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Rinat Jumabayev wins Fagernes GM 2024, Abhimanyu Puranik second

by Shahid Ahmed - 01/04/2024

GM Rinat Jumabayev (KAZ) and GM Abhimanyu Puranik scored an unbeaten 7/9 each at Fagernes GM 2024. The Kazakhstan no.1 - Rinat won the tournament due to better tie-breaks, Abhimanyu finished second. Five players - GM Ido Gorshtein (ISR), GM Krishnan Sasikiran, IM Isik Can (TUR), IM Linus Johansson (SWE) and IM Mai Narva (EST) scored 6.5/9 each. They were placed third to eighth respectively. The top three prizes were €2400, €1600 and €800 each. However, prizes were shared equally among equal points scorer. GM Surya Sekhar Ganguly is the only other Indian to make a top ten finish. He scored 6/9 to be placed eighth. WGM Nandhidhaa P V scored her fourth IM-norm. Photos: Tom Eriksen/Fagernes 2024

Top two score an unbeaten 7/9, Nandhidhaa secures her fourth IM-norm

The top five finishers remained undefeated.

Top 2 (L to R) - 1st GM Rinat Jumabayev (KAZ) 7/9 and 2nd GM Abhimanyu Puranik 7/9 with the tournament organizer IO IA CM Hans Olav Lahlum

4th GM Krishnan Sasikiran (third from left) 6.5/9

L to R: 10th GM Kaido Kulaots (EST) 6/9, 8th GM Surya Sekhar Ganguly 6/9 and 12th GM Pranav Anand 6/9

Best Women 2nd - WGM Nandhidhaa P V 5/9 and IM Stavroula Tsolakidou (GRE) 5/9

A total of 100 players including 14 GMs, 27 IMs, a WGM and a WIM took part from 20 countries across the world at Fagernes GM 2024. The tournament was organized by IO IA Hans Olav Lahlum in cooperation with Sotra Sjakklubb from 24th to 31st March 2024 at Scandic Valdres hotel in Fagernes, Norway. The nine-round Swiss league tournament had a time control of 100 minutes/40 moves + 40 minutes/rest with 30 seconds increment.

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