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Nikolic Predrag wins 80th Noteboom Old Masters 2020

by Shahid Ahmed - 19/03/2020

Bosnian GM Predrag Nikolic won the 'Old Masters' section of the 80th edition of Noteboom, organized by Leidsch Schaakgenootschap (Leidsch Chess Society) from 28th February to 1st March at Leiden, Netherlands. Nikolic beat Timman twice and Karpov once in the double round-robin event. Total 270 players participated combining Group A, B and C. The tournament is organized in memory of Daniel Noteboom who was a contemporary of the only World Champion from Netherlands, Max Euwe. A report of the 'Old Masters' section with a couple of games from the event. Photo: Harry Gielen

Nikolic beats Karpov and Timman in 80th Noteboom Old Masters 2020

Bosnian GM Predrag Nikolic scored an unbeaten 4.5/6 in the Old Masters section of 80th Noteboom in Netherlands in a four-player double round-robin tournament. He was the only one in the entire tournament to beat the former World Champion Anatoly Karpov who finished second with 3.5/6

Winner of the Old Masters - GM Predrag Nikolic with his winner's memento | Photo: Harry Gielen

The four 'Old Masters' participants (L to R) - Jan Timman, Robert Hubner, Anatoly Karpov and Predrag Nikolic | Photo: Harry Gielen

Final Standings after six rounds

If I have to pick the best win of Nikolic from the tournament then it has to be against the former World Champion Anatoly Karpov. It is moot to say that age has caught up with Karpov and he is way past his prime, but one cannot forget that Karpov is Karpov. Even on his worse day he can turn the tables if you lose attention just for a moment, but Nikolic had no intentions to slip this opportunity.

Nikolic - Karpov, Round 3

Position after 25...Qe7

Find out why 25...Qe7 is a mistake.

Position after 27...Qd7

It is evident that 27...Qd7 is incorrect because the obvious continuation for white is 28.Qxb4 but then Black has 28...exd5. Find the correct continuation for white after that.

Nikolic facing Karpov in their first encounter of the tournament | Photo: Harry Gielen

Nikolic ended on a high note by defeating the legendary Jan Timman for the second time in the tournament.

Spectators watching the legends in action | Photo: Harry Gielen

Group A in action | Photo: Harry Gielen

Group B & C | Photo: Harry Gielen

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Total 270 players participated combining Group A, B and C in this four-day five round tournament, organized by Leidsch Schaakgenootschap (Leidsch Chess Society) 28th February to 1st March 2020 at Fletcher Wellness Hotel Leiden, Netherlands.

Final Standings in Group A

1Schoppen, Casper (IM)5.5M25193074+1.0922.019.75111=11
2Solodovnichenko, Y (GM)5.0M25742483-0.3523.018.01½111½
3Werf, Mark van der (IM)5.0M23672556+1.4121.517.5½1111½
4Tiggelman, Rene (FM)5.0M21862432+1.7220.516.51½½111
5Pijpers, Arthur (IM)4.5M24672497+0.4120.513.25111½10
6Ketel, Raoul van (FM)4.5M22122461+1.2720.013.5+1=101
7Schoorl, Rob (FM)4.5M22772448+0.9919.013.75110=11
8Vliet, Jeffrey van (FM)4.5M23772370+0.0717.513.25101=11
9Mollema, Thomas4.0M22512308+0.4522.513.25110½1½
10Klapwijk, Bram4.0M22022256+0.4421.011.5110101

Complete standings

Final Standings in Group B

1Sonneveld, David5.0M18152011+1.4022.017.75111½1½
2Kerkmeester, Cedric5.0M17092089+2.8621.517.5101111
3Salomons, Quinten5.0M18402166+1.7321.517.251=111½
4Scheer, Henk van der5.0M18262040+1.5521.017.0110111
5Bruijne, Arian de5.0M18522159+1.6020.015.751=111½
6Basa Manasvita5.0F17192131+3.1119.015.5½11½11
7Kuiper, Daniel4.5M18342022+1.1623.015.75111=01
8Bartels, Richie4.5M18261983+1.2120.514.25½11½1½
9Smeets, Kobe4.5M18022061+1.6420.013.75110=11
10Sperber, Peter4.0M18271925+0.6623.514.5111=0½

Complete standings

Final Standings in Group C

1Schenkelaars, Robin5.5M16701924+1.2618.517.5+½1111
2Scholtus, Tomas5.0M15641871+1.6320.516.251=111½
3Knol, Daniel5.0M16971800+0.6820.515.75111½1½
4Lafeber, Evert5.0M14821786+2.3620.015.5110111
5Kazarjan, Gachatur5.0M16001636+0.3116.513.0101111
6Kwaaitaal, Maarten4.5M15921744+0.9324.016.75111=10
7Kaptein, Peter4.5M15301558+0.5223.015.5111½01
8Wieggers, Wouter4.5M15791690+0.9220.513.2511101½
9Sutrisno, Agus4.5M16141690+0.6020.513.25101½11
10Molen, Jarich van der4.5M16981849+0.5420.014.25=11=1½

Complete standings


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