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A guide to using the Swiss Manager

by Sagar Shah - 25/06/2020

One of the most important softwares in the world of chess is the Swiss Manager. It is used for preparing pairings during a chess tournament. It is developed by Heinz Herzog and is FIDE approved. Currently 180 federations are using it and it has generated over 600,000 tournament files! Although Swiss Manager is user friendly, many of the arbiters and tournament organizers are not well versed with all its functions. Hence, IA Tania Karali from Greece decided to create a 51 page manual which covers all the functions of the Swiss Manager. It's completely free and the PDF document can be downloaded from the article. A great gesture by Tania for the chess community.

If you are holding a tournament, it is almost certain that you would be using the software - Swiss Manager. Swiss Manager helps you to create pairings and ensures that a big chunk of technical organization of your event is taken care off. Although Swiss Manager is a user-friendly software, not everyone knows all the features related to it. Hence, IA Tania Kareli from Greece decided to make a complete guide of how to use Swiss Manager.

Tania Kareli is an international arbiter of "B category" from Greece.

Speaking to ChessBase India, Tania said, I have been using the Swiss-Manager pairing software for a decade and from the first moment I was amazed at the program's possibilities. Over the years I became familiar with the vast majority of its features. However, not every arbiter is in the same position. To date I have received many requests to explain from the very simple to the most complex aspects. During the quarantine period I decided to write a user's guide, a complete manual to help both new and experienced arbiters. It was published a couple of days ago and has already received many positive comments from all over the world. It is free for everyone and the purpose is to reach as many arbiters as possible."

Contents of the Guide to using Swiss Manager

Everything is explained with the help of diagrams so that it can be understood in the best possible manner

Click here to access the guide to Swiss Manager


Not many people are able to do such a meticulous job for the betterment of chess community as Tania has done. Hats off to her efforts.