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Samyak Dharewa and Mrittika Mallick win West Bengal State Sub-Junior Boys and Girls 2022

by Shahid Ahmed - 25/02/2022

12-year-old Samyak Dharewa scored an unbeaten 6.0/7 to become the first player from Darjeeling district to win West Bengal State Sub-Junior 2022 Boys. Three more players scored 6.0/7. They are - Snehil Raj Singh, Ankit Ray and Niladri Banerjee. They were placed second to fourth respectively according to tie-breaks. Mrittika Mallick of Hooghly district clinched her maiden State title. She scored 6.5/7 and finished a full point ahead of the competition. Arhashirsha Biswas and Debapriya Manna secured second and third place respectively scoring 5.5/7. Top three received, ₹4000 and a winner's trophy, ₹3000 and ₹2500 cash prize each respectively. Check out a detailed report of the tournament. Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Close fight among boys, Mrittika finishes a full point ahead

Seven players were at 5.0/6 heading into the final round. No one knew whose win will be enough to clinch the champion. All four games ended decisively. Samyak Dharewa's win turned out to be triumphant. In the Girls section, despite needing a draw to win the championship, Mrittika wanted to stand apart. Thus she pushed for a win and secured one to win her first State championship in her own way.

Champions Mrittika Mallick and Samyak Dharewa flanked by West Bengal's latest and first GMs - Mitrabha Guha and Dibyendu Barua | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Despite starting with a draw, Samyak Dharewa scored an unbeaten 6.0/7

Samyak scored an important win in the sixth round against Snehil Raj Singh who was the sole leader 5.0/5. Snehil was full point ahead of the field, so this win threw the tournament wide open.

Samyak - Snehil, Round 6

Position after 13.e5

A well-timed break 13.e5 opens things up for White. Black has no defense against the barrage of attack on the kingside.

"Crushing kingside attack in the Najdorf | Samyak Dharewa vs Snehil Raj Singh | Video: ChessBase India
Samyak Dharewa becomes the first player from Darjeeling district to win West Bengal State Sub-Junior | Video: ChessBase India

West Bengal State Sub-Junior 2022 Boys champion - Samyak Dharewa 6.0/7 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Samyak Dharewa en route his final round victory against Soureen Bhattacharya | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

West Bengal State Sub-Junior 2022 Girls champion - Mrittika Mallick 6.5/7 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Previously Mrittika secured second position in West Bengal State Under-11 Girls for two consecutive years in 2018 and 2019. She also finished second in the National Under-11 Girls in 2019. Last year she clinched Gold in the Asian Schools Under-13 Girls. This was her first State title and second girl to clinch the championship from Hooghly district.

Mrittika scored six wins and her only draw was against Saparya Ghosh
Mrittika Mallick wins her maiden West Bengal State title (Bangla audio with English subtitles) | Video: ChessBase India

Mrittika Mallick pushed for a win in the last round, even though a draw was enough to win the championship | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

2nd Snehil Raj Singh 6.0/7 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

2nd in Girls - Arhashirsha Biswas 5.5/7 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

3rd Ankit Ray 6.0/7 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Top seed of the tournament, Ankit Ray scored an unbeaten 6.0/7. He defeated Puspal Datta in the final round to secure the third position.

Ankit - Puspal, Round 7

White to play

Can Black save this position? If yes, find out how.

A must-know Pawn race in a Rook ending | Ankit Ray vs Puspal Datta | Video: ChessBase India

3rd in Girls - Debapriya Manna 5.5/7 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed
The interview which almost cost GM Mitrabha Guha to miss India's batting against West Indies | Video: ChessBase India

4th Niladri Banerjee 6.0/7 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

9-year-old Niladri Banerjee was the youngest player to finish in top ten. He scored six wins and suffered only one loss, an ideal no-draw approach. His last round win against Soumalya Mondal was definitely worth appreciating, considering how well he handled a queen and rook ending at such a tender age.

Soumalya - Niladri, Round 7

Position after 11.Qc4

White had a plethora of options. Yet 11.Qc4 is the big positional error which turns things in Black's favor. Find out how.

9-year-old rated 1167 plays Queen-Rook endgame like a pro | Soumalya Mondal vs Niladri Banerjee | Video: ChessBase India

4th in Girls - Saparya Ghosh 5.0/7 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

5th Priyanshu Das 5.5/7 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

5th in Girls - Sneha Halder 5.0/7 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

6th Puspal Datta 5.0/7 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

6th in Girls - Adrija Das 4.5/7 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

7th Soumalya Mondal 5.0/7 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

7th in Girls - Prapti Dholay 4.5/7 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

8th Soumalya Khaskel 5.0/7 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

8th in Girls - Anwesha Paul 4.5/7 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

9th Shankhodip De 5.0/7 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

9th in Girls - Suravi Bhattacharya 4.5/7 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

10th Hrishikhesh Kumar Banik 5.0/7 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

10th in Girls - Kasturi Saha 4.0/7 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

11th Ayush Nath 5.0/7 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

12th Venaktesh Das 5.0/7 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

14th Shankhadeep Maity 5.0/7 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

15th Aharsi Ghosh 5.0/7 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Photo Gallery

JT Aviation College was the venue | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Top boards in the Boys section | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Saparya-Sneha rematch took place with same colors, four days after their previous encounter, result was same as Sneha won once again | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

A rare Marshall Attack on the board | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Writing moves was not mandatory as the time control was Rapid | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

For more photos, please click here.


A total of 90 players in Boys and 33 in Girls took part from various districts across West Bengal in this seven-round Swiss League event. The tournament was organized by Sara Bangla Daba Sangstha at JT Aviation College in Kolkata, West Bengal on 19th and 20th February 2022. Total prize fund of the tournament was ₹45200 cash + trophies. Time control was 25 minutes each + 10 seconds increment from move no.1.

Final standings in Boys

Rk.SNoNameTypsexFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 
14Samyak DharewaIND1542Darjeeling6,028,531,526,750,05
25Snehil Raj SinghIND1407North 24 Parganas6,028,030,024,000,06
31Ankit RayIND1824North 24 Parganas6,027,030,026,000,05
418Niladri BanerjeeU12IND1167Howrah6,025,528,525,500,06
510Priyanshu DasIND1295North 24 Parganas5,525,028,021,500,04
66Puspal DattaIND1372Howrah5,030,534,022,000,05
73Soumalya MondolIND1622Kolkata5,027,529,017,250,04
819Soumalya KhaskelIND1150North 24 parganas5,027,031,021,000,05
92Shankhodip DeIND1644Kolkata5,027,029,519,000,05
1011AIMBanik Hrishikesh KumarU12IND1277Kolkata5,026,529,519,750,04
1140Ayush NathIND0Kolkata5,026,529,519,500,04
1290Venkatesh DasU12IND0Howrah5,024,526,516,000,05
1315Rangeet MajumdarU12IND1198Howrah5,024,026,517,250,04
147Shankhadeep MaityIND1343Purba Medinipore5,023,525,518,500,05
1535Aharsi GhoshU12IND0Howrah5,020,022,014,000,05

Complete standings

Final standings in Girls

Rk.SNoNameTypsexFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 
12Mrittika MallickwIND1666Hooghly6,527,531,028,500,06
210Arhashirsha BiswasF12wIND1070North 24 Parganas5,528,028,520,000,05
35Debapriya MannawIND1279Kolkata5,526,528,020,750,05
43Saparya GhoshF12wIND1341North 24 Parganas5,030,031,520,500,04
51Sneha HalderwIND1690Kolkata5,029,531,019,000,05
616Adrija DasF12wIND0North 24 Parganas4,527,530,017,250,04
76Prapti DholaywIND1171Hooghly4,523,526,516,000,04
814Anwesha PaulwIND1005Kolkata4,523,525,013,500,04
912Suravi BhattacharyawIND1040Howrah4,521,523,013,500,04
1013Kasturi SahawIND1013Kolkata4,028,031,015,500,04

Complete standings

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