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Live Super GM Classes at the CircleChess Foundational Learning Series July!

by Avathanshu Bhat - 04/07/2024

Following the tremendous success of our May and June series, CircleChess is excited to unveil the next installment of our Foundational Learning Series for July! Learn from SuperGM Coaches in Live Classes for as low as 266 per session. Our ongoing June and previous May series has received an outstanding average rating of 9.6/10 from participants. Students have praised the sessions for their high level of interactivity and valuable insights. The world-class coaches prepare thoroughly, using precise examples and addressing numerous questions, ensuring everyone enjoys a rich and engaging learning experience.

Learn from the World's Best Chess Coaches

Our July series of live online chess lessons will be conducted by some of the world's top chess coaches:

- GM Ramesh: Founder of Chess Gurukul

- GM Vishnu: Coach of Gukesh

- GM Srinath: Former coach of Arjun and the Indian Men's Team

- GM Swapnil: Coach of Raunak and the Indian Women's Team

- GM Akash: Founder of ChessGrad

The CircleChess Foundational Learning Series for July is underway! | Photo: CircleChess

Topics Covered

This series will cover crucial topics to elevate your chess skills:

July Week 1: Navigating Middlegame by GM Vishnu, GM Swapnil

1. Prophylaxis

2. Improving your pieces

3. Piece Trade


July Week 2: Tackling Closed Positions by GM Swapnil, GM Akash

1. Closed Positions part 1(middlegame) - e4 structures

2. Closed Positions part 1(middlegame) - d4 structures

3. Good Knight vs Bad Bishop (middlegame)


July Week 3: Activity in Endgame by GM Srinath, GM Ramesh

1. Principle of two weakness

2. King is an active piece!

3. Outside passed pawns


July Week 4: Must Know Endgames by GM Swapnil, GM Akash

1. Good Knight vs Bad Bishop (endgame)

2. Theoretical pawn endgames - triangulation, corresponding squares, etc

3. Practical pawn endgames - from game positions / do we need to enter pawn endgame or not


July Week 5: King’s Indian Attack - A Hidden Gem by GM Srinath, GM Vishnu

1. King’s Indian Attack - Introduction

2. Opening Variations

3. Nf6 Structures


Why Join?

Live Online Chess Lessons: Interact directly with top coaches.

Hands-On Practice: Engage in practical sessions to apply your knowledge.

Enhance Your Chess Rating: Improve your strategies and overall game.

Engaging and Educational: Enjoy sessions that are both interactive and insightful.

Expert Guidance: Coaches provide accurate examples and are ready to answer your questions.

Session Recordings: Access recordings for 30 days to review topics or catch up on missed sessions.

Whether you're a beginner eager to learn chess, an intermediate player aiming to boost your ranking, or an advanced player refining your skills, this series is perfect for you.


How to Register?

With limited slots available, prompt booking is essential. Secure your spot for all 15 GM sessions at a special price of ₹4000 (₹5000) with booking fee starting at just ₹100.


Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the best and take your chess game to the next level with CircleChess!


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Join now and transform your chess journey with the Foundational Learning Series this July!

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