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Debashis Das wins SMCA Online Blitz

by Shahid Ahmed - 03/02/2018

This article comes with a slight delay, but the timing is quite apt. GM Debashis Das performed amazingly at the Gibraltar Masters 2018. He performed at an Elo of 2700+. But we must remind our readers that two months ago, he won the SMCA Online Blitz chess tournament convincingly. This was the first time that the grandmaster from Odisha had won a ChessBase Online Blitz tournament. He finished ahead of Indian stalwarts like Adhiban, Sethuraman, Gopal, Aravindh Chithambaram and many more. This tournament's average rating of top 14 player was higher than National Premier, thus it made the tournament the strongest ChessBase Online Blitz tournament of the year 2017. We bring you some of the most interesting games of these players and the entire prize list. 

Debashis Das wins SMCA Online Blitz convincingly

The tournament was held on the 3rd of December 2017.

Debashis Das wins a ChessBase Online Blitz tournament for the very first time and bags home ₹15000 cash

Here is the top 25 seeds of the tournament that was held on 3rd of December 2017. The strongest line-up for a ChessBase Online tournament:

1 GM B Adhiban 2655
2 GM S.P. Sethuraman 2638
3 GM G.N.Gopal 2589
4 GM Aravindh Chithambaram 2586
5 GM Murali Karthikeyan 2580
6 GM S L Narayanan 2573
7 GM Vaibhav Suri 2560
8 GM Swapnil S Dhopade 2533
9 GM Lalith Babu M R 2525
10 GM Abhimanyu Puranik 2521
11 GM Debashis Das 2501
12 GM M S Thejkumar 2500
13 IM P Karthikeyan 2497
14 IM Harsha Bharathakoti 2451
15 GM Dibyendu Barua 2448
16 IM Swayams Mishra 2444
17 IM Nitin S 2424
18 IM C R G Krishna 2421
19 GM Rajaram Laxman 2397
20 IM Rakesh Kumar Jena 2394
21 IM Sidhant Mohapatra 2371
22 IM Hemant Sharma 2348
23 FM Sai Krishna G V 2370
24 FM Arjun Erigaisi 2365
25 IM Ravi Teja S 2369

Despite having a slow start by drawing his third round game against National under 13 and under 17 champion Raja Rithvik R, losing against former Commonwealth under 13 champion Koustav Chatterjee in the fourth round, he won his next six games which made all the difference and finished with 8.5/10. His victims from fifth to tenth round were, Mounika Akshaya Bommini, P Karthikeyan, G N Gopal, Baskaran Adhiban, S L Narayanan and 2-time ChessBase Online Blitz champion, R Lalith Babu.


The last round was nerve-wracking as Debashis Das faced Lalith Babu, while S.L. Narayanan was up against Swayams Mishra. In the end both Odisha boys triumphed. IM Sagar Shah did the live commentary when the game was in progress:

Live commentary in the final round by IM Sagar Shah

Here is the only loss Debashis suffered in the entire tournament against Koustav:

His best game was against S L Narayanan (Indianwonder) in the 9th round:

Swayams Mishra has become a regular participant at ChessBase Online Blitz tournaments and he took ₹10000 cash

Lately, if there is anyone who is consistently finishing for the podium it has to be IM Swayams Mishra (Mr bh6). His best game was against GM Murali Karthikeyan (Fighter64)

GM S L Narayanan finished at third position and got ₹8000 cash

GM S. L. Narayanan (Indianwonder) started fantastic with 7.5/8, but losing last two rounds cost him the championship, still he managed to finish at third position. He had a marathon game of 92 moves against GM M R Lalith Babu in the 7th round:

Speaking to ChessBase India after the tournament S.L. Narayanan said, "It was a great experience to play in such a strong field through an online platform. This was my first online tournament and I am very much elated by the way it was conducted. Kudos to the team! And in my opinion, such tournaments should be conducted more often."

Lalith Babu did not have a strong finish which is very unusual for Mr.Playchess! He might be the only player who would not be happy with a fourth place finish and take home ₹5000

GM M R Lalith Babu, did not have a good tournament as per his previous records. He scored 7.5/10 and was placed 4th. In the 9th round, he defeated Commonwealth under 16, Asian Youth Open and Rapid, gold medal winner FM Arjun Erigaisi in King's Indian Defence.

While for many players fourth place finish is a good result, for Lalith it is not because he has won the ChessBase Online prize money tournaments twice and is truly on of the best blitz players in India.

ChessBase Online Blitz debutant IM Hemant Sharma of Delhi clinched 5th position

IM Hemant Sharma of Delhi played a fantastic tournament scoring 7.5/10 and secured 5th position. Hemant also known as Arubaba is a regular player on Playchess. In this tournament he showed that having a feel of what it is to compete on Playchess can help you perform better. He had quite a long game of 88 moves against GM S L Narayanan in the 4th round which ended up in a draw:

GM Baskaran Adhiban did not have a good tournament, finished at 6th position | Photo: Lennart Ootes

GM Baskaran Adhiban was shocked in the first round when he had to settle for a draw against Pavan B N B (Loss2win). He suffered two losses in the tournament. One against GM S L Naranayan and the other against GM Debashis Das. 

Adhiban fought back and finished sixth. After the tournament we contacted him and he said, "It was great and lot of fun, it would have been nice to win it of course. But I played too weak too slow against Debs and this other guy I lost :)"

Highest finish for an untitled player was by Mehar Chinna Reddy at 7th position

FM Mehar Chinna Reddy also scored 7.5/10 and secured 7th position due to a lower tie-break score. He defeated P Saravana Krishnan (mbachez90) in the 9th round in just 30 moves:

Young Arjun Erigaisi (Indian-Lion) had a good tournament and finished at 8th position

FM Arjun Erigaisi who is one of the youngest players to finish in top 10, played some fine games, scored 7/10 and he secured 7th position. He defeated two-time National Premier Champion GM Murali Karthikeyan in the last round:

Recently at a live commentary session in Mumbai when the secretary of All India Chess Federation Bharat Singh Chauhan was asked about who he thinks is a great talent in Indian chess apart from Praggnanandhaa and Nihal, he pointed out to Arjun and said that the young boy will become Telangana's first grandmaster!

Koustav Chatterjee definitely had the best ChessBase Online Blitz tournament and he secured 9th position

The other youngest player to finish in top 10 was Koustav Chatterjee who is a former Commonwealth under 13 gold medal winner. He drew with GM Aravindh Chithambaram (Refresh) in the 2nd round, defeated GM Abhimanyu Puranik (Pabh) in the 3rd round, defeated GM Debashis Das (Debashisdas) in the 4th round, defeated IM Sidhant Mohapatra (Sidhant) in the 5th round and defeated GM R R Laxman (LAXMAN). He had a quite an impressive tournament. His best game would be defeating reigning National Blitz Champion and Blitz king of India, GM R R Laxman.

GM Vaibhav Suri had a decent run in the tournament as he finished at 10th place

Former ChessBase Online Blitz and Bronze medal winner in Asian Indoor Games 2017 GM Vaibhav Suri finished at 10th position with a score of 7/10. He checkmated Swayams Mishra (Mr bh6) in the 5th round in just 34 moves

GM G N Gopal finished at 11th, although things could have been different if he did not have to endure technical issues

GM G N Gopal deserves a special mention as he could not play the first round due to some technical error. In spite of that, he scored 7.0/9 and managed to finish 11th.

Final standings with prize money:

Rank Name Rating Prize money
1 GM Debashis Das 2501 ₹15000
2 IM Swayams Mishra 2444 ₹10000
3 GM S L Narayanan 2573 ₹8000
4 GM Lalith Babu 2525 ₹5000
5 IM Hemant Sharma 2348 ₹3500
6 GM B Adhiban 2655 ₹2500
7 FM Mehar Chinna Reddy C H 2287 ₹2000
8 FM Arjun Erigaisi 2365 ₹1700
9 Koustav Chatterjee 2288 ₹1500
10 GM Vaibhav Suri 2560 ₹1200

Age group prize winners and Best female:

Aakash Dalvi 1969 ₹800 1st in U-16
Kushagra Mohan 2174 ₹800 1st in U-14
D Gukesh 2362 ₹800 1st in U-12
Raahil Mullick 1775 ₹800 1st in U-10
Jaiveer Mahendru 1413 ₹800 1st in U-8
Anusha N L V 1902 ₹2500 Best female

Lucky prize winners:

20 FM Sai Krishna G V 2370 ₹800
30 Rahul Srivathsav P 2331 ₹800
40 FM Mitrabha Guha 2315 ₹800
50 Shahid Ahmed 1876 ₹800
60 Medhansh Saxena 1300 ₹800
70 Konatham Snehil 1417 ₹800
80 Siddhanth Lohia 1675 ₹800

As always, we thank our tournament director and playchess head Halsagar Chincholimath for conducting the tournament smoothly

Reviews from the participants:

GM Vaibhav Suri, winner of 2nd ChessBase Online Blitz tournament

The tournament was conducted quite smoothly and a quite "fun Sunday" event. The participation of Adhiban & Sethuraman definitely added the spark to the event. I guess an Online Blitz Festival would be the next way to go (with different formats - Chess960, Bughouse, Bullet etc). Overall really happy with such events. Way to go!!

GM R R Laxman, reigning National Blitz Champion

I thank the  Chessbase India team once more for their strenous and tireless endeavour to popularise blitz events in India. Considering the fact that the present day time control  even in classical format ( unlike the yesteryears)  demands quick reflexes and blitz skills  , I feel that the entire Chessbase India team is doing an exemplary and praiseworthy job. A boon for Indian chess !!!. Though my performance this time was not satisfactory ,I hope to excel and cherish more pleasant memories from my side in the forthcoming editions of Chessbase India blitz events.

IM Ravi Teja S, former National Challengers Champion

We (Ravi Teja&Anusha NLV) thoroughly enjoyed the was exciting!

Tushar Bohra, father of Kanishk Bohra

Thanks for enrolling Kanishk for the event. He had a great time playing the games. And a great overall experience.

Rajnikanth, father of D Gukesh

I am extremely happy to have participated in my first online blitz tmt conducted by ChessBase India and loved the experience and thrill. from the start to the finish its professionally conducted and got the rare opportunity to play several high-class players in a single event and looking forward for its next event

Priti Mahendru, mother of Jaiveer Mahendru

This was our second chessbase online blitz event. My son is 8 years and it was an absolute thrill for him to be playing against titled players ! Thanks a lot for organizing this. We look forward to more such events !

Kushagra Mohan

I was happy the way the tournament was conducted. No problems at all. You just keep increasing the prize money and that is a big improvement.Cannot hope for more.

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