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ChessBase India Power urges you to finish 2017 on a high!

by Sagar Shah - 28/10/2017

Many people ask us the reason why we started ChessBase India Power. And we always reply - because chess players must play chess! The idea is that once you have zeroed in on the tournament that you would like to play, you should not spend time in booking flight tickets or hotel accommodation or doing your visa. What you should rather be doing is studying more chess, so that you could gain rating, make norms and in general become a stronger player. ChessBase India Power gives you a special Diwali discount coupon and urges you to travel the world to follow your chess passion!

Arranging the travel logistics is a big headache for chess players. But with ChessBase India Power we would like to change that. Take for example the First Friday tournaments in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A player decided to play that event. He just gave a call to the ChessBase India Power Hotline given below. Our representative gave him the quotes for the flight and the best hotel options. He also guided him with the visa application process. And without any hassles the player was well on his way to studying the intricacies of Guioco Piano than the complications of flight, hotel and visa booking!

Chess players must play chess - this is the tag line of ChessBase India Power and we at ChessBase India want you to travel and take full advantage of being a chess player! Not many people get the opportunity to travel for their profession!

We are offering you a discount coupon of Rs.501/- until 15th of November. The phone numbers are given at the end of the article for you to get more information about this offer.

One of the tournaments that we do recommend to you to play in December is the Sunway Sitges Open 2017. You can make a full Spanish circuit with it. Once again, just give us a call and we will let you know the details.


ChessBase India Power has been launched with the sole ambition of easing the life of a chess player in a way that he doesn't have to worry about his travel logistics.

The services we offer:

1. Flight Bookings

2. Visa Services

3. Accommodation

4. Food

5. Tournament Packages

6. Foreign Tournament Planning

7. Travel Insurance

Why should you choose ChessBase India Power?

1. Affordable Pricing

2. No convenience Charges which are charged by other Internet Portals

3. Special Return Airfares in Domestic sectors as per schemes available

4. Pocket Friendly Hotels

5. We suggest hotels near to the accommodation and which are safe and secured for women and where other chess Players are staying.

6. Tie-up with Local food vendors to serve home cook food which will keep players healthy.

7. Special Tournament Packages including entry fees

8. Travel Insurance that you can be rest assured about your valuables, health and flight delays.

9. Special suggestions for upcoming players who want to play abroad and would like to target more tournaments together.

How to reach us?

Hotline: 09106908500 (10 a.m to 8 p.m.)

WhatsApp: 7878783264 



A special page dedicated to give you all the information about ChessBase India Power: