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The Dvoretsky books are now available in India at special discounted price!

by Sagar Shah - 03/07/2019

In 2018 we began with the Quality Chess Books and they were greatly loved by people all across the country. Staying true with our aim of bringing in high quality publications to India at affordable prices, we have been able to get six titles of Mark Dvoretsky by Russell Publications to India at a highly discounted price. Mark Dvoretsky, who passed away in 2016, was considered by many as the greatest chess author and trainer who ever lived. His books have the capacity to help you become a stronger player. The six titles which are now available in India and the Indian subcontinent are Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual (DEM), Dvoretsky's Analytical Manual (DAM), Recognizing opponent's resources, Tragicomedy in the endgame, Chess Lessons and the Art of Maneuvring. In this article you get to know more about the price of the books and also the contents.

In 2016 after playing the Aeroflot Open, Amruta and I decided to stay back in Moscow. The reason was - the Candidates tournament was taking place in the city and we wanted to cover this major event. Vishy Anand was playing there and along with some of the best players in the world - Caruana, Karjakin (eventual winner), Giri, Aronian, Nakamura etc. It was the first big event that we covered and we thoroughly enjoyed analyzing the games, doing video interviews, and taking interesting pictures. There was one additional element which was wonderful because the tournament was taking place in Moscow. As Moscow is a city where a lot of big names in the world of chess live, just about every day we had some visitor, who would take my breath away. One day we had the former World Champion Anatoly Karpov, on another day you had Ian Nepomniactchi sitting in the spectators watching the games and many more. But there was one person whom I wanted to meet at all costs. Amruta and I had already decided that if either of us saw him at the venue, then we would leave all our work and just spend our time with him. Who was he? 

Mark Dvoretsky, one of the greatest chess trainers and authors who ever lived!

For me Mark Dvoretsky was a person who showed me the importance of calculation and concrete thinking in chess. I had learnt a lot about positional chess by reading Jeremy Silman's Reassess your chess and Daniel King's Powerplay DVDs. But every time I would sit against strong opponents, I would struggle. I began to realize that my main problem was not chess understanding. Although that too could have been improved, the main work that was required to be done, was on backing my ideas with hardcore calculation. What I really lacked was the ability to calculate variations with precision and without laziness. I had train myself in that. And that's where the Dvoretsky books helped me tremendously.


The reason why Dvoretsky's books are so good is because every position that he puts in his books have been worked with his students beforehand. This is the reason why Mark always knows the typical errors that humans make. This is in great contrast to what we see in the modern day books. Modern day authors often just analyze the best variations with the engines and put up the main lines. While this ensures that there are no real mistakes in the book, what is lacking is the human touch. This is exactly what Dvoretsky's books provide. I learnt immensely from all of his books and was able to improve as a chess player. I know for sure that thousands of other players all across the world have had similar experience as mine.


Coming back to Candidates 2016, I went over to Mark and thanked him profusely for writing such wonderful books. He was pretty relaxed and we had a nice chat. It was then that I asked him if I could come to his place to interview him. Mark agreed for the interview. As it turned out, it was one of Mark's last interviews before he passed away. Here are some of the pictures that will remain special to me forever.

Entering Mark's apartment in Tallinskaya

Sitting inside Dvoretsky's study room and talking about so many different topics with Mark

Mark didn't hold back anything and showed me his famous card files, the projects he was working on and much more

One of the best photos by Amruta! Capturing Mark with his childlike innocence and laughter!

Amruta and me with Mark and his wife Inna

All three parts of Mark's interview can be read here:

Mark Dvoretsky's final interview Part I, Part II, Part III

My entire interview with Mark was translated in the book "From Friends and Colleagues" in Russian, which was a book written by Mark's friends and colleagues after Mark's death

When Mark passed away in September 2016, it was a big blow to the entire chess community. A great author and trainer was no more, but his impact still exists. That's because Mark is no more, but his writings still live on. In fact even after Dvoretsky passed away, there was a lot of material that he was working on that was unpublished and were subsequently made into books.

Fast forward to 2018

In 2018, after two years we met Mark's son Leonid and his wife Inna once again in Moscow. This time Amruta and I were covering the Tal Memorial.

I spoke with Leonid about how much I had learnt from Mark's books and how if his books were legally made available in India, could help the players of the country to make those giant strides of improvement. Leonid agreed with me and put me immediately in touch with Hanon Russell, the founder of Russell publications. After many months of negotiations and hard work, I am happy to say we were finally able to get Dvoretsky's six titles to India at a specially discounted price. Leonid wrote to me saying, "Great news, I'm very happy that people in India will now get the opportunity to read my Father's books. I'm sure my father would have appreciated your efforts as well. So thank you!"

A pallet of books arrived from the Nhava Sheva port to the ChessBase India office in Mumbai

My sincere thanks to Hanon Russell for making this possible

Which are the six titles?

These are the six books that are now available to Indians at a specially discounted price!

A side angle of the books!

Titles and their prices (you can click on the title below to go to ChessBase India shop):

S.No Title Price
1 Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual 1499
2 Dvoretsky’s Analytical Manual 1499
3 Recognizing Your Opponent's Resources 999
4 Chess Lessons 999
5 Maneuvring: The art of Piece Play 999
6 Tragicomedy in the Endgame 999
7 A combo of all the above six books 5999

Please note that the above offer of Rs.5999/- for all six books is only applicable for a limited time frame.

Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual

When you are serious about improving your endgame skills, it is time for Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual. Perhaps the best known and most respected instructor of world class chessplayers, Mark Dvoretsky has produced a comprehensive work on the endgame that will reward players of all strengths. For those ready to immerse themselves in endgame theory, there may be no better manual available today. But, even if you do not play at master level, the book has been designed to help your endgame too. Basic theories and "must-know" concepts are highlighted in blue. You may skip the more complex analysis, focus on the text in blue, and still improve your endgame technique.


When it appeared in 2003, the first edition of Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual was immediately recognized by novice and master alike as one of the best books ever published on the endgame. The enlarged and revised Fourth Edition is better than ever!


"I am sure that those who study this work carefully will not only play the endgame better, but overall, their play will improve. One of the secrets of the Russian chess school is now before you, dear reader!" - From the Foreword to the First Edition by Grandmaster Artur Yusupov


"Going through this book will certainly improve your endgame knowledge, but just as important, it will also greatly improve your ability to calculate variations... What really impresses me is the deep level of analysis in the book... All I can say is: This is a great book. I hope it will bring you as much pleasure as it has me." - From the Preface to the First Edition by International Grandmaster Jacob Aagaard

Dvoretsky's Analytical Manual

It is very important for the practical player to train his or her ability, understand when to rely on intuition, rules of thumb and more general positional considerations, when to try to solve problems by calculating variations to the end and how to manage time to avoid time pressure. With these goals in mind, the second edition of Dvoretsky’s Analytical Manual delivers excellent, high quality training materials and many exercises.  


Here's what critics had to say about the First Edition:

“Very good stuff! ... There is a shocking amount of rich material in this book... Dvoretsky’s Analytical Manual is a magnificent piece of work... It gets my highest recommendation for those 2200 and above.” – From Jeremy Silman’s review at


“Established Dvoretsky fans will definitely enjoy this volume; it might even be his best to date.” – From the review by Sean Marsh at


“Dvoretsky’s Analytical Manual’s high-octane, excellent instructional material is nicely enhanced by the author’s erudition and wit ... A true gem!” Grandmaster Lev Alburt

Contents of Dvoretsky's Analytical Manual

Tragicomedy in the Endgame: Instructive Mistakes of the Masters

Topics include:

The King in the Endgame
Pawn play - Zugzwang
Saving Methods
Tactics in the Endgame
Piece Maneuvering
Piece Exchanges
Technique and much more! T


he author has countless practical suggestions for improving your endgame play in this era of rapid-time controls so that you don't end up drowning in the ocean of endgame theory. Let Mark Dvoretsky help you win more games as he examines some elementary endgame errors from master play and shows you how to avoid making the same mistakes.

Content of the book (1)

Content of the book (2)

Recognizing Opponent's resources: Developing Preventive Thinking

“Know Thy Enemy”

- Sun Tsu, The Art of War


Understanding what your opponent is planning to do or trying to accomplish is one of the core skills required to take your game to the next level. Viktor Kortchnoi once wrote, Well, if you do not check what your opponent is doing, you will end up complaining about bad luck after every game. This book consists of four chapters, all associated with the ability to think not only for yourself, but also for your opponent, to put yourself in his place.


In this book, renowned author and chess trainer Mark Dvoretsky supplies the reader with high-quality material for independent training. Each chapter starts with a short theoretical section. Then dozens of exercises are given, from easy, even elementary, to difficult. Training your skills in searching for a move and calculating variations will help you at all stages of the game – which is why among the almost 500 exercises, there are opening, middlegame and endgame positions. Finally, the comments in the Solutions are quite detailed. Throughout the book, the author has tried to set forth the logic of the search for a solution, to show how a player can come to the right conclusions at the board.


Recognizing Your Opponent’s Resources is virtually unique in chess literature. And Sun Tsu would surely have approved…

Contents of recognizing opponent's resources

Maneuvering: The Art of Piece Play

Find the Best Squares for Your Pieces!


To a large extent, the level of any chessplayer’s skill depends on his or her ability to discover and evaluate positional operations as quickly and correctly as possible. In this book, premier chess instructor and trainer Mark Dvoretsky examines one of the most important aspects of positional skill, namely the art of playing with pieces, of maneuvering and finding the best squares for your pieces.

Training your maneuvering skills will help you at every stage of the game – which is why among the exercises there are opening, middlegame and endgame positions, and not only those that are taken from practical games, but also studies.

The conscientious student, carefully working his or her way through this book, will help improve positional mastery and significantly enhance overall playing skill.

Contents of Maneuvring

Chess Lessons Solving Problems & Avoiding Mistakes

In this, his penultimate work, legendary chess instructor Mark Dvoretsky (1947-2016) explores identifying and dealing with problems on the chessboard. “While working on the games that I have included in this book, I have sought to uncover their core ideas which are important for a chessplayer’s improvement and demonstrate them as vividly as possible. Those may include both approaches to playing out certain typical situations and mastering various positional and tactical ideas, as well as improving technical skills and training an ability to search for decisions and to make them on the basis of the precise calculation of variations."


“The last two parts of the book are devoted to the specific forms of training that I routinely use during my lessons: analysis of games in the form of solving a string of consecutive tasks and playing out of certain specially selected positions."


“I hope that this book will be of help not only to high-ranking players at whom it is primarily aimed, but also to every reader who is serious about self-improvement and wishes to understand problems that grandmasters and masters face over the board and the ways they solve them; what are the reasons for errors they sometimes commit and how to avoid those mistakes.” – Mark Dvoretsky, from his Foreword

Content of Chess Lessons (1)

Content of Chess Lessons (2)

Combo of all 6 Dvoretsky books

We felt that there would be people who would be interested to get all six titles of Dvoretsky and start working on them seriously and hence we came up with this six book combo. The cost of all the books put together comes to Rs.6999/-. The cost of this combo is Rs.5999/- which saves you Rs.1,000. Also if you compare to the international prices, the cost of all six books comes to US$ 170, this is equal to Rs.12,000. If you import these books, you have additional shipping costs. If you buy it from the ChessBase India shop, then you not only get it at 50% cost, but also the shipping anywhere in India is free!

Please note that the above offer of Rs.5999/- for all six books is only applicable for a limited time frame.

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