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Live and best games from the Isle of Man International 2018

by Sagar Shah - 26/10/2018

This page is your ultimate guide to the Isle of Man International 2018. You have the live games to follow here. Every day the round begins at 7 p.m. IST. Apart from the live games we also have the overview of Indian performance at the end of the article which gives you a bird's eye view of how the Indians are performing. Lastly we also have the game of the day section where we select one best game of the round and it is analyzed by IM Sagar Shah. Enjoy this amazing event where we have so many Indian players right from Vishy Anand to Vidit Gujrathi to Adhiban to Nihal Sarin and Praggnananadhaa! A total of 35 Indians have made their way to the Isle of Man International 2018!

Live Games begin at 7 p.m. IST

Finished games:

Best game of round 1:

Youngster Raunak Sadhwani very nearly beat Vishy Anand

Best game of round 2:

Vidit is in scintillating form and played a brilliant queen sac to finish off GM Debashis Das

There was another game which is worth looking at from round 2 - Harsha Bharathakoti's win over GM Sethuraman. Daniel King has analyzed it in his Power Play Youtube Channel:

Best game of round 3:

Pragg managed to beat the strong Ukrainian Pavel Eljanov

Best game of Round 4:

Round 4 of the Isle of Man International 2018 saw an interesting match up. It was between Vishy Anand with the white pieces against GM Shyam Sundar. The reason why this game was especially interesting was because Shyam was the second of the Indian team at the Batumi Olympiad 2018. He would surely have a good idea about Vishy's style of play and preparation. What would be Anand's strategy? What opening would he choose and what was the result of the game? Check out this video in which IM Sagar Shah analyzes the game.

Best game of Round 6:

He was born on 29th May 2006 and has two months to break Karjakin's record of becoming World's youngest GM. Gukesh currently has a rating of 2456 and one GM norm. While breaking Karjakin's record seems difficult, one thing is for sure - this young boy from Chennai is a huge talent! In the sixth round of the Isle of Man International 2018 he beat the very strong former Women's World Champion Aleksandra Kosteniuk in a complicated tactical battle. Check out the game analyzed by IM Sagar Shah.

Best game of Round 7:

Round 7 of the Isle of Man International 2018 saw Praggnanandhaa take on the former National Challengers champion of India Ravi Teja. It was an interesting match up where the brilliance of Pragg was going to meet the experience of Ravi.  In the game Pragg played like Mikhail Tal sacrificing one piece after another and crowning his attack with some beautiful moves. From move 11 to 21 were a series of amazingly played moves and IM Sagar Shah in this video sets you a contest of how many points out of 10 can you score! Can you attack like Pragg?

Overview of Indian performance:

6GMAnand Viswanathan2771IND1½½1½1½5,011Masters
16GMVidit Santosh Gujrathi2711IND11½10014,521Masters
25GMSethuraman S.P.2673IND1011½1½5,017Masters
26GMAdhiban B.2668IND1½1½½½½4,526Masters
37GMGanguly Surya Shekhar2622IND½½011½14,531Masters
42GMVaibhav Suri2597IND11½0½0½3,570Masters
47GMGupta Abhijeet2588IND11½11004,535Masters
50GMNihal Sarin2572IND1011½0½4,056Masters
53GMDebashis Das2548IND1010½½½3,571Masters
54GMPuranik Abhimanyu2547IND10½½01½3,572Masters
59GMPraggnanandhaa R2519IND1½10½½14,541Masters
65GMShyam Sundar M.2505IND1½½010½3,575Masters
66GMVishnu Prasanna. V2504IND110½0013,576Masters
67GMAnurag Mhamal2495IND100110½3,577Masters
68GMSwapnil S. Dhopade2493IND0½111003,578Masters
70IMHarsha Bharathakoti2492IND11001½03,579Masters
79IMPrithu Gupta2458IND1½0½½013,586Masters
81IMGukesh D2456IND101011½4,543Masters
86GMSundararajan Kidambi2445IND½01½1½14,544Masters
87IMKrishna C R G2445IND½011½104,066Masters
88FMSadhwani Raunak2438IND011½0013,588Masters
91WGMSoumya Swaminathan2423IND01½½½002,5121Masters
93IMRaja Harshit2420IND½0101½½3,590Masters
94IMFenil Shah2411IND010½1013,591Masters
96IMArjun Kalyan2408IND½01½0103,0113Masters
104IMTania Sachdev2400IND01½0½1½3,598Masters
105IMRahul Srivatshav P2395IND½½010½13,599Masters
106IMHemant Sharma (Del)2393IND½0½½0113,5100Masters
111IMKaravade Eesha2374IND011½0½½3,5103Masters
115IMRavi Teja S.2357IND½½10½103,5105Masters
126WIMVaishali R2313IND½½0½11½4,068Masters
130Kulkarni Rakesh2297IND00½01113,5106Masters
135FMDushyant Sharma2289IND0½010001,5156Masters
138FMPranav Anand2269IND½½½½0½02,5135Masters
145Moksh Amit Doshi2224IND00½01012,5139Masters

Complete overview including next round pairings and results for Indians

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