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The one and a half month old Mother!

by Sagar Shah - 10/05/2020

Powering Chess in India is the tagline of ChessBase India. But today, for a day we want to dedicate this line to the individuals who have made the biggest contribution to Indian chess - the mothers of chess players! So many chessmoms have sacrificed close to everything in their life so that their son or daughter becomes a great chess player. In this article we share with you several photos of the top players of Indian chess with their mothers. We also bring to you the story of IM Eesha Karavade, who is a mom since just one and a half month! Dive in to know more about the real game changers of Indian chess.

On this Mothers day we contacted one of India's top woman players, IM Eesha Karavade, who became a mother just 1.5 months ago! On 24th of March Eka was born! The little one is just 46 days old. We asked Eesha - how does it feel to be a mother? "It feels surreal!", says Eesha. "Obviously I'm very happy and she keeps me busy! Managing the first few months is a bit difficult specially in Covid-19 without much help, but it's a great new experience!"

Eesha with her bundle of joy!

Does the little girl look like her mother? "Well she's 1.5 months old. She's really small at the moment and somehow as she grows, each day her face keeps changing, so it's like we are seeing a new person everyday!" Eesha is of course enjoying her experience as a mother, but does she miss chess? "Yes a lot!", comes the reply. "Normally I used to play a lot of tournaments throughout the year but I had quite a sensitive pregnancy, so even during the pregnancy I couldn't travel much. Right now I'm trying to see some chess whenever I get time throughout the day."


Eesha's last competitive tournament was in August 2019. It's been nine months since she has hit the chess board. "Honestly I did miss chess in the first few months of pregnancy and I was just waiting to get back to playing tournaments but now since anyway everything is at a standstill, with the online tournaments happening I am trying to get back into the groove."


Now that Eesha is a mother, does it change her perspective towards her own mother? "Yes for sure!", says Eesha. "Generally we take a lot of things for granted from our mothers. Even the minutest thing like getting less sleep in these first few months has been a challenge for me but my mother and my husband have really helped me me out. It's like you can count on them without even asking for any help. This whole new phase wouldn't have been possible for me to handle without these two."

Eesha becoming a mother has made her value her mother Shubha's sacrifices even more!

Indian chess driven by mothers!

It wouldn't be an overstatement to say that Indian chess is driven by mothers. It's the time that so many mothers have invested behind their kids that has resulted in several gems being produced in Indian chess, starting with none other than the great Vishy Anand.

Vishy Anand with his mother Sushila who taught him the rules of chess
That one phone call which Vishy Anand would have really liked to make

Vidit Gujrathi with his ever supportive mother Nikita Gujrathi

Adhiban with his mother Leela, who is a fantastic chef and a passionate chess player!


Nihal Sarin and his sister with mother Shijin
Nihal is too absent minded to be a doctor - Shijin

Pragg with his mother Nagalakshmi
Nagalakshmi talks about her role as a chessmom

India's latest GM Raunak Sadhwani would not have become the player he is today without his mother Heena Sadhwani
Heena Sadhwani learnt ChessBase so that she could help her son prepare better for his games!

Humpy with her mother Lata...

...and her daughter Ahana

Harika with her mother

"My beautiful moms❀️ Love you😘😘" - Harika Dronavalli posted this picture of her mother (right) and mother in law on Instagram

"Because of you, I am me. Happy Mother's day, Amma!" - Lalith Babu with his mother Padma
How Padma Kumari made her son into a National Premier champion

GM Arjun Erigaisi's mother making sure that her son is all prepared in Moscow's freezing cold!

P. Iniyan with his mother Saranya

Happy Mother's Day Aai πŸ˜πŸ˜ŠπŸ€— - GM Swapnil Dhopade with his mother Hema

"Feel so incredibly grateful and blessed for a Mother like her. As I age, a lot of her actions which I used to take for granted, hold profound meaning now" - GM N. Srinath with his mother

GM R.R. Laxman with his mother

A proud son with his mother - the first WGM of India S. Vijayalakshmi!

IM Aditya Mittal with his mother Kusum Mittal

IM Saksham Rautela with his mother

IM Rithvik Raja with his mother

IM Sai Agni Jeevitesh with his mother

Vantika Agrawal's mother Sangeeta hugs her daughter after a successful event

WIM Rakshitta Ravi with her mother WIM Sai Meera Ravi
When both daughter and mother are titled players!

"I am so proud of many things in my life but nothing beats being a mother 😘😘" - WIM Rucha Pujari with her brother and mother Seema

You are the best thing to happen to me in my life...Love you for making me who I am today...Love you for believing in me and making me believe that I can..Love you for letting me choose my dream and Love you for taking my dream as yours and living for it...Love you for not giving up when there were 1000 reasons to give up...Love you for all the efforts you have been taking these years to make sure I don't miss appa...Love you maa for being my mom and my dad..Love you for loving me the way I am...You are an inspiration maa. As always I Love you loads maa😘😘😘 Happy Happy Mother's Day amma" - K. Priyanka with her mother

"Happy Mother's Day My Sweet Mom..." - Madhya Pradesh's top female player Nityata Jain with her mother 

"Happy Mother’s Day.. love you mama 😘 thank you for loving me unconditionally and being my biggest support.. ❀️❀❀" - Tejaswini Sagar with her mother Anjali

"Mom I am very grateful to you for letting me into this world" - Kheerthi Ganta, a young talent from Telangana with her mother Sireesha

If you have any pictures with your mother send it to us on along with your message and we will add it in this article! For now, a big salute to all the mothers from the ChessBase India team! They truly power chess in India!

A small dedication to the chessmoms of Indian chess:

Mothers! Chess Mothers! Who are they?

They are the silent warriors. They sacrifice their daily, routine life, so that they can travel with you to tournaments all across the world. All they want is you to play your best game of chess. Each day, every day. While you are busy preparing novelties, they are preparing the most healthy food that will give you maximum energy for the round.

They kiss you good luck before the game. While the arbiter shouts start your game, the heartbeat of the mother starts to rise. She maintains a calm on her face but deep within she is stressed. All she hopes for is the smile on your face after long tense fight!

When you win she celebrates your happiness with you. When you lose she takes all your anger. You throw tantrums, you keep telling her moves she doesn't understand, you get irritated and don't eat properly. She is there with you all throughout At night she puts you to sleep chalking out the plan for the next day. She is a ChessMom. She sacrifices everything in her life for your chess career And guess what, she does all of this with a smile.

Dedicated to all the ChessMoms who truly power chess in India and the world.