aagaard (10 prizes)

Confirmed player's list:

1Iyer Siddarth5038570IND1785
2FMKrishnater Kushager25041142IND1782
3Gandhi Akash5010853IND1782
4Prabhu Anand5051657IND1779
5Prabhu Ajay P.5035368IND1773
6Panesar Vedant35033018IND1766
7Rajesh R.Vhatwar5082994IND1764
8AIMHrishikesh Chavan5017831IND1744
9Jenil Shah25049445IND1744
10Ajinkya Pingale5027535IND1739
11Rohan Bharat Joshi5097134IND1734
12Dhanashree Pandit5061202IND1716
13Sawant Akshay5011078IND1716
14Dr Sanjay Date5044430IND1715
15Aakash Sharadchandra Dalvi25033220IND1699
16Thik Vijay25000624IND1689
17Dere Pushkar25040898IND1678
18Tamhankar Siddhant5078512IND1674
19Bhatkar Zaheer Abbas25099744IND1658
20Ramnath Ramakrishnan25049496IND1586
21Parmar Jagdish25047272IND1505
22Shah Jeet45012954IND1489
23Nitin M Pai25061119IND1457
24Jadhav Vishwadeep25648993IND1453
25Ghelani Dhairya35041541IND1400
26Mhatre Rahat Rahul35071017IND1396
27Tyagi Raghubar Dayal25661914IND1382
28Vhatwar Kuldeep25693247IND1376
29Potawad Anirudhha45081506IND1372
30Thik Siddhesh25019678IND1372
31Khambe Santosh46672109IND1319
32Lasani H Kothari35079018IND1311
33Vaarin Gada46675574IND1308
34Dhule Amey46671919IND1301
35Dodhiya Punit46675540IND1271
36Bhatia Kiran25754602IND1218
37Wadia Kiran25000632IND1202
38Pradeep Sawant35057464IND1163
39Atharv Krishna Vedula45092826IND1158
40Kunder Pratik25636103IND1150
41AFMNagarkatte Vedant25636227IND1134
42Greeshma Anand Dhumal45059900IND1128
43Shreya G Hipparagi25743953IND1083
44Gada Om25692755IND1023
45Arham Anand Shah25693310IND0
46Bhatia Daksh25631730IND0
47Chaudhari Amit DeelipIND0
48Dadrewalla Khushnaz25929674IND0
49Daksh Jain25969269IND0
50Dave Akshat25636049IND0
51Deorukhkar Om NileshIND0
52Guru PrakashIND0
53Jadhav Shankar AkashIND0
54Madhav Abhang Vitthal25774050IND0
55Madhav Anany Vitthal25774069IND0
56Niranjan Vijay Rasal25123700IND0
57Nysha K Vhatwar45075590IND0

List of players

Entry fees:

The entry fee of the tournament is:

Rs.2,500 for first 100 entries

Rs. 2700 for next 100 entries

Rs. 3,000 for remaining entries

Pay your entry fee from here

All the people who register from the above link, i.e from ChessBase India, will receive one month serial key for ChessBase Premium Account

Complete Brochure:

Contact numbers:

Nitin Wardhe: 9769434181

Kuldeep Vhatwar: 8169078082

Vitthal Madhav: 9702273330

Planning for this tournament

The tournament will be held on 26th of January 2019 and on 27th of January you have the ChessBase workshop as well as the quiz. You can then take a break on the 28th of January, and from 29th of Jan begins a classical rating tournament in Kalyan  - the 2nd Dombivli Kalyan Open FIDE rated with a total prize fund of Rs.3,00,000. You can check out this tournament in the ChessBase India calendar.


If you do plan for the above two events then you can manage your accommodation via ChessBase India Power. For any sort of booking related query, these are the numbers:

Hotline and Whatsapp: 09106908500/ 07878860008 (10 a.m to 8 p.m.)


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