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Record entries at the Gujarat State Rapid and Blitz 2018

by Sagar Shah - 24/04/2018

Chess is booming just about everywhere in India. Gujarat which would witness around 50-100 entries for the State Rapid and Blitz selection, saw nearly 200 participants fighting it out for the title of the fastest player in the state. The work that Gujarat State Chess Association is doing at the grassroot level is surely bearing fruits. The winner of the blitz event was the young 14-year-old Vrandesh Parekh, while the rapid section was won by the experienced player from Vadodra Maulik Raval. We have the report of this entire tournament that was organized by ChessBase India Power. 

ChessBase India Power recently organized (14th and 15th April) its first tournament in Ahmedabad under the aegis of Gujarat State Chess Association. It was the Gujarat State Rapid and Blitz Selection Tournament that saw a record number of 200 participants. Two players from each section were to be selected for the National Rapid and Blitz. The event was held at the Sports Club in Ahmedabad.

The playing hall was packed to the brim

The opening ceremony taking place with players raring for the action to begin on the board

Maulik Raval, known for his attacking and aggressive style of play, won the Rapid section

Maulik realized the importance of one second, when he down to his very last second on the clock against the talented youngster Naitik Mehta. Raval pressed the clock and got a few seconds as increment! Chess does teach you the value of time!

Even at the age of 80+ this man is takes his job of being an arbiter very seriously. Very inspiring!

Santosh Kumar Sinha is a highly experienced chess player of Gujarat and has trained some great talents. Just three months ago he beat one of India's biggest talents D.Gukesh. We did interview him after the game:
Santosh Kumar Sinha explains his win over Gukesh at the Bhopal International 2017

Maulik Raval won the State Rapid Championship 2018 by scoring 7.0/8. It was a five way tie at the top but Maulik had the best tiebreak.

The top four finishers in the rapid section. (From left to right): Jalpan Bhatt, Kartavya Anadkat, Maulik Raval, Karan Trivedi

Vrandesh Parekh, the talented youngster, won the title of Gujarat blitz champion 2018. He is being handed his first prize by Ankit Dalal, the organizer of the event.

Top four spots in the blitz section (from left to right): Parth Panchal, Vrandesh Parekh, Santosh Kumar Sinha and Ansh Shah
Interview with the winners Vrandesh Parekh and Maulik Raval by Ankit Dalal

The event was organized by ChessBase India Power and it was obvious to have the high quality books and softwares available at the shop. If you too would like to have these books at your event, write to us at 

Final rankings in Rapid section

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
12Maulik RavalIND20387,00,042,046,5
24Anadkat KartavyaIND1976BJP7,00,040,043,5
36Trivedi Karan RIND19097,00,039,542,5
43Bhatt JalpanIND20027,00,039,542,0
553Parekh VishrutIND14057,00,037,540,0
679Samdani Sahil SagarIND12706,50,041,044,5
71Sinha Santosh KumarIND21886,50,039,543,0
811Ansh M ShahIND17906,50,038,041,5
957Mehta Naitik RIND13766,50,036,039,0
1031Bardoliwala NirmalIND15146,50,032,035,0
1114Chudasama AnkitIND17556,00,039,043,0
125Rawal ShaileshIND19366,00,037,040,5
1337Bhrigu SuryanarayanIND14666,00,037,040,5
1433Trivedi JindalIND15036,00,036,538,5
1510Patel Nishrut RIND18056,00,035,539,0
1618Pritesh MehtaIND16266,00,035,537,0
1742Thakkar Romil JIND14536,00,035,536,5
1851Mudaliar NandiniIND14146,00,035,037,5
1962Shah Vandan PIND13626,00,034,537,0
2019Dhanesha JigneshIND16226,00,034,536,5


Complete ranking list

Final rankings in blitz section:

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
144Vrandesh ParekhIND14807,50,035,537,5
229Panchal ParthIND15777,01,039,042,0
31Sinha Santosh KumarIND21617,00,038,542,5
411Ansh M ShahIND1790IG6,50,041,044,0
55Trivedi Karan RIND1909IG6,50,037,540,5
627Joy Pankaj ShahIND1590IG6,50,034,537,0
74Anadkat KartavyaIND19766,00,040,544,0
859Babaria Rahil PareshbhaiIND1409IG6,00,039,541,5
98Patel PalakIND18256,00,038,040,0
1025Dhanesha JigneshIND16226,00,036,039,5
117Rawal ShaileshIND18836,00,035,539,5
1221Lumbhani Nikhil PIND16526,00,034,037,5
13124Kartik BhattIND06,00,033,537,0
1422AFMAnkit DalalIND16436,00,033,035,0
1531Mudaliar NandiniIND15656,00,032,535,5
169Saumil NairIND18046,00,031,034,5
1735Shah Moxit JIND15366,00,031,033,5
1818Samdani Sahil SagarIND1713IG6,00,030,033,0
192Maulik RavalIND2089IG5,50,039,543,5
2094Patel Jaymin JIND11155,50,037,040,5

Complete final rankings

Coverage in newspapers:

The tournament received excellent coverage in the printed media:


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